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Carol Perez Petersen

Manataka welcomes Carol Elk Looks Back Petersen who has been featured in several past Smoke Signal issues.  Carol was born on the Temple of Mars in the solar complex called Tlamco by the ancient Toltec. The ancient abode is in a city of seven hills located in Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, California - in the West.  Carol's father is American and her mother is from Nicaragua.  As a visionary, author and artist, Carol has traveled extensively and performed ceremony in Mexico’s Yucatan, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Slovenia. 


Petersen is founder of the Rainbow Medicine Blanket Thunderbird Gatherings. According to Petersen, in civilizations past Thunderbirds were said to come from the Pleiades. The Rainbow Bridge as noted in Norse Mythology is the Bi-Frost and the only means for the giants to come to earth or to appear.  Thus the Thunderbirds are associated with Rainbows.  Thunderbird Gatherings are fundraisers and volunteer supported. The Rainbow Medicine Blanket sustains communities through micro-fund lending. We are a council always learning to co-create with respect and to mutually empower everyone.


"...I bring a basket oval in shape like the egg with gifts.  I place it on the ground before you with respect for allowing my presence to be received.  I send a joyful and tearful song of gratitude to the Grandmothers who hold the space of the North, East and South.  I take a moment to step into the presence of love and hold the place of the West.  I honor the Grandmothers and the words you speak on behalf of the experiences and wisdom you impart..." 




By Carol Elk Looks Back Petersen


I am in constant transformation.  I had a strong vision holding me to the winds that I call the "Thunderbirds of the Rainbow Medicine Blanket" in the Temple of the Sun in Bolivia during the 2007 Summer Solstice.   I have had many visions before, during and after that experience.


Three days before the journey was to begin my passport arrived and the Creator showed me the face of the person whom I was to contact for funding my pilgrimage to the Temple of the Sun.  I followed this spirit and within eight hours all the funds needed for the journey to La Paz were provided.  I did not know where I would sleep and I had no planned itinerary, but I had become accustomed to jumping off cliffs of faith.


Many women wrote for information before the journey began but only three accepted the challenge to travel with me to Bolivia.  One was from the East, two from the Northwest and me from the West.  We love each other immediately.   We laughed, cried and became excited together.  We came to stand in the place of love and to become transparent and vulnerable for unconditional servitude.  How sweet was this offering.  We quickly understood the tonal frequencies of languages unfamiliar to us.  Of course, navigating frequencies while flying is what Thunderbirds do.  We live on thermals diving and shapeshifting into women to the calling of love. 


We caravanned to Copacabana sitting on the edge of Lake Titicaca. This village reveres the Madonna who is known as the Dark Virgin of the Lake - "she who walks on stars."  People celebrate her image and regularly parade her about the plaza.   As we arrived, some very cool reggae music was blasting loudly and I could not help myself to some dancing.  It was like I was a virgin home for the very first time. 


There are three types of virgins within a person; the body, heart and soul.  If you consider yourself born of original innocence, I’d say you are a virgin soul.  If you can not help but love life and everyone in it and you refrain from judgment and love to sing and dance, I’d say you are of virgin heart.  The other is plenty explainable, but there is a teaching about being a virgin of the body one that lies beyond social conditioning.  


Copacabana is 13,000 feet above sea level and we huff and puff while walking her streets.  The Thunderbirds of our spirits laughed, ate plenty of trout, and soared about for the beauty of it. 


The Ceremony of Pleiades

Amawta Don Valentin rented a boat to transport our group and his students who wore traditional regalia to an ancient ceremonial site.  Our slow trip to the Isle of the Moon and up the crisscrossed hillside to the ruins of the Temple of the Seven Virgins was like a journey back in time. 


This was not the first time I was called to do a Pleiades ceremony.  None of us birds knew what was happening from moment to moment as we effortlessly allowed events to unfold.   A ceremonial fire was built at the ancient ruins.  I looked up as brother eagle sent out a cry.  The Spirits were present and a mesa (altar) was offered to the fire. 


Thunderbirds wrapped their wings around each other with hearts pounding.  A great offering was made while standing in the circle.  Each of us had a destiny to fulfill on the Isle of the Moon. I am there now as I write these words.  I can feel the hot sun surrounded by water within the temple site.  Thirty-three people hugged and cried.


Without any agenda, we bared our hearts to the moment, we pressed bodies to the earth and allowed the Spirits to see our souls, hearts and bodies.  The Spirits called and we came.  This was an offering of sweet



The Thunderbirds were set on a course for the sun but were waylaid to the Moon.  We winged women sang our songs to the four directions.  Songs were remembered, songs of longing, songs of belonging, the songs of the virgin soul, heart and body, songs of light and songs of frequencies.   We lifted our heart to the fire and the winds came in and blew the smoke higher into the invisible realms. 


On the return trip to Copacabana there was a ring of fire in the sky on the horizon.  It was a golden reception made from our offering.  There is an angel in Copacabana and only the traditionalist speak of her.  She is the first trumpeter.  Her song is the first in a calling of songs to be sung by the other angels at Temple Tiwanaku where the mother obilisque stands with her child and warrior. There are angels that guard the door way of the Temple of the Sun. We were taught Aymara sacred geometry which they call Cosmovision. It is a measure of galactic time corresponding to earth placement.



Carol Petersen Seminars and Events

September 23, 2007 Autumn Equinox

Dallas, Texas

Come celebrate and experience divine presence through celestial toning, sacred geometry and spontaneous creativity of the heart. Balance your body’s health with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth.  Event Coordinator: Valley Reed  


March 19- 22, 2008 Spring Equinox

Cahokia Mounds Collinsville Illinois

When women are laughing and singing the whole world sings. Then we can just be in the deep silence, being together to breathe with the wind and the heart rhythm of the Earth. Three days of ancient singing, sacred geometry, dance and wisdom sharing. Together we will rise from the ashes of history and give birth to the new dawn of creation, shaking our rainbow tail feathers as we fly.





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