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“I’ve been active in the struggle to preserve Native American cultures since 1992, and Speak Cherokee Level 1 is the fastest and easiest way to learn the Cherokee language that I’ve ever seen.”

Dr. Donald Panther-Yates, Santa Fe, NM
author of numerous books in Native American studies and genealogy

Have You Ever Said This?

"I would study and speak and teach the Cherokee language IF ONLY...

    • someone was teaching in my area
    • it didn't conflict with my work schedule
    • I had more time
    • I could actually hear the language spoken."

Let's face it, learning Cherokee or any other indigenous language is not easy, especially if you are some distance from a community where it's still spoken.

First you have to find someone who can and will teach it. Then you have to rearrange your schedule to make the classes. Then you have to persevere through the discouragement.

Speak Cherokee Level 1 is a complete password-protected membership web site with graded lessons in the Cherokee language.

The survival of our distinct language is CRUCIAL to the survival of our identity as a distinct people

"Speak Cherokee is absolutely wonderful! This course has cleared up all of the obstacles that I had encountered in learning Cherokee. The instructions are clear and specific. As well, the course is easy to read and to follow along. The audios are extremely clear and precise with pronunciations to include various speed levels to help with the pronunciation."  Joyce Rheal, Murphysboro, IL

Don't let Cherokee become one of them - it's up to you!

In my own lifetime, the number of fluent Cherokee speakers has dropped by half. If you are of Cherokee ancestry, you have an obligation to preserve the language. If you are NOT of Cherokee ancestry, we salute your for taking up the challenge.

I've spent a ridiculous number of hours over the past twelve years learning and teaching the Cherokee language, reviewing and often buying every teaching resource I could find, traveling to Oklahoma and North Carolina. And I've spent a ridiculous amount of money I can't afford  putting this program together. But once a teacher, always a teacher, and if this Speak Cherokee Level 1 program persuades just seven people to learn the language well enough to teach, it will be time and money well spent.

"Wow, Brian. I've never experienced an online language lesson that flowed so smoothly. It's amazingly easy to navigate. Being able to play your voice sample repeatedly is so convenient and yet critical to learning. (Beware of women falling in love with your voice and stalking you!) It really is the next best thing to being in your class”  Jannette Parent , Princeton, KY

  • Easy to Use! - It's just like browsing a web site.

  • Work at your own convenience and your own pace! - You can access the site when it's most convenient for YOU, from your home computer or any other.

"The Speak Cherokee site is great and very well explained!! You are very helpful with even us 'slow' folks. The enunciation of the words is great!! The sound is so clear. It is very easy to go back and listen to the sound over and over again. Having a great time exploring it!"  Pat Bennett, Salem, KY
  • Complete Audio Files! - Listen over and over until you can match the pronunciation

  • Audio Narration! - I'm longer section of text are narrated - great for the sight-impaired, or if you just want to rest your eyes!

  • You Set The Schedule! Study when it's convenient for you!

  • Learn at Home, Office, even Library! No travel necessary!

  • Hear all of the words and phrases spoken!

  • Complete your assignments and return them online for correction!

  • Interact with a language instructor, not just a web site "lecture."

  • Interact with other Cherokee-speakers and Cherokee-writers!

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After your payment is processed, you'll be e-mailled the access address, user name, and password.

I can't say this often enough: We are the LAST GENERATION who can save the language and culture.

In the late 1990's the traditional Elders decided to throw open the doors to our scattered people, many of whom had been kept at arm's length. 

There is a prophecy that states that once this happened, the within one generation the Cherokee people would either regain everything that had been lost, or lose what little remained.

We DON'T have time to waste. We need a new generation of Cherokee SPEAKERS, and a new generation of Cherokee TEACHERS, and we need them now!

 Why Only $20 Per Month?

Sure, we could charge much more for this unique program. But we're committed to keeping it affordable.


Ask any Cherokee to name the most evil man in American history, and the hands-down favorite will be Andrew Jackson, who introduced the Indian Removal Act. Jackson's face is on the $20 bill. It's fitting that the image of Jackson, whose actions almost destroyed the Cherokee culture, should now be used to finance its restoration. The price will never go up!


Welcome Home!


One month subscription
with seven day free trial.


Six month subscription
with seven day free trial.

$100 - Save $20

Full year subscription
with seven day free trial

$200 - Save $40




REDEEM Andrew Jackson!

Each month, let one of those despicable pictures of 'Old Mad Jackson' in your wallet do something to repair the damage that Andy and his cronies did so many years ago. That's right, it's time Andrew Jackson did something positive to restore the cultural patrimony of the Ani-Yvwiya.

About The Author:

Active in efforts to promote the use of Native American languages, Brian Wilkes has organized classes in the Cherokee language since 1995. Those efforts were profiled by the New York Times, Gannett papers, Paducah Sun and other news outlets, finally coming to the attention of Kentucky officials when it was realized he was the only instructor of any Native American language in the state, which, ironically, has a Cherokee name! In 2006, he received Kentucky's highest honor, the title of Colonel, by order of the governor and state assembly. His efforts have also been honored by officials and elders of the Cherokee, Choctaw, Anishanabe, Quecha, and Shuar peoples.




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