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" Our Illusion of Separateness "




There are times that I wonder about the world and the way that it has become in the last twenty or so years....wonder and marvel at the same time as to how it is still managing to survive and function.


All you have to do is open your eyes and watch the people around you......whether it be in a store.....driving along the a restaurant.. doctor ever.....just take a few minutes and their energy how they are or are not interacting with others around them.


For the most part this is a frightening activity !!!  At best it is funny on  a warped level !!!


Off to the doctors office I had to go today.... been under the weather with a flu bug etc. Now my doctor is South American.... his office is sort of like going to the UN  as every ethnic group are either employed or patients.... half of them do not speak English as well as I speak Russian and that isn't good!  His P A  that comes into the room before he does is also from South America and she is quite a talker and curious as they come.... she is always asking me something about the Native American Culture and soaks it in  with glee....


Today she wanted to know " where all do you hurt "?


"All the way around ".... and I thought that was a precise answer.


She dead stopped writing and asked if  I meant " all the way around my stomach " ?


I laughed and said " No.... all the way around me !  North ..... South.... East.... West and all points in between ".


The conversation continued and before I knew it.... here I was with laryngitis trying to explain to this lady that my brain thought in circles.... it was in my head and my head was a circle.....that the world is a circle.... Earth Mother is a circle.... my body is a circular energy field or bubble that is in part invisible.... but still a circle.... the stool she was sitting on was a circle.... life is a circle and all that truly " is "   is a circle  or series of circles .


She wanted to know if " medicine man "  meant  doctor!  She thought that was an easy question!


"The Western world does not define Medicine as a traditional Native American does.  To us Medicine means anything that is for the good of the people.... or anything that beckons the ultimate good of the people.... that some of the elders refer to Medicine as  the sacred wisdom representing the totality of the universe.... and anything that promotes harmony with all of creation.


Got to thinking about all that after I left the doctors office and on the long drive back home.... " the sacred wisdom representing the totality of the universe ".... kept going thru my brain.... until finally the simple truth registered with old dumb me! 


What bothered me about watching people in general is that the majority of them act like they are the only humanoid in the general geographical location !!   They are detached and aloof.... indifferent  somewhat and certainly not going to get involved or interact with any one that they do not have to.... or do not already know. Bulletin folks! We  Are Not  Alone!


As we walk the circle of life.... or a medicine wheel.... we are not alone.... but we are a part of the wheel or circle.... ALL  aspects intricately interact with all aspects of the circle.  Law of physics....


A Circle is a Cycle.  it encompasses all within its own limitations or boundaries of this plane of material existence....


Break the Illusion of Separateness and see each other a a necessary part of the " whole ".


One cell is not less important than it takes all to build  the Whole.


Until next time..... I leave you with hugs and prayers.


Gram Selma


Copyright 2007. All rights reserved by Selma Palmer




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