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Messages for Clearing

the Spiritual Body

Healing our Sacred Temples In Our

Hearts – Minds – Bodies – Spirits

 By Bennie LeBeau, 03-01-07



The Power of the Great Spirit is on the move and people have automatically now been put into certain categories of human emotions and actions in our families and as individuals.   What is all this about we may ask?  These groups will be affected by their emotional body and by their actions, thoughts and by the foods and fluids they consume.  As the energy from the Sun increases going towards December 23rd, 2012; the vibrations become so powerful that the poisons and toxins in us will rise to the surface of our bodies through the skins surface, which may occur at any given spot or area within the body. The process in the life forces vibration is of clearing all that does not serve a purpose in purity in our bodies and on Mother Earth for Peace to prevail.  The Great Spirit has set into motion for us to recognize what we need to use as cleanses and other formats of healing techniques using pure plant medicines for our sacred temples, our bodies and considering what peace means at the same time. 


Because of the foods, fluids and pharmaceuticals that have impure properties (contaminants) in them, our bodies are letting us know not to take them.  Many are becoming sick, as they become addicted while taking the prescribed poisons and toxins.  As we see our bodies begin to fall apart in dis-ease, we become aware and conscious in what is happening. Now is an awareness of what is.  Those continuing to put the toxins and poisons in their bodies will continue to see rashes, boils, congestion in the lungs, colon problems, liver, heart, kidney and many other health problems.  Our health now becomes very important in these days as we move towards the energy shift vibration that is being sent towards Mother Earth as we move towards Mayan Prophecy Dated for December 23, 2012.  This is the time of the Great Purification as the power in vibrations is being sent from the Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets as they align up with the Universes to bring all that is into peace, harmony, all of which is happening now and going towards 2012. 


Those that do not choose peace will have rough times ahead and may leave the planet with those negative actions mentioned.  Many will leave in wars and other similar ways that do not serve a purpose for peace.  The Great Spirit has mandated peace and so has Mother Earth.  Where there is no peace, nature will show what is needed and reflect what is needed.  In those areas of no peace, the world shows nature’s disasters.  Completing the galactic solar system change within the solar systems timing is mentioned in the Indigenous Nations prophecies.  Many nations and cultures have been aware of how time has been measured in the Mayan Tablets which is the end of the fourth world December 23rd, 2012. This special time is of prophecy that will be the end days for those that do not purify their soul’s thoughts and emotional bodies of impurities and these will suffer the consequences.  Peace is needed within us and what we put into our bodies will reflect upon our actions.


Those that are ill, sad, sitting in hopelessness, become upset and judgmental, will prepare to leave this plane of existence on Mother Earth, unconscious to what is happening.  The toxins and poisons need to be considered in how it will influence our actions in these last days in the fourth world, as our thoughts, when feeling ill and sick, make wrong judgments and actions.  Those that do purify their actions upon Mother Earth and reconsider what is happening will find hope and will be fine.   Many of our nations will move forward with Mother Earth into the fifth world in this purification process fulfilling prophecy. This represents the health issues that are very important.  Humanity’s food sources now become very important.  The medicines that we are taking will awaken many to the health issues in the pharmaceuticals and where the illnesses are really coming from.  Many will be hurt as predicted in prophecies in all cultures because of how they have been fooled. The Mayan Tablet now becomes a very important tool reminding of this great shift that is coming our way.  The energy and power that is bombarding into the planet at this time will awaken many in the awareness to wake up the soul, our spirit as we head towards December 23, 2012.  Many will be mulched by the Sun.










1. Many are choosing unconsciously in there actions and are asleep not knowing what is happening around them:  illnesses, suicides, alcoholism, car wrecks, rapes, murders, etc many leaving Mother Earth preparing for their next experience in the spiritual realm. The signs will become very obvious as it happens right in front of our faces as many awaken to reality, the truth. Suggestive relief is all that can be advised to those asleep as "no other" modality, cleanse or procedure will intervene for their health.  Their actions are for their benefit and detriment. Their souls have made the choice, choosing the road of destiny, be it negative or positive as light beings carrying the light of the Creator, God, the Great Spirit, who has blessed us.  This is a soul decision made individually and now has been set into action, the way they believe is what will be given. The Gathering of the Herd before the Storm’, is referred to in the physical sense as the body gives out in illnesses, the dis-ease in many ways such as war.  Many that awaken find love, peace and harmony in their hearts, finding the one heart of peace, called the Heart of the Rose.


