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Carol Perez Petersen

Spiritual Sovereignty


Declare yourself free from the mediator, or church, temple or doctrine that has bound you with Baptisms, Dikshas, empowerments, initiations, rituals, spiritual ties, ascended masters, gurus, certificates from institutions, identifications and astral projections new age or old age and Reincarnations. 


This is a powerful decision.  This is different than engaging in a choice to express spirituality.  Also it pertains to taking a look at what you are psychically carrying perhaps wiping the slate with a personal ceremony then choosing spiritual allies. Once you create an intentional reality choose to create a co-creative intentional reality.

Love seek to love


All religions and branches thereof are gathering souls for karmic profit and destroying the planet.


Be aware of evangelism. Of all the major and minor religions their goal is to capture your being essence or soul for the afterlife mission which is continued slavery.  Purgatory is an enslaved waiting place. Your name is in a data base under lock and key of a major religion.  Even after death of the body your name which is emotionally attached to your body and ancestors can be bought and sold by religious institutions and re-baptized.  Evangelism profits from the poor and innocent.  They make business on concepts with fast rising temples, churches and enticements of Oneismís: One, Oneness.  Robbing you of your unique expression they manipulate cultural leaders with spiritual euphemism.


Be here now and focus on love.


Religions are branding irons imprinting stigmatic wounds.  For instance the majority of men in government have had circumcision, a barbaric religious ritual imposed on an innocent infant boyís penis.  From that moment on they were separated from the mother and enforced steel hardened emotions reinforced by cowboy westerns slaying savages our Native American.


Emasculate a boyís feminine qualities teach him to value aggression and society produces perfect military might justified in original sin.  Inadequate medical research in the fields of womenís reproductive organs has its stain in penile psychosis.  While millions of women have had unnecessary hysterectomies the genocide of female fetusís and sexual bondage to men are psychotic behaviors of collective rage men have towards their motherís because of the brief isolation from them after circumcision.  When did women loose equality with men, in the rise and fall of dominant world religions and the ingenuity of chromosome evangelism testosterone imbedded rage.


You donít know who you are because youíre emotionally and ethereally tied to a religion.  Only your native root culture the culture you were born into passed on by your parental ancestors can allow for perfect understanding of your sovereign destiny.  There is alpha blood dominance and following the lead of your intuition requires only bravery and commitment to yourself. There is no option.  Otherwise you are a soul bought and slaved to return to a hell or place like it brandished with original sin.


In order to understand sovereignty, remove the stigma of imposed religious imprinting with a clear intention to do so.  I like to do this under a shower of water.  Itís the easiest for me.  As long as the sun rises and sets and the moon and the stars come out at night you are obligated to be a human being expanding spiritual potential for the benefit of all living matter inherent by respecting your family ancestors and our home planet Earth. Ceremony celebrates nature. You are obligated to love one another and make your day one day at a time the best you can be.  Answer to your conscious, stand on your own feet, get up and go.  You are not born of sin you are born of woman.  There will come a day when all that is born of woman will descend upon the Blue Earth Mother and release the net.


Carol Perez Petersen

Elk Looks Back/Aguila Blanca


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