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The Indian Creek Band of the Chickamauga Creek and Cherokee seek support from the public to inspire Congressman Mica (R - FL) to accept and support their bid for Federal Recognition.


Chief Old Billy Bowleggs designated the Indian Creek Band as keepers of the history for all Chickamauga Cherokee.


"It is time we receive proper recognition of our heritage and identity," said Chief Little Red Wolf Chance, current head of the Indian Creek Band.


"We ask that you help us fulfill our duty to the Chickamauga Cherokee by supporting our bid for Federal Recognition.  We have gathered nearly 500 signatures to date and each member is working to co

llect signatures, "  said Chief Chance. 


An online petition is available at:


Chief Chance said the Indian Creek Band Chickamauga Creek & Cherokee, Inc. have for too long been denied their proper place as the keepers of the history of their people.


"If we are granted Federal Recognition our first project would be to create a museum dedicated to the history of all the Chickamauga Cherokee. Recognition of the Indian Creek Band Chickamauga Creek & Cherokee is long over due; we deserve to stand with the other Native American communities as a Federally Recognized Tribe," said the chief.


In the words of Dragging Canoe          

         “We had hoped the white men would not be willing to travel beyond the mountains. Now that hope is gone...They wish to have that usurpation sanctioned by treaty. When that is gained, the same encroaching spirit will lead then upon other land of the Cherokees.  New cessions will be asked. Finally the whole country, which the Cherokees and their fathers have so long occupied, will be demanded, and the remnant of the Ani Yunwiya, The Real People, once so great and formidable, will be compelled to seek refuge in some distant wilderness.  There, they will be permitted to stay only a short while, until they again behold the advancing banners of the same greedy host. Not being able to point out any further retreat for the miserable Cherokees, the extinction of the whole race will be proclaimed”.”  ~Dragging Canoe, 1775


According to Chief Chance, the words of their great leader Dragging Canoe are strangely prophetic and true.


"Some would say these words represent a time long ago, before our children and grandchildren were born.  The truth is his words are vital to the time we are facing right now.  The Chickamauga Cherokee are spread to the four directions.  Divided, and some would say, conquered.  After nearly 211 years, Chief Dragging Canoes fears have been realized. Without land and Federal Recognition our great leaders dream “we will have our land” is forgotten, lost in the fabric of time," said Chief Chance.


The Chickamauga Cherokee Indian Creek band would like to honor the Great Chief Dragging Canoe and the people by taking on the battle for Federal Recognition.  


"In the old days, communal support of the tribe was part of everyday life.  Things have changed since Dragging Canoe walked this earth but his message is still significant, especially today," explains Chief Chance. 


In 1775 when Dragging Canoe spoke, millions of acres were still in the hands of the Cherokee people.  Now the Chickamauga Cherokee, Indian Creek Band takes up the battle and try to regain what was rightfully theirs.   With the 400-year anniversary of the United States of America near the tribe feels the time to act is now.  Tribes across this country are returning to their traditional ways. In the state of Virginia indigenous people are building tribal communities and purchasing tribal land to aid in their bid for Federal recognition.


In the words of Dragging Canoe; “Should we not therefore run all risks and incur all consequences, rather than submit to further laceration of our country? …As for me, I have my young warriors about me.  We will have our lands”. 


"The responsibility lies in all of us to benefit all of our people, we must stand together.  We can gain the right to our own reservation and through Federal Recognition our families can benefit with free education, heath care for our elders and so much more. So my friends, sign the letter, get your friends to sign and spread the word and tell everyone you know," said Chief Billy Chance.


Sign the online petition at:




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