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By Carol Petersen, Elk Looks Back



MA NA TA KA is a song from a crystal cave.  The song is a vibration from emanations projected by crystals which forms a circular ring. It is the word manifest meaning “we have never been broken.” This is the definition in Quechua, the language of the native peoples of Peru. The definition was given to me in April of 2005, when I brought the song word of the crystal cave to a delegation of native member councils in Patagonia, Argentina.


A letter was given to me to be read by an elder and Aymara friend, Wenceslao. As he was sharing the Manataka document a yellow butterfly landed on the paper then flew off in the wind.  It was said that the message of Manataka was given to the directions by the butterfly spirit.  This is a good sign.  We had gathered at the home of a Mapuche family. They raise sheep among the poplar trees.  There was a black kettle hanging over a smoldering flame and the steam kept our hands warm.  Mate was boiling hot.  It is the local herbal tea shared and passed hand to hand.


I was living in Texas during the 1980’s and had many dreams of a hot spring which led to a cave.  I traveled with my young daughter to see the crystals around Lake Quachita, Arkansas.  The journey became a favorite past time for us.  We dug for crystals, soaked in the downtown springs, where the locals go, and always met new friends to visit on our return.  I was especially happy when friends from Dallas, Texas moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas and gave us a place to stay.  It was a four and a half hour trip and once we crossed the border, the verdant green landscape and hat tipping passer-bys lifted my spirits.  One time we camped at a state park and cuddled in the tight space of my station wagon when a light rain fell and soon became a down pour.  I have good memories of Hot Springs. 


For years I visited a place of wonder, down a country road where it forks.  One way leads up the hill and the other meanders on.  This is where I stop and get out of the car. I wade into the warm springs which leads to a cave.  Its opening is hidden covered in brush.  There are a few others with me entering the cave.  There is an energy vibrating from deep within. I am not sure what it is.  I only know I have a reoccurring dream about it.  


My meeting with Manataka began with a very important call and a message to deliver.  Suddenly my life blossomed into a destiny.  I am a woman who has to experience to believe in phenomenon.    I was being prepared to understand Manataka’s role in humanities consciousness.  Dallas, Texas and the surrounding country towns was the place I was taught North American Native spirituality.  Most of the people I met said they are the descendants of the Cherokee.  I always gave a smile of recognition when they told me of their proud heritage. 


My roots are from Central America and so the story goes. I didn’t know much about the Indians of the North.  I listened to the words in the medicine wheel that Swan Storm spoke when I was standing in the direction of the southwest. I felt a stirring beneath my feet rise up through my legs and into my heart, head and ears.  I heard the voice of an ancient woman speak to me about the environment.  There was much spirit force the day Hyemeyohsts Storm stood behind his wife. She gave us a good teaching concerning our daughters.  The medicine wheel changed my life forever.  I was on a crash learning curve of the native peoples spiritualities.  The medicine wheel opened a door within me to embrace Earth Mother and the sacred laws of nature.  The Crystal cave behind the door of the medicine wheel is Manataka.


I thank the crystal spirits who are the record keepers in the sacred cave of Manataka.  It is January and I have been reflecting my contribution to the Smoke Signal, the magazine of Manataka.  I was reading many past articles in the archives and came into a place of gratitude.  I believe in synchronicities.  I wish Manataka a continued year of blessing and an abundance of good will for all.   Just like piece making a quilt with keepsake fabric, Manataka’s rainbow is anchoring peace making.


The month of January 2008 came with many UFO sighting. The History Station television network was prompt to produce an informative documentary on UFO phenomena in Texas.  We also had a sighting in San Diego, California. I was watching another story about people who have seen UFO’s dive into lake waters.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Star Nations have a subterranean base in Lake Quachita.  It is no secret the pyramid builders came to deposit hologram messages in the crystals.  In the valley of the rainbow vapors, the crystals are singing MA MA MA NA TA KA.   If you find yourself lost and forgotten remember the song. 


Manataka was the gathering place of star ancestral elders.  The ring is one of many placed around the globe and is connected to others in the invisible realms. Star ancestral science had left it’s signature in the name. Wherever the arc of the Rainbow travels, a covenant between heaven and earth is established.  The arc of the Rainbow is the bridge on which our galactic ancestors will return. 


Excerpts from notes on the book Soul

By Carol Perez Petersen

© 2008  All publication rights reserved