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Carol Perez Petersen

Women in Love

By Carol Petersen/Elk Looks Back


I encourage you to take a journey of spirit while reading these words.  The great ones had a hand in delivering it.  Consider yourself a member of our family.  Everyone is important. Consider how many of us are reading the letter at the same time.  I wish for you that you are encouraged by spirit to step out of the constrictions and boundaries of your self.  I wish for you to make a journey into the heart of your soul.  I wish for you to share your fears then take a leaf of faith and in the same breath transform your life with aliveness.


I wish for you that you always feel strong to ask for help and the door be open wide for your travels.  I wish for you keen intuition followed by laughter.  I wish for you to remember to turn on the dancing music and follow the crazy happiness of your body's movement for a day and then remember to do it again.


I wish for you to cry with crocodile tears upon your pillow then say to yourself, "something good is coming, I can feel it." If there are more tears, something great is coming and I can feel it."  And if you cannot stop crying, something extraordinary is coming my way and I am ready for it."


You stare in the mirror and there are new lines in your face. Wisdom is breaking free.  Your doubts about worth have scattered like leaves in the wind only to make soil for the spring.  The lowliness knows the path because you have held your head to the ground.  Now open your eyes and see where the ground squirrel lives.  She has made perfect tunnels to the underworld to let the light in where it has been dark.  There burrowed deep in a safe place are your treasures.


Come spring you have a big task ahead.  You must be the pollinator for love.  Love is all there is.  Pollen is the gift of life. The only success on our journey is to love one another.  The tone of your voice is your signature on the fabric of family.  The voice of criticism will be laid to rest in a bed of roses and you will be the butterfly.  Be love where you sleep, sit or stand. Walk or run you are humming and buzzing with life.  Live to share your beauty.  You are beautiful.  You are beautiful. You are beautiful.


You have been invited to a great marriage. In the galactic plane in the constellation of Ophiuchus there is a cosmic garden of rainbows.  Ophiushus was once a man and the only mortal to be given honor in the zodiac.  With his station we have thirteen suns for thirteen moons.   Perhaps what has been said regarding the imbalance of the feminine principal on our beloved Mother Earth has been the longing for the return of the medicine man Aesculapius. He has many names for the wonder of healing he will bring when Mother Earth is turning on in alignment with her celestial plane.  Since the autumn equinox with her show of colors, reflect on your inner gifts in preparation for the ceremony come 2012.


I have been traveling to Canada, Texas and Mexico and there is much to say about the people I have met. After Bolivia I traveled to Siksika Reserve. I stayed in a home on the perimeter of the Sundance grounds.  There was a house I was instantly attracted to.  The next day I walked over to it and it was surrounded tightly by five horses with tails swaying. A blond curly headed bull blocked the front steps. I said, “Hello,” feeling a tad intimidated and proceeded to knock on the door.  No one answered.  I turned to walk away still fascinated by the beauty of the pastoral scene and a blond mare with fold came to smell me.  I left determined to return the following day.  I was told Julia lived there.


The next day I came with a cantaloupe and an arm full of garnet colored gladiolas and this time I just walked inside her prairie home.  She was asleep in bed having just returned from Montana to see a Dine medicine man.  He told her she did not have cancer.  I approached her bed with fruit and flowers and much to my delight was received like a long lost daughter.  Julia had bubbling cysts on her sternum and neck; she was not in pain or didn't complain and was slurping the fragrant juices of the cantaloupe eagerly.  I came to recognize her voice from the frequent calls in the night she made to me.  She always felt better after talking with me.  It was something that I remembered once along time ago that I had in the past been a consoler.


On the night of the lunar eclipse the mist from the Bow River rose and surrounded her home giving it the appearance of a house in a misty nest.  Then the mist rose to form a large bird with out stretched wings hovering over it.  I told her the following day how spectacular it was.  She spoke to me often in Blackfoot.  As soon as I had arrived she knew that I would be leaving and fretted often about it.  "I don't know why but the first time I saw you, I just gave my heart to you," she told me.  She sobbed like a baby on the phone and in person.  "Please don't leave." Crying has always been the way a woman releases her shell.