The thoughts and actions for many will now become understood and now be considered in what is causing the body and Mother Earth to fall apart.  Many will leave the planet through the 'sword of their own soul’s actions’.  This means accidents are not accidents, diseases are not accidents or coincidental as they choose their path. Many will get caught up in natural disasters that are being caused by materialism and greed, and wars. Many will sacrifice themselves showing us what not to do in our actions. What a great reflection, which will show others what happens in their sacrifice, their lives for us, in these last days of the fourth world. As they sacrifice themselves, the rest remaining will recognize what is happening and awaken from the deep sleep as we have been in for the last seven generations and longer. Many simply DO NOT have the level of consciousness or soul growth to take Mother Earth where she needs to go with the work ahead in peace.  The soul spark of their spirit will go back to its star origin and remain at rest until the next galactic cycle or incarnate in another time or place. This reflects where they will go in their next life with their actions from this lifetime.  The events they make in their lives will place the signature on their soul’s actions as they set in motion the karma in the next life.


This is called the vibrational level of awareness, consciousness of love, peace and harmony or consciousness in hate, anger, self pity and judgments:  It’s what’s called the signature of their souls actions of their life times here on Mother Earth.  These actions are placed in the Book of Records, for when we leave here they will be read as we enter the doorway to immortality in the journey of life finding peace. Those leaving will go where they have chosen consciously or unconsciously in their actions upon Mother Earth.  The Creator knows each and everyone by name, just as Mother Earth knows her children by name no matter what culture we are; for we are all children of the Great Spirit and Mother Earth.


2. Then there are those choosing to move forward in the awareness of what’s happening around them.  Their doors will be opened or closed according to the soul’s directives and no person, place, or thing will discourage the soul's decision for its means of transportation within their body to move forward.  Many will move forward living and working where they presently reside.  Many will make the decision moving to other locations once the spring weather has come upon the land. Many individuals have decided to clear their last seven generations of imprinting from their fields of influence of last seven generations of their ancestor’s actions and traits finding peace.  Many will shift from where nature is now becoming very active in natures disasters. This encompasses each and everyone who sits around the world looking for the love and peace in their hearts that everyone wants. 


Now many see how it can be attained and enjoyed for all that is in unconditional peace is what is needed for that peace of mind. The love that we have for our forefathers will now come into a clear perspective in what most of us will consider; thereby clearing the seven generational curses of the past generation’s actions that chose negativity.  When clearing this energy or actions in doing so they match the Great Spirit’s vibrations of love, the life force that is coming in like waves on the ocean’s shorelines. The vibrations from the Great Spirit’s Life Force and the Sun clearing the negative ways of thinking in their actions will bring peace and harmony within themselves and will trickle down to their families in peace.


This wave of energy, the power from the sun, is the solar flares in high vibration that our bodies are feeling.  This feeling brings our emotional thinking patterns of peace to rise up or down in our thinking patterns; our emotions. Similar to how the tides rise up and down with the moon affecting the oceans tides, our moods change in love or in hate. Relationships in our thinking patterns have a vibration just as the tides do within the oceans of the World.  Each and every individual is different and each will clear their own energy fields in there own evolutionary pace moving forwards or backwards.  This is the soul’s choice; this will be done individually and the information is now being spread to many groups.  Individuals are different and unique in his or her consideration in healing their ancestors from the past issues for peace, now.  For each and everyone has had a different life experience from childhood to where they sit in the age group they are now.  The actions of their experiences can now be considered and be looked at as clearing the pain with love, finding that peace for their heart’s healing.  


Release those individuals that perpetrated them, those that gave them the hurt they carry in their actions and in their thoughts through the memory and circumstances that happened. Forgive your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles, and friends, etc. sending thoughts of forgiveness to those that hurt you in love; releasing themselves from the bondages that were put on them as we all help one another to release their negativity.  Considering how this works helps heal those that are the perpetrators of anger, hatred, rapes, incest, beatings, and wars.  All the negative things that happened can now be released. This is clearing the ancestors of seven generations in the past.  The past, present and future exist simultaneously from the last seven generations in our actions today and moving into the future with peace.  This will release the curse of the last seven generations of what has happened to our parents in their seven generations in the past. Healing the present for the future depends upon this for our children’s sake and safety, and blessing the children for the next seven generations forward. 


