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Giving New Year Thanks

Osiyo Manataka!

The Council Elders of the Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations and the Staff of the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine would like to thank you for all those wonderful articles in Smoke Signals, for supporting our scholarship program to IBEM, and to wish all members of Manataka a very Happy and Healthy New Year! May Creator bless you all in your fight for truth and justice!  Wahdo, 

Dr. Edward C. Sullivan DC, DNM, BD, PhD. DSM
Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine (ANMA )
Presiding Elder, The Medicine Wheel Society of First Nations
Member Central Band of Cherokee
Director and Founder of the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine.
Education and Wellness Center


Remembering the MOMENT

"The Moment I Felt the Earth Breathe"

Dear Manataka,

I do not know why I never sent a thank you in 2012, but feel it important to let someone know what a powerful impact The Moment Ceremony had on me.

Quite the spiritual experience, connecting me to earth in a way I never expected.

I once heard someone say that if you're supposed to be at a specific event, you will find traveling easy. The morning of "The Moment" for the sunrise ceremony, every light was green for me. I stayed on the other edge of town so there were quite a few lights. I parked at the Farmers Market where people were waiting to smudge anyone who wanted it. Then I walked with the group, we had people waiting for us to cross streets and guide us to the path up the mountain. The ceremony for me was phenomenal. I walked up the mountain path and when I was the most tired I could hear the drums playing calling me to make it the rest of the way. I brought a few of my crystals and meditated and sun gazed once the sun was visible in the sky. That was My Moment for the day, just felt so connected. The Love was palpable, and everyone I spoke with felt it. I loved everyone and everyone loved me.

At the afternoon ceremony of The Moment we were supposed to wrap around the ring road at the top of the mountain. We stretched right and left and moved and moved to find a way to connect, finally after a lot of moving we had our Moment. The woman next to me was frustrated about the repositioning and I just had to keep laughing, it was wild. I kept hearing the song, "The Cupid Shuffle" your dance ... to the right, to the right, to the right, to the left, to the left, to the left..." That's just what we were doing, moving to the right, then moving to the left. Motorcycles running back and forth informing organizers what the human chain looked like. I had to wonder if others around the world could see us, and if other ceremonies were moving in the same direction. Finally, we faced the mountain and settled into our meditation. I watched the earth breathe, physically moving in and out and felt the love and gratitude moving from earth to us and from us to the earth. Oh, what a Moment it was!

Met people from: California, New Jersey, Illinois, Texas (Frisco, my town)!, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma. Several, several people just happened to be in town and just happened to be on the mountain that day joined in and were awestruck. No coincidence at all.

I did have a chance in the afternoon to beat the World Drum, didn't realize it was "THE DRUM"!, and I banged it good. Wow!!! Also received a feather blessing/clearing from Peace Mother Geeta and as I walked up to her I could feel the intense love she gave so freely. That was an unforgettable experience for me, brought tears to my eyes. Manataka Mountain, a place of peace  and bringing that peace into my heart where it still resides.

Two trips up and down the Mountain and my legs were like rubber - and it was so worth it. Thank you so very much for the opportunity to bring so much love into my life, and I just wanted to let someone know I still breathe with the earth and send her much much love. Also, I still feel the same Love I felt that day and yes it still brings tears to my eyes. Lots of Love, Karen Morgan


Blue Kachina

Dear Manataka:

We are all each other's teachers, some shine a light on themselves, others shine lights to blind, and then there are those who shine light into the dark for all to see.


Thank you for the enlightening lesson on the TRUE history of Manataka it brightened my evening. I stumbled across it looking up Zuni prophesies due to an incident earlier in my day.  (if you call it that) How it happened, well call me a Rainbow Warrior (if you will) watching an interview of a Youtube video of a Zuni elder by the name of Richard Mahooney and incidentally connected with him telepathically  and "talked" albeit a brief one but one in which we learned more about ourselves. Thank you again for shining a light into a dark corner of history for me which I will share and enlighten others. Namaste, ~Sarah Peck

Hello Sarah,

Blessings on this wonderful day the Creator made for you.  Manataka keeps thousands of little gems of light ready to shine on those who open the right pages.  Discover more of the light, secrets and joy contained in our over 4,000 webpages. .   Zuni prophesies dove-tail with those of the Hopi, Maya and Manataka’s Tula.  This morning before dawn on the sacred mountain, we watched the glow of a night rainbow uncontained by the surrounding darkness.