Never in my life had I ever experience such tenderness. Her last days breathed love deeply into me.  Her cries pried my stiff body apart.  Her wails scattered my being to the winds.  I didn't know how to stay.  I was on a mission.  I was granted permission to be in the close and tight culture of the Blackfoot people in the heart of the Buffalo Nation.  I had met with a Horn society member and together with new friends we drove out to a medicine wheel, a wheel so vast the eyes could not fathom the outer rim.  We climbed up the knoll and in an ancient custom the pipe was offered to honor the ancestors and to make a way for peace and friendship and fair trade throughout the Americas among nations. This was accomplished on the day of the solar eclipse while the sun was setting.


The last day of my visit in Siksika, I returned for Julia.  She was asleep and when I nudged her leg she awoke with a startled gasp. Suddenly her petite face was all smiles only to fall way to tears. I said let's go for a drive.  She had no last days for me she had eternity.  We went to Blackfoot Crossing Heritage Park; it was conceived by her husband who was waiting for her on the other side.  She often stopped in mid activity to be over come with spirit and pray in Blackfoot over me. 

Julia tossed me a cabernet colored lipstick and said, “here this is so I will see those beautiful lips of yours again." 


On September 23rd  2007 in Flower Mound, Texas at Laughing Crow Resort, I shared the spirit of sound and movement to bring heaven upon earth during the autumnal equinox.  The spirits were dancing with us and a portal was opened.  Julia Wright flew onward to her celestial home.


Dedicated to Patricia, Valley, Marilyn, Elvina Jean, and to Julia Wright


Eleven years ago, on September 25, 1996, Grandpa Russell left Grandma Dynamite only to prepare a special place in heaven. Grandma was passionate about people, as she had adopted many in our traditional way. She was affectionately known as "Grandma Dynamite" because of her strength, courage and cowgirl attitude.


Horses and cattle have always been a part of Grandma's life. She was raised on the Three Suns Ranch. Her legacy continued by raising her own family on the Wright Ranch.  In a true sense she was a cowgirl and many respected her wisdom and ranching lifestyle. She adopted many cowboys as her own.


Grandma had the honor as a Ninamskakii, two-time holder of our sacred Medicine pipes, Rider's pipe and Mountain Medicine pipe. She honored our traditional way of life through ceremonies and was well known on the Pow-wow trail. Because of her knowledge of our Siksika culture, she was considered a Traditional Teacher.


She was one of the founding members who envisioned the Blackfoot Crossing Historic Park for her valuable work in maintaining the museum. Her love for children was demonstrated when she worked at the day care by teaching them our Siksika Language. She was gifted in giving Traditional names to many children.


Carol Petersen/Elk Looks Back 

 ©All rights reserved 2007 




The Rainbow Feathered Serpent

Dedicated to my Grandmother Paula Hermancinda Aguirre Monterey who passed from this life giving birth.  She is who Remembers.  She walks with me whispering in my magical ear.

I returned to my Mojave Desert home after the Thunderbird Gathering near Dallas, Texas and in less than a month was summoned by the ancient ones to the pyramid of Teotihuacan.  I had a few hours to pact a light suitcase and hop a plane to Mexico City.  I have often written to steward a ceremony you must completely trust and allow yourself to surrender to the phenomenon.  How else would I be led to the gatekeeper who carries the Quetzalcoatl staff?  I had only three days to open a portal and two of them took up travel time.  Saturday night Oct 27th I was checked into a beautiful villa illumined by the pyramid of the Moon.  Initially it was the moon who called me there.  The offering of longing on the Isle of the Moon in Lake Titicaca was well received.  “We want you to dance,” the ancient one told me.

I packed my feathered head dress.  My sister companion wandered with me while I found the door to the gatekeeper in the adjacent village. I knocked three times echoing through the remote village. Tiny mirrored pieces of paper were tied to strings and crisscrossed above our heads over the avenue. There was a chill in the air at 8,500 ft above sea level. “You must ask the gate keeper to accompany you.”  I had become adept at trusting.  A beautiful young woman answered with a gracious expression of surprise to find me there.  She told me to return the following morning.  I barely was able to swallow a quick cup of coffee and I set off to his home. I knocked on the door with confidence and a young man answered.  I said in Spanish, “I am looking for the gatekeeper.”  His eyes were twinkling and I followed him into a small living area.  I watched while he knocked on a bedroom door.  I didn’t have a clue what was to happen but here I was larger than all of them standing in their home very early Sunday Morning.