Releasing those seven generations of accessorial problems can now be understood and teaches us how to release the curse upon our families and our children from the past. The future generations are the new leaders in peace, love and harmony.  This pain can be released using the healing techniques that many of our fellow brothers and sisters have in their healing gifts and in natural healing techniques and traditions.  Those that are in peace will inherit a peaceful life forthcoming.  Those on the other side of the coin will experience the opposite and their negative thoughts of sadness, and hopelessness will become more unbearable in emotions as health issues arise and as the energy increases. This will cause unrest and dis-ease, taking them from Mother Earth. Every emotion that is not of peace will increase; anger, hatred, blame, judgments, suicides, drunkenness, and drug abuses.  All that is happening which is negative will rise to the surface and be cleansed from the surface.  Remember, we are in the Great Purification Process mentioned in many sacred texts and in our Indigenous Prophecies, which mentioned the last days of the forth world would be ending around December 21, 2012.  Those who choose peace will move into the fifth world where peace exists.   Heaven upon Mother Earth is getting closer as we move towards 2012.


This energy coming is vibrations from the sun, which is like waves rolling into the shorelines.  Those who match this vibration of the white golden light rolling in will become one with this vibration of the Great Spirit; God’s light of peace, the life force.  Those who choose peace will have peace. Those who choose negative thoughts will not match that vibration of love and peace coming in from the white light sent from the Sun, the Creator, God, and the Great Spirit.  We receive what we think and feel in the positive or negative ways of our emotions.  Now is the time to react to peace and love and to remember that our thoughts are what we will get.  It is called alchemy, and coming into harmony restores peace.


Most of the healers and teachers who are presently on the sacred path have already done a great deal of 'cleansing' and healing in their delicate light bodies. Many cultures in many nations have set themselves free.  Setting into motion the harmonic state of being, in the relating to or being part of a reality beyond the observable physical universe, most know what their healing gifts are about.  They are ready to step up to the plate; so to speak to help the others in their circles heal them.  Many individuals will be opening to a greater level of service this year and helping their fellow brothers and sisters with their gifts that they came to Mother Earth with to share at this time.  This will now surface within many nations and all cultures will help each other in humanity that chooses peace, love, and harmony.  Many will move forward, many won’t.


 3. There are those choosing to move forward but still asleep at the wheel.  This group will be given a 'crisis' in their lives, because of health issues or drama.  This will help to move them from one side of the fence to the other.  The many that are still asleep will now awaken as many are being triggered to do so as rapidly as the sun’s vibration becomes stronger and stronger everyday.  If they are an advanced soul, their Spirit will simply now step into the, “I AM PRESENT” of the consciousness of the Great Spirit, the Christ Consciousness.  At this time of the vibration level bombarding the planet from the Sun’s solar flares, the soul will determine the appropriate action to take towards peace and harmony coming in during that vibration.  Clearing all that does not serve a purpose for peace.  A shortened time of 'cleansing' will be required as the day progresses towards 2012.  Each soul has already developed its gifts in previous incarnations upon Mother Earth and now it becomes very important to clear the toxins and poisons from their sacred vehicles of their light bodies.  


If they are not an advanced soul in spirit, but do have a fair amount of soul experience AND are presently in a position to assist humanity and Mother Earth, then they will be 'over-lighted' by an advanced soul such as, White Eagle, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Jesus, Mohammad, the Buddha [One of The Sacred Masters] etc. One of the Spiritual Guardian’s ancestors will intervene and help many in dreams and visions given as advice to consider in dreamtime, while awake or asleep.  During this time, we are now in a time of 'cleansing' and readying our bodies to hold the light; the vibrations of the rainbow colors of light coming in from the solar rays.  Many will raise their soul and body to a higher vibrational consciousness as they clear the toxins, poisons and negative emotions. This can happen in the sleep state and is virtually unknown to the awakened body in the consciousness. The advanced soul will then hone the physical body to be of whatever service it is attuned to which is their work of their experiences that has be given to them by the Great Spirit. 