It was a sign. ~Yonv (Bear)


Pray for Rain

Hello Manataka,

I am writing you for the purpose to ask for your help as I inform you of an event that I am trying to put together, so if your church can help with this that be great.  The event, it is to host or start it, called: Pray for Rain and Dance for Freedom, it is posted up on one of my blog's online which is: 
It is Inspired by the musical lyrics of the Newsboys song: Shine, chorus which is: This is the chorus to the song Shine, by the Newsboys:
Make ‘em wonder what you’ve got
Make ‘em wish that they were not
On the outside looking bored
Let it shine before all men
Let’em see good works, and then
Let ‘em glorify the Lord 


Where we will worship Jesus the maker and creator, for a day, with Christian natives and no -natives, inspired by the way Indians Pray for rain and dance at pow wows, as well as the prophet Elijah in the bible prayed for rain to end a drought over the land or like how David danced after getting victory in war, in the Bible. The plan is to get Arrow Head Stadium, in the center of the USA, to be the place we host the event, and to put it on television and radio. 

So we can all come together as Christian Americans in the bonds of peace and unity as one bride for Christ, to proclaim the gospel all together as one body of Christ to non saved people Indians or not. And prepare the way of the Lord, for his soon coming return. Rolling out the red carpet for him as he poured out his red blood for us, because we can all see the signs of his imminent return as bride who made herself ready, this would help get the wrinkles out of the dress.  
Jesus is King, God is in charge!
This is similar to the promise keeper event, the call, one thing, a harvest or billy graham crusade or a Joel Osteen night of hope, event. Or a mike bickle passion for jesus or one thing conference, but it isn't about just white Christians leading it, but about Native Christian's praising God with those that are the great grand children of those that immigrated here, it is putting back the broken pieces to a body of Christ that has been divided or wounds from the past once and for all, by breaking bread and coming to fellowship together under one banner, that  of the Cross, the Christian flag) 
Please check out my gospel album: Hymns for Him, on the acclaim music studios label online at, since I am also a gospel singer:


Feel free to host me for a concert, at your church, where I can sing and speak about this Dream and Vision the lord has shared with me, I know Jesus has given the Native culture a huge respect for dreams and visions that have also been a big part of the word of God, also. 


Feel free to contact Acclaim Studios if you want any of their other Christian bands, like The Acclaim, to come sing at your church, or events.


Please email me at:  to get in touch with me. Jesus Heals, Saves, and Restores with Joy.


Sincerely, Nate "luv" Love


Seeking Spirituality

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends at Manataka;

I send you warm Christmas wishes and most of all my friendship as we remember fallen family on the anniversary of Wounded Knee Massacre.   I thank you for your wonderful website and monthly news letter,  you keep me connected to mother earth and keep me grounded as i live and work my western life on this side of the Atlantic.

I feel such a deep connection to your spiritual way of life and your teachings .  when i was out in the wilderness as I call it the Great Mystery called me home ....and just like wild salmon suddenly get the urge to return to their birth river off i went but I found it difficult to return and my new connection with our creator was having trouble expressing itself  .....even as a child
watching the old westerns ... I was asking myself, why are the Indians always the bad guys.  I have always felt a connection with the native Americans.   If I could tell you how much synchronicity has gone on in my life you would think i was crazy.   but if you have deep faith you will know the creator never left your side even through the most darkest chapters of your life.  I have always felt there is a distinct feminine side to creation ....i mean where does female intuition come from?  So the all male dominant religions had something missing and that is when i turned to my old friends, the Indians. If they believe in God, why can not I


It started with a book called "Mother Earth Spirituality" by Jamie Samms.  I have read so many books in between I couldn't get enough.  I ended on "The World of the Crow Indians", mystery magic and a few laughs along the way. But it did not stop there, I read the Bible and studied the Qu'ran, the Hebrew teachings - Torah, Buddhism , Hinduism ...and more . The whirlwind of study has passed and I am happy to be an Indian Christian of my own special blend of your teachings with my ever constant female counselor Mary Magdalene.  Indian Christian always raises and eyebrow when asked for an email  address.    I have my mission of the Creator, a peacemaker, Wovoka, fireman ( to stop fires of the soul hearts & mind) .  God hid me until I was ready. I am the happy to be the WIZARD behind the curtain  with a quick switch of vowel and consonant MaRtIN ...becomes MERLIN  hidden  in plain sight.  That was my penny dropping Christmas present this year. There are many people who are still in the wilderness and there are a few bad wolves always looking for a victim, thankfully there are us white hats,  the good wolves out and about.  I once again thank you for being there for me.  Your article on animal spirits helped get the ball rolling for me many years back.  I have friend a fellow Brit who lives in America now who is a bit of a blinkered evangelical to say the least and we were talking about God. I showed her my book on animal spirit guides and their messages that she scoffed at a bit.  Then  I mentioned the talking snake in the Garden of Eden and the talking donkey in the Bibles book of Numbers and then the talking dove a "sign of god "  In remembrance and onwards and upwards for 2015.  Your servant, friend and brother, of the Creator.  ~Martin Good Wolf Manifold, Liverpool, England. UK

