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From Grandmother Selma Palmer

It is Odd

By Grandmother Selma Palmer



It is odd really, but it appears that the average intelligence and common sense level of the general population is on a rapid decline, at least in the areas that are vital to survival and everyday functioning.


Yet on the rise are areas of technical information and procedures burning our brain cells on understanding advance technology and how all the new gadgets work. 


What they will do and what they won't do and why!


Yet it is these very items of advanced technology that complicate our everyday lives to the point of frustration when they do not perform as they are intended to do and we are left to figure out why. How to correct it and what the outcome of the "error" will be!


Half of the cashiers in stores can not make change without the cash register telling them how much money the customer is due.  A very few of them can count the money back to you as they give you that change.  The general population can not do  any math  above the very basic without the assistance of a calculator.


Gas prices are going out of sight and they develop much needed hybrid cars that only the wealthy can possibly afford. 


Milk is priced out of the range of the lower class family and meat is a luxury item for the middle class. Families  must worry about the additives and hormones added to each of those items and how that will affect their family and children.


Vegetables are approached with caution as who knows which one is going to be recalled next.  What else will be tainted with Lord knows what?


Toys are on recall  all over the country for lead paint or worse yet chemicals in them that turn to date rape drugs if ingested!


Home land security has gone way overboard with spy's in the sky, cameras on ATM's, in airports, at red lights, in department stores, in parking lots.  A new age of " candid camera "  everywhere you go !


Your car can track your every move and they can track you by your cell phone.  The same cell phone you hold to your head for hours a day that they are concerned will cause brain cancer!


Your shoes light up, but the mercury in them makes them a hazard when you go to dispose of them when they are worn out !


Thousands of plastic containers have been designed and sold for cooking in microwave ovens, but now they tell us that plastic of any  type in a microwave is a slow form of poison!


It takes the average senior citizen twice as long to open any container of anything from pills to food, simply due to all the multiple layers of closure that you have to remove to get to the product!


The government wants to inventory and tag all livestock and pets so they can not be removed from premises without prior consent.   Lord, do not take your dog for a ride to the corner store.  You did not seek permission!


Kids do not tie shoe laces anymore and strap shoes on their feet with  Velcro instead.  Half the kids under five wear nothing but tee shirts so they have never had the challenge of dealing with a button on a real shirt.


I could go on all night, but you get the point -- problems facing this nation that are not complicated like world peace or pollution, energy conservation, foreign affairs, wars, stock market, or political elections.


While pondering these things, I have come to some conclusions.  How in the world, or who in the world can hope to make a difference or make a dent in the problems that overwhelm the masses when we cannot solve the simple aspects of life?


The only way to hope to maintain sanity is to look for the simple amongst the complex and convoluted!


Appreciate the driver who does not run you off the road or pull out in front of you.


Appreciate the cashier who does not make an error and have to call a supervisor for an over-ride.


Appreciate the sales clerk who actually knows the location of items you need.


Appreciate the gas station that lets pump gas and they accept real cash money.


Appreciate the car mechanic who can find a problem on your car without ten hours of computer diagnostic procedures. Appreciate the mechanic who knows what is wrong and how to fix it your car problem.  Appreciate the mechanic who works for a fair and honest price. These guys are rare indeed.!!!


Appreciate the doctor who actually takes time to listen.  Appreciate the doctor who will give you an answer you can understand without making you look like a moron.


Appreciate the rare television show that is not full of sex , foul language or gore and guts.


Appreciate the waiter or waitress that actually remembers to bring all that your ordered to your table at the appropriate time while it is still hot.


Appreciate the appliance repair man that still will come to your home and actually fix something instead of insisting on selling you a new one.


Appreciate the teacher that still cares enough to correct children when they need to be corrected even when it is against school policy.


Appreciate the ambulance driver fighting to get through traffic to save those in need.


Above all else, appreciate the wonder world of nature that surrounds you with beauty, balance., simplicity, and  spiritual awareness.  Take time to interact with the natural wonders around you.  


Find, make, borrow or steal some simplicity to balance out your life.  Be at peace with yourself and Creator.


Copyright 2008  by Gram Selma Palmer