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As Above So It Is Below

By Waynonaha Two Worlds, Manataka Correspondent



I looked into the clear smooth surface of the pond and saw my reflection. Above me the tree was bursting into flame with the colors of fall. The sky was so blue, bluer even than the deep water that filled the pond. The sweet smell of the water filled my mind with memories that came to speak of times spent in just such a setting. I was taken to  a time of younger years, when the worries of this world, and all that they can bring, were but stars that shown in a very distant future. As stars whose light takes many years to reach us, these were things that would come to also pass. These stars were never meant to been seen until time had come for them to appear.


We are all star being whose light is still traveling to reach the Earth Mother, in time we too will be reflected back out to Creation. Being of light,  creations of love, we are born and given to the light.  Here on this Mother Earth we are nourished, loved,  and protected by Creator.


I watched the small water bugs and tadpoles slip just under the surface of the water never making a ripple. Tiny silver transparent minnows darted back and forth seeking bits of food from the bottom grasses.


Looking into the depth of the pond I understood the connection that we have to the Great Mystery. Before me in the water opened the entrance to the spirit lodge, within that lodge was the answer to Creation.


We are but the reflection of all that is above us in the Spirit World, and the Field of Plenty. From this sacred place, all life and spirit flow down to us here on this the Earth our mother, we are but the reflection in the water.

The Grandmother Moon rises, casting silver stars on the water as she reflects the light from Grandfather Sun. It is this light of love that she reflects to all here who live in the beauty all around. We are never alone,


Grandmother Moon watches us in the night and Grandfather Sun watches us in the day. Creator holds all of this in the Sacred Hoop of life and light.


It is the light that is given in love by Grandfather Sun to Grandmother Moon that holds this Sacred Earth or Mother between them in love and peace.


Life is the reflection of all that is above us, and holds the creation of life between the love that Creator sends to all life here on this Mother Earth.


Between the two worlds we stand in as the reflection of Creation.  The love that first brought light to the Earth Mother in giving her the breath of life, is also the love that created the life that lives here in the image of Creator.

To give light (birth) to the Earth is to give life to the Earth Mother, we all were given light and in time we will all give life. 


That which is above is reflected in that which is below; in the image of love we are all reflections of Creator.

When ever we are in doubt we must remember that nothing on this Earth is done without it being first created in the Great Mystery. There is a power, a vast wisdom, we can never in our human forms understand. In time the Great mystery will unfold if you but look long and deep into the reflection of the water.


Love and Blessings.



Copywrite 2008 by Waynonaha Two Worlds     All publication rights reserved