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Carol Perez Petersen

Native Roots


Is the U.S. government military engaged in a religious crusade at war with Iraq?  Is the patriot act a governmental inquisition, a weeding out instrument for those against it?

Consider the skull and bones society the military’s secret society on strategizing to cover up the creation theory and the truth about Christianity.  Is war a harvest of souls?


Christianity is a brainwashing political monster whose base is on promoting slavery.  It has its origins on the consumption and manipulation of souls.  It promotes fear and intimidation by various versions of a fictional Bible.  Soul’s who are baptized and or confirmed to a Christian church by way of a prophet are saved from the responsibility of the world.  Therefore the world or the environment is of no consequence to these viral infested thinking Evangelistic Christians.


Christianity is considered the major religious body of the citizens of the United States therefore our military soldiers is predominately Christian.  Covert acts of aggression on indigenous community or nations within the borders of the United States or in the world are acts justified “holy and righteous” or Democracy or Demon crazy.  I would bet the US government has been proselytizing Christianity all throughout the world before Muslin evangelist Osama Bin Laden stepped forward.  It’s been his declaration to the dominant Christian governments to remove their Christian peace keeping military/missionaries out of Islam something our first nations people are unable to do.


Consider the toxic blazing path war has made everywhere in the world in the name of Christian values in the name of their savior. Acts of war are deliberate conquests of former religious or spiritual beliefs.  Anyone who is not a Christian is a pagan therefore demonic therefore we must help them to see it our way with our help. Good Christians broke treaties with the Spiritual elders of the original peoples that held beauty to the land.  Good Christians are hoarding money to protect themselves from pagans.


The Roman Catholic Church harbors secrets stolen from Gnostic texts found in the Middle East and Egypt.  In the United States on Indian Reservations and Reserves there is a Catholic Church.  While the recent expose of pedophile men of God sanctioned as priests, bishops and higher authorities have successfully covered up their demonic practices, God fearing communities turn their hearts the other way saying and doing nothing about the cultural manipulations imposed on the first nation’s people of the America’s.


Consider the land which we call “Sovereign” is only leased by a government agency which has the Catholic Church as an accomplice. Those who fear the most have the most to hide and to loose.  The Roman Catholic Church is a money laundering front.  The pornography and addictions that rampage our societies is the reaped reward of slavery.  It has built Las Vegas the capitol of bought and legal sex industry. As long as the spoils are returned to you as a family fun vacation package you will never question the blood and rape of our women and children or the land.


This is just the beginning of sanction degraded societies brought on by “Religious Wars.” 90% of you suffer from internal scars of self loathing by religious dogma. 


Commit genocide contaminate society. No church, temple or edifice will ever contain spirituality.  Spirituality cannot be controlled but the environment can.  Religions will destroy our planet unless we begin to respect the cultures of the world and make an effort to understand our cultural differences.  Christian housing developers and contractors, real estate brokers, shopping mall and city planners all are hypnotized by profits.  Christianity is a big business whore house. 


The land of the first nation’s people held the wisdom of their traditions a way to live in balance with Mother Nature. Exploration of the world was a gold seeking virus. First in order was to remove all of the artifacts of history and knowledge.  Archeologist’s called it “disappeared.”  If you survived your hair was cut, you were raped and dismembered. These were the great Christian soldiers of Spain and Rome.  They baptized you and said you were born with original sin. Sin and pagan meant the same. Once you were baptized they controlled your soul. Earth keeping needs eventually mirrored in lack of body keeping wisdom is the disease of a contaminated society whose dominance repressed the original culture.  Religions erased the footsteps of the true peace makers who understood the mustard seed.


Until the longing for your roots become as strong as the longing for a savior only then will humans respect wisdom based on culture. Destroy the environment while shepherding souls.  I am not a Christian and yes I am saved by my native roots.  I would consider you explore the details and the lengths religions go to record your soul in their book of harvest.  My creator’s name cannot be blasphemed.  It cannot be used for your vanities. You are something to be terrified of.  You are an evangelistic crusade murdering the land with toxic waste you call technology and greed. I exorcise your religious demons from my soul and the soul of Earth Mother. Yet we will not refuse your children our medicine. 


There is no culture above religion.  This is the main problem as long as the religious might dominates the soul it will infect the soul of the earth. Symbols are stronger than words.  Religions abuse the power of symbolism. They propagate fear using symbolism such as the twin towers.  Manufacture fear using the symbolic “falling tower” is Middle Eastern cultural manipulation.


Put a stop to religious missionaries and stop the bombing of the planet.  The earth is a sentient being. No one will be healthy or happy unless the earth is supported universally by human inhabitants.  Promote environmental awareness and return as best we can to balance. What we are yearning for are traditional values based on reciprocity of land keeping a labor of love.  Only the song of a bird or the drink of a cool mountain spring will bring you back to your senses.