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By Carol Petersen, Elk Looks Back


We must get to the business of loving one another....



I come from a universe void of galaxies to the human eye.  I am here to elucidate the consciousness of matrix vibrating spheres into the neural meridian pathways of the human temple and ley chi of the land.


In the Beginning was the smile.  Surprised?  Most of you thought it was a word or a frequency.  Many of you focus on the sound of creation.  While sound is a wave the wave is always changing thereby the sound is always changing.  The wave in time was the sound of the OOOOOOmmmmmmm after 1987 it became aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh   after that EEEEEEEEEE and now it is uuuuuuuu. The shape of a smile is most usually an arc.


The sound out of time is MA MA MA MA ad in fun um.


Sound brain and word tonics will catalyze rejuvenation into physical matter.  Singing will stabilize the emotional realm of Mother Earth.


I am here to share with you dolphin communication.  It will address an issue of separation from your true nature in preparation of 2013.


There are only a handful of sovereign galactic indigos who are walking through the valley of death on earth free to Be. They are the Indigenius who are awakened and imbue star ancestral sacred laws on earth known as geomancy.  There is much healing to do with singing


The pyramid builders will interface with the rising wave of planetary consciousness for wholeness.  In order to receive the incoming blue print, woman you are in need of a healing.  There is a sacred song prepared just for the healing of abortion.


The dolphins are raised nodding their hearts and heads in your direction.  They are singing a very special song for each of you who have ever been raped or sexually abused.  The ancestral bones will rise from the ground and dance. The dolphins are spinning and their tail fins are slapping the water causing a big glorious wave of happiness towards your body.


The true givers are to make a turn about and become true receivers.  Are you able to receive love?  Are you able to receive happiness?  It seems strange when we have been programmed it is better to give than it is to receive.  However your good works are returning back to you in the consciousness of fulfilled hearts desire.  It is now up to you to receive the impersonal love set into motion by the ancestral star grandmothers.  It is impossible to levitate without singing.  


We must allow the feeling of pleasure to be received through the whole body. Woman there is safety, there is heaven. Women please sing for too long children are suffering, for too long women are screaming.


Each wave brings a song. The most powerful gesture given unconditionally is the smile. Can you see the dolphins smiling?  I hear the clacking clicking sound while they smile.  Can you feel your body respond to happiness? I am singing. I am drumming. I am dancing. I am receiving into my body temple the healing song of the dolphin smiling.


We must get to the business of loving one another.  There is no ceremony without humble happiness vulnerable and innocent. Knowledge of geomancy has no vital force without humility and happiness. Unless men are humble enough to surrender to the teachings of women there will be no paradise on earth.  Until a man becomes pregnant it will always be woman who will sacrifice her bones to the incoming spirits. It is the woman who will lead and she will have the fellowship of the trinity of mankind.


In the beginning was the smile of pleasure on her face.

She who remembers bears the galactic egg and bone dance has returned.


Except from notes on the book:  Soul:  Chapter 13 January 20, 2008

By Carol Perez Petersen

ŠAll rights honored


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