A gentle face man stepped through his bed room door quietly closing it behind him.  His face was ageless.  He had a sleepy look on it and though to myself, “Oh dear here I am led by spirit and now I have to explain myself in Spanish, a language that I still have trouble with.  He smiled repeating many times not to worry.  I just told him the truth.  I said, “the ancient ones led me to your door because they want you to assist with opening a portal at the pyramid for healing.”  I left the details up to spirit and reported that I am only a messenger.  I told him the ancient ones required that the ceremony take place with protocol.  He led me into a room and there on an altar was the serpent staff, Quetzalcoatl.  He picked it up and waved it over my body.

While I was in Tiwanacu preparing for their *winter solstice ceremony and the passing of the Kulkucan staff of the Maya I had the good fortune to hold it as it traveled along side of me on the bus in the wee early morning to the pyramid.  Just months later I am being greeted by the Quetzalcoatl staff in an honorable and friendly manner.  The staff’s were brothers.  The gentle gatekeeper asked me to kiss it and I sure did which kinda surprised me.  I hoped he didn’t notice my passion.  I was grateful indeed very honored and grateful to the ancient one who I was giving a kiss to.

The door to the bedroom opened and his wife came out.  Her name is *Coatlicue, the patron of women who die in childbirth. He is the Jaguar King.  She walked with me to the villas and I introduced her to my friend waiting.  I was running back and forth like a chicken and the day was just beginning.  They drove us to the entrance of Teotihuacan and every step of the way we stopped for protocol and to petition the ancient ones of the valley of reeds where men become Gods.

On Oct 28th 2007, we placed an offering on the platform and the four of us stood atop the avenue of the dead.  We listened to the gatekeeper as he had us hail in the directions in Spanish and in native Aztec.  Our arms were stretched to the sky.  Tourists had surrounded us and I wasn’t going to break our ritual by telling them not to take pictures.  We must have been quite a sight.  The strength of our combined hearts was making an awaiting serpent shiver her feathers.  We zig zagged up the pyramid that was built in front of the Quetzalcoatl pyramid, the third largest in the world.  The jaguar king told us to hold our hands in front of it offering supplication.  He said the gate is opening.  The face of the serpents that adorned the pyramid were fierce.  Light and energy streamed in a v-shape rushing towards us.  Our palms were guiding filled with prayer requests.

Wear a thin veil the groom is hovering near. He is resplendent in rainbow feathers.

Woman be in love.  Be in Love.  Oh my love, I see you are everywhere. In the eyes of the eagle and the deer, in the eyes of condor and the jaguar, I sing for you at the dawn of creation with the sacred vowels to make the rainbow bridge.

In the Beginning was Ixazaluob.  She is the mother of energy. Her lover is HU nab Ku. When they make love all is in harmony and the essence of their love making is Itza the dew of the rainbow. Their son is Itzam Na, first iguana who begot 13 sons with Ixchel.

Ixchel is rainbow jaguar and the matriarch of midwifery. Her Itza nourished creation. Two of their sons were monkeys. They created the earth and man-kind.  The dominant blood groups on Earth have rhesus monkey proteins.  The rhesus free blood with its signature bearing negative status represents the blood from Ixazaluob, the Black negative O. It is the blood that flows in my veins and remembers HU. We are the Itza of the rainbow medicine blanket, a messenger of hope. We are Quta Mama, Ocean Mother Rainbow, set on weaving space time braids with quantum pyramidal knots.

Inquiries received for She Who Remembers Thunderbird Gatherings at

Carol Elk Looks Back Petersen
Clan Mother, Deer Nation
Rainbow Medicine Blanket, Founder
* The winter solstice in Bolivia is the summer solstice above the equator.





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