American flag displayed upside down

Hello Manataka,


My name is Mario Graham. I live in evergreen housing in Porcupine sd. I recently put up a American flag in distress mode along side of my residence. I did this in honor of my cousin Allen Locke. And that we are in distress! But my flag was possibly taken down by a on duty law enforcement officer. Or he possibly conspired and paid some one to do his wrongful deed. I am filing a formal complaint against this officer. But I would like to speak with you regarding this matter. I will be attending services for Allen Locke. Or reply email. Thank you. Wopila tunka



An American flag displayed upside down, ”distress mode” must be done the the right reasons.

If done for the wrong reasons, people in your neighborhood could become unnecessarily alarmed or frightened.

Especially those who understand signs, symbols and distress calls.  People who are involved with emergency services, the military, patriotic groups and hundreds of others in your community are sensitive to the proper use of distress codes because they can mean the difference between life and death.


Unfortunately, the tragic passing of your friend may not be a sufficient reason.  It is a personal emotional distress, not a community alarm. Therefore, you were absolutely wrong in your actions.  Do not compound that error by making another.


Stirring a spoiled pot is not wise dear brother. 

Some issues require that you become like water. 

Pass around obstacles – like water roll and bubble around problems and your life will be more productive.

Be at peace with yourself and your life will be prosperous.


We wish you well brother.

Manataka American Indian Council


Native Peoples Club Meramec Campus, St Louis Community College


Dear Manataka,

The following is an article from the Cahokia Mounds World Heritage SIte which is about 25 miles from our campus at Meramec Campus, St Louis Community College.

It is because of finds like this that we feel it very important to bring back Native presence to the area. We have been struggling for over a year to build a club but have run into issues of Native participation. Granted, we do not have a budget to pay a salary but at one time the college did and we feel that it's possible to bring that back.

We are seeking assistance in the form of volunteer advice, references and actual participation on campus as we build and plan for the future.


When I started here, no one knew the meaning of the name Meramec. Do you?   Pila maya, Papa-Nyk Lindsoe


Dear Manataka:

Since I started correspondence with you I have not only the felt the presence of as well as spiritually communicating with Native Americans of different nationalities even Canadian Natives all of this started happening AFTER I sent my photo with a few visions asking if they meant anything. Have had more recently that I don't understand at all I'm hoping someone there could interpret them for me. I'm able to interpret other light workers dreams and visions but have difficulty with mine.

1. January 13
A large red eye with native symbols on it from appearance nationalities world wide not just USA. Also I felt it physically dull yet extremely painful to my R foot, my R hand, and to my right eye. The pains were synchronous with vision and it happened fast and hard (all I did was close my eyes the pain lasted about 5 min before it was gone)

Yesterday 1/15 during meditation
2. Vision of a males crotch wearing an apron (over crotch). I felt extremely strong sexual desire coming off of vision...the vision it ended abruptly (baby cried and snapped me out of meditation) however physical sensations continued even after I picked him up out of bed.  I've never had visions like these before I've had visions of the white buffalo at different times. I've never had masonic visions before and NEVER combined and definitely no physical sensations either.  I told a friend about crotch vision it was she who told me the Masonic connection.  I hope I haven't bothered anyone in regards to these visions  Thank you Sarah Peck


Hello Sarah,
We do not attempt to interpret the dreams and visions of others – especially those unknown to us.
Why? Dreams and visions are sacred. They are often holy expressions of the ancients, vibrations of your inner-soul, your Spirit. If there were even the slightest chance that we would knowingly or unknowingly interject our own personal experiences, attitudes and bias into your dream through our interpretation, it could have devastating affects. That interpretation may have a profound yet unwanted influence on the outcome of your dream or the dream of others. There is no way that we will trifle with the sacred in such a cheap way over the Internet. We cannot hurt another person in this way.
We must always maintain a high degree of respect for others. Those who do without concern risk serious outcomes. ~Editor