This can be thought about like us driving away in our car and knowing that the car needs upkeep for the rest of its life.  The auto would need to be kept up in many ways.   This is how our paths are when walking in relationship with one another.  We must reflect our path in love or hate relationships in all that we do and think, and fix what is needed in order to work in a peaceful and harmonious state.  This now reflects to all that we do in our relationships in our jobs, schools, religions, sports, all subjects, and groups of all nations and in all circles.  This will generally tend to occur separately, and grow in more of a bonding way with each other as we move towards peace.   So as the human represents the car, the consideration is how to keep it in perfect working order as much as possible.  Peace will be needed as we move forward in the forthcoming days, which will reflect peace or disharmony in our lives.  The car has to be kept in tiptop shape to run great, as it is with our bodies.


This is similar to our relationships with the many cultures in humanity and nature.  Many will not follow these spiritual laws, universal laws, and nature’s laws, which only work one way and one way only.  Go against nature’s laws, and you go against the force of the Great Spirit, the Universal Laws, which represent Spiritual Laws of thoughts and actions in the life force. Doing this brings Dis-Ease and goes against this powerful force of the Great Spirit. The soul's momentum of spiritual awakening and the enlightenment of awareness are the how and why this works known as the cause and affect, which produces the outcome.  Now taking this into consideration, those that awaken will now consider helping those brothers and sisters giving ‘service’ to Humanity, the Great Spirit, God, the Creator and Mother Earth. They will bring about peaceful teachings and intentions, and protect our children that are here now and arriving tomorrow who are the new leaders of peace, love and harmony into the future for the Next Seven Generations.



Health Care Representatives Will Be Needed

In Natural Medicine Healing Techniques

Medical Clinic’s Will Not Be Able to Keep Up With Patients



Present health-care business, practioners and healers will be required to step up to the plate.  Information may come from 'outside sources' however; each must clear all information and choices through one's own source of guidance following our hearts.


The vibrational value of information, foods, fluids (intake) and supplements must now be carefully considered.  Literature is available for purchase or for informational purposes and is offered at reasonable rates. To clear our light bodies of the infections of parasites, toxins, poisons and heavy metals from our bodies.  





Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse is a good choice for Candida/fungus eradication. 


Renew Life Candi-Gone is good for a light infestation or to clean up after antibiotic therapy.  Nature's Secret Ultimate Respiratory will handle upper respiratory/sinus infections.

Renew Life Para-Gone is excellent for the eradication of the virus found in arthritis, fibromyalgia, HIV, etc.  It is also effective as an in-depth intestinal cleanse.  Ask how many "courses" (1-box = 15 days) one needs as this is individual.  Diet modification is imperative during and after the cleanse.


Renew Life IBS, Kidney Cleanse, Liver Cleanse and Heavy Metal Cleanse are valuable for the coming times and assist in removing the 'toxic' backpack that is desiring to be lifted off the physical body.  See for in-depth product information regarding these suggestions.   After the 'cleanse', following up with the Renew Life H.O.P.E. program is essential in maintaining the newly improved health.


Renew Life Cleanse Smart - Advanced Cleanse can be used as a good general cleanse.  Renew Life First Cleanse and Daily Multi Cleanse will be of no value in the future, as the physical body is requiring a more in-depth cleansing than these provide.


Flor-Essence by Flora Health ( is a cleansing product wonderful for follow up [after a series of cleanses] or for an initial clean up. Acid Reflux symptoms can be handled by small amounts of bicarbonate of soda and sleeping at an incline.


Because we are moving from a carbon-based body to a crystalline-based body, vibrational bodies will be all-important that carry the crystals of light.  Also important is the 'intent and preparation techniques' of the foods/products used and ingested.  Manufacturers, like us, must change and some will continue to pursue the bottom line.  Being a health-food line does not make a silk purse out of a pig's ear regardless of the packaging, ingredient list or literature.  Seek within your own heart for the guidance, ask and you will receive the information you need within your hearts wisdom.  The answer will come in thoughts sent forth from the holy ones to your hearts thinking process in words or thoughts. This will give you guidance to help you move forward on the spiritual path of peace and enlightenment. 


Symptoms will abound regardless of choice of path, because of the vibrations coming in from the sun, like waves upon a shoreline from the sea.  They will come in short spurts rolling in becoming stronger and stronger everyday as we go forward into the future.





Headaches - frontal between the eyes [pineal and hypothalamus] and base brain [pituitary].


