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Carol Perez Petersen

Eyes that listen


Accept the challenge. You are born with a destiny and the clues are numerous.

Step up to the mirror have a good laugh you may be taking yourself to Sirius. 


The names I had written on the index card were tucked in safe keeping. I landed in Cancun and rode the bus to Tulum. The woman who invited me did not show up and I was quick to share a cab with a stranger to the ocean front resort. The sky was hot and humid devoid of light. The cab tunneled through a canopy of jungle growth.


I had two significant dreams before I departed. It was a Saturday afternoon and I fell asleep on the couch only to awaken within the dream with blinking eyes. The clocks were ticking and their arms were in reverse. The room was spinning and I heard a voice speak to me. “You will not know time as you knew it before.” I was self employed and showing up on time was to fulfill a session agreement. 


Showing up on time for ceremony would have nothing to do with time or the Gregorian calendar.


The second dream is as follows: I was standing outside next to a tall Nordic man with blond hair pointing at the sky. “You see that is how they communicate to us, I was instructing.” They make these sky designs of equilateral triangles. Our heads were poised to the sky and I was pointing my finger at the contrail. A pyramidal shaped space pod appeared and landed on the grassy field before us. 


The door rose open and we stepped inside. It was a perfectly natural occurrence. We were in deep space together and I looked out the portal window. There were nebulas and stars too close to make out constellations. The space pod was being pulled in to the gravitational field of a planet. The horizon was orange and indigo. I woke up.


I’m in Tulum with no one to greet me. I’m hot and sticky. The cab pulls up to the resort which was once the exotic playground of the followers of Osho. I follow the low watt light from a bulb dangling in the rear of the thatch roofed hostel. Two young men are still counting monies from the day’s income from Massage therapies. I strode towards them touting my luggage and beam my heart light at them. I was quick to discover that the woman who assured me of work and whose presence was unknown to them hurled me towards the pyramidal invocation I was to steward. They gave me, at no cost, a room with beds suspended from the ceiling draped in mosquito nets.


I awoke to follow a winding path towards a blinding white beach. I could not open my eyes. Unbeknownst to me a woman from the outskirts of Santa Fe, New Mexico had checked in as a guest. Our paths had collided and she offered me the sanctuary of her room and trust of her spirit. I told her the dreams and of the people I had recently met, those who felt good and one who felt dangerous. She validated my journey and emphasized I use discernment with what I had been instructed to perform. She said, “What you have been given to do is a Pleadian ceremony.” It is probably the most important service to all our relations in time. Be aware, there are those who will try to block the ceremony from happening. She emphasized I had visited the Pleiades in the dream time and it was not the only time. I was a traveler.

One can only imagine how astounded I was to meet with a guardian. I was assured, warned and set on course. I learned to dodge negative energy and develop allies.


An extraordinary woman sauntered up to me while I was in front of the Backpackers internet café. I opened up to her and she joyfully responded that she too had been set to find me. We became fast friends and shared many adventures while the equinox was approaching. Chichen Itza Pryamid is a mass with people from all over the globe on the equinox. They come to watch the snakes appear. I was living near the Tulum pyramid dedicated to the rainbow goddess Ix Chel. The hungry ghosts who were chasing me thought I was going to Chichen Itza so I led everyone to believe. Instead I stayed in Tulum to anchor the Seven virgins to the Earth-Ocean Rainbow Ix Chel. Word was circulated and women from many directions were waiting on the beach to invoke the ancient names.


 have learned not chase after locations to do ceremony often you will be escorted or you are already standing on the ground of the holy place. Maya Tulum was built on a sacred site where a fresh water spring met the ocean. I had two days before my flight for home was to depart. I rented a VW bug and went to Pyramid Coba, Ek Balam, Chichen Itza to offer incense and tobacco prayers. I met a young man who took me into the jungle and introduced me to a Jaguar shaman who spoke to me in Maya. I am Maya. My ancestral grandmothers are Maya. We are from the center of Central America, Nicaragua, the place of the Deer in the Valley of the Corn. 


It was my last day and I am wading out in the cove at the resort and a tall handsome Nordic man is standing against the turquoise sky and sea. We strike up a conversation and I tell him everything. I am relaxed to be in his company and a tad giddy. He is so handsome! He says,” Please stay in contact with me. Can you remember my e-mail address?” I say yes and he says Sky Designs.


Upon my return to New Mexico I was soon to hear that the resort fell apart. The Mayan healer was accused of sexual inappropriate behavior and the main chef was being sued by his co workers. I was out of the area in the nick of time. I received a call from my brother in Nicaragua. He asks me to come and visit him. I had less than two weeks to rest and integrate from the experience. I flew to Managua and he was waiting at the airport and so were the space ships.


Elk Looks Back

Carol Petersen


Rainbow Medicine Blanket