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The Dance of Light and Shadow

By Ray Urbaniak  Abridged




80 Page Full Color Book

Was $14.95 - Now only $12.95 + s/h



This book delves into recent discoveries of previously unrecorded Solstice, Equinox, and Cross Quarter Markers both petroglyph and horizon markers in Southwest Utah.  Also included are the first ever general guideline for identifying Solstice and Equinox markers.


How often do you look at a calendar or in other ways confirm the date?  Well, the Anasazi's preoccupation with the Sun should come as no surprise! Celestial event recording stone & horizon markers, including petroglyphs & pictographs, have been recognized around the world for a long time.  However, in 1977 when Anna Sofaer discovered an Anasazi "sun dagger" solstice marker at Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico, interest in Native American Solstice markers in the United States skyrocketed!


When I moved to SW Utah in 2001 I discovered an exciting Summer Solstice Marker which involves 3 different shafts of light.  This could be the most thrilling Solstice Marker yet discovered in the United States.


The Anasazi of SW Utah (known as the Virgin River Anasazi, and more recently as Ancestral Puebloans) have left an exciting trail of bread crumbs which I have been following for the last 5 years.


This portion of my research delves into my discoveries of previously unrecorded Solstice, Equinox & Cross Quarter Markers both Petroglyph Markers and Horizon Markers in SW Utah Also included the first ever general guideline for identifying Solstice & Equinox Markers.  


Soft Cover, 80 pages, Full color photographs and illustrations. Published by Ray Urbaniak (2006) 0-9761737-1-9  Was $14.95 - Now only $12.95 + plus $4.25 shipping and handling.






"A primary focus of Ray Urbaniak's introductory booklet, ANASAZI of SW Utah, is the spiral representation in Native American, ancestral puebloan, rock art. "The Dance of Light and Shadow," subtitle of his work, is generously pictured in multiple illustrations with supporting text. Interrelating Shamanic figures are also introduced in addition to animal forms. Reader friendly, the repetition and dominance of the spiral form accompanied by its history and development and interpretation, provides an excellent and accessible acquaintance with and appreciation of these historic petroglyphs. Further, Native American's deep identity with nature and natural forces is highlighted.


Ray offers the public a concise, fresh introduction to the petroglyphs of SW Utah . His intuitive links to geographies beyond the Virgin River area and ancient culture should spark imaginations and further explorations and research.  Urbaniak has already developed a detailed manuscript for anyone who may wish a more detailed book."

 ~ Donnette Atiyah, Art Activist


"I enjoyed this book.  A fascinating glimpse at the special knowledge and medicine of our ancient brothers.  The Anasazi of SW Utah brings into light, literally, the messages and meanings of the this great people.  An excellent coffee table conversation starter with many excellent pictures.  We look forward to reading the full manuscript. I recommend it."                                                                                                                ~Lee Standing Bear Moore, Manataka


“ is GREAT. Boma and I have both read your book, and both of us agree. It is a very slick, professional looking and attractive package, and worth much more than you are asking for it. The layout and the photography is truly excellent. You have done a tremendous amount of work, obviously.  I definitely think you met your goal of being understandable to the general public, yet of interest to those who are more informed. THAT was a difficult task. I particularly like the way you reference what the sites were used for and meant to the people who made them. One of my pet peeves is that those who are interested in solstice site phenomena seem to forget all about the people involved and get caught up in the mechanics.”                                                                                      ~ Kat & Boma Johnson


“I just love his book-it is like a Magical Mystery Tour in the southwest!”   ~Barbara Du Bois


“That book of yours is absolutely fantastic. What you have found down at the LITTLE-eagle-MAN site is amazing.”

                                                                                          ~Tom Rachunas




About the Author

Ray Urbaniak has had careers in Engineering, Engineering Consulting, and as an Artist, however, during all of this time he has  been foremost a passionate Amateur Archaeologist.  Many archaeological studies record every scrap of evidence from the material cultures while overlooking the sometimes incredible Solstice, Equinox and Cross Quarter Markers right in front of them!  Event Marker sites discovered by the author, are presented in this book.






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