Acid Reflux – this is due to spiritual rays of light entering the solar plexus in large amounts as well as raising issues of 'personal power', called ego.


Intolerance to foods eaten in the past - honor the body's wisdom


Diarrhea or loose bowels indicate a 'dumping' syndrome common to these shifts.  Your cells are choosing to store the Light, the rainbow colors from the Sun, Moon and Stars they are receiving in preference to the toxins they are currently storing within cellular fluid 


Nausea - due to all of the above symptoms, Herbal teas, essential oils, pepto bismol and warm baths assist in clearing the toxins and poisons in our cells.


Moderate to severe illness - much due to the present toxic overload of one's body coming forth to be released and blessed and is rising out of the body making us think we are sick.  The opposite is true, as we are clearing the poisons and toxins.  Some illness may be karmic.  


Bad taste and burning of mucous membranes are indicators of toxic overload.  Cleanse, simplify the diet and assist the body through rest and baths, along with suggestive healers of natural plant medicines for relief to get you over the hump.


Products To Aid Us In Cleansing The Body


Detox and calming teas - Use individual herbal teas for specific targeting.  Most well stocked health-food markets have a good variety.


Essential Oils of high vibration - these will be for symptomatic relief, keep in mind not the aromatherapy.  Consider the vibrational of the purity level of the line product not the price. 


Bath salts - Epson salts for detox baths can be aroma-fied with essential oils for calming or additional detox. 


Probiotics especially for infant/child will be important.  This move-forward group will be hit the hardest.


Cell Salts and access to a high vibrational line of homeopathics are essential. 


Men will start having erectile dysfunction and prostate problems as these glands lie with the energy area [first chakra], which is now up for clearing centuries of abuse.  This chakra is closing down temporarily in preference of 'sex from the heart'.  Renew Life Para-Gone and Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse will assist in the prostate challenge as many times the enlargement is due to a high bacteria count.  If the challenge continues after cleansing, seek professional assistance.  Products like Irwin Naturals Steel Libido and another product called Testero Jack will act like a natural Viagra. 


Animals and children will be hit hard as they try to assist their owners or emote for their families.  Flower essences [Bach and Australian Bush Remedies] are good choices.  See respective charts for targeting.





The Cure for All Diseases, The Cure for All Cancers by Hulda R Clark are comprehensive guides for serious illnesses.


Renew Life H.O.P.E. DVD/book, Gut Solutions and Renew Your Life are excellent for intestinal challenges.  See or your local health-food store for copies.

Self help from the desk of Hanna Kroger [1-800-795-0338]


God Helps Those Who Help Themselves - Hands On Help For Self

Free Your Body of Tumors and Cysts

Good Health Through Special Diets




The Enemy Within - lists various parasites and their cure


Spices to The Rescue - use the kitchen spice cabinet as your pharmacy


Herbal Reference Library: A comprehensive CD listing of 2500 herbs and remedies covered in Hanna's books.


A Practical Guide to Vibrational Medicine - Energy Healing and Spiritual Transformation by Richard Gerber, MD Children's Herbal Health - Woodland Health Series by Deanne Tenney is an essential guide to natural treatment for childhood ailments [herbs, food supplement, ailment charts]


Mosby's Handbook of Herbs and Natural Supplements by Linda Skidmore-Roth is a nurse practioner level rating system of herbs and special supplements.  Important are the contraindication and drug interaction sections for each herb.  It also covers most essential oils as many come from herbs and flowers.


Prescription for Nutritional Healing, and A-Z Reference Guide using vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements and Prescription for Herbal Healing an A-Z guide of ailments and herbal remedies by Phyllis A Balch are wonderful resources regarding the how and why of self-help.


Colon hydro-therapy, body massage, cranial sacral treatments, chiropractic alignments and the Q-Machine  - click on science and product sections for detailed information] all assist one's self to gain and maintain homeostasis during these turbulent times of change.  See your local area for appropriate practioners.


Keep in mind that there are many other techniques and wisdoms in the plant kingdom, medicines that indigenous nations understand that can help. 


Blessings be to all in peace, love and harmony -- for the future depends on our actions for our spiritual bodies depend on it.  Peace is within the heart of the rose... Aho.


Bennie Earl “BlueThunder” LeBeau Eastern Shoshone (307) 851-6249

Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming -


March 1st, 2007 – Riverton, Wyoming