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Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men



March 16, 1999, will be, in my Mayan calendar, the day K'AN-10, month UAYEB-3, year CHICHAN-12. On this date, we will perform Mayan ceremony and will consort with the planets Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Father Sun, Sister Moon and the Pleiades. This ceremony that will be carried out in the water of the cenote is to help us enter into the new era of Aquarius. The planets previously mentioned will be in the sky in the middle of the day to observe us and to help us enter into this Mayan cosmic initiation, into the knowledge of the new Magnetic Pole of Spiritual Education.

The whole of humanity today needs the education coming from the cosmos, because, as it is known, the education of modern civilization is not complying with the universal creator's correct educational mandates. Many times it contradicts it without understanding it; today we have an imposed civilization personified by humanity's manipulators.

Only the wisdom of the new cosmic time will come to correct that which has been badly done, only the great creative forces of the cosmos and of Mother Earth will correct the mistaken road that was imposed upon humanity. Only the universal creators TEPEU, GUGUMATZ and HUYUB CAAN will disturb 2000 years of mistaken direction, and they will eradicate these thousands of years of darkness.  

Let us see, with our true human power, a little of our Mayan cosmic solar memory. In this way we will begin to understand what we have nowadays forgotten. Not knowing how to remember also has to do with the bad education that was imposed in all places where western colonialism reached. Today our obligation is to begin to remember. As Mayan I can remember with my cosmic mind, and you also, kind reader, can begin to remember with your cosmic mind, because you also are Mayan, you are a cosmic being who has come from HUNAB K'U, from the new time of universal wisdom.

When the universal memory began to wake up in remote times, there we were with our spirit. When our sacred body began to form, it had already been impressed in its first manifestation of life the memory of the universe. Afterwards everything was concluded for the great creator HUNAB K'U, our god that made us according to the great universal law. HUNAB K'U put the sacred measure in our body and spirit and also included the proportion of the universe in us.

When the creator HUNAB K'U concluded its creation, it gave us a little of its power, endowing us with seven corporal and spiritual powers. There are two more powers that we cannot take until we understand and develop the seven powers. One of these two powers is up in the universe and the other one is below in nature. They are complementary powers to the other seven powers that correspond to our body and spirit.

Inside our memory as great power exists our religion. This is an aspect so important that current humanity has not been able to understand it, because 2000 years of religious competition have confused even more of humanity. The proof we have of this is the great quantity of religions that exist in the entire world. One of the main current misfortunes is that each religious group says that God the creator is only on their side and that they are the chosen people of God.

It is important that humanity understands how the Maya of tradition understand the religious principle, of how it governs the actual body that we have. Accessing some of our ancestral memory will take us to remote boundaries of our existence; it will make us remember the lands and religion that do not exist today. We cannot see them because those great sacred lands and religion are under the waters of the sea.

When those that write history did not yet exist, religion already existed and was practiced by many people. When the god HUNAB K'U made the first cell of the human being he made it religiously. For this reason the human being was born of religion and consequently is religious from his root. In his cosmic thought is his religion, in his universal spirit is his religion, and in his earthly body is also his religion.

Many thousands of years that can go back to millions, the human being was in many lands that today cannot be seen physically, but, however, this information is in the memory. The Maya knew about this memory and wrote of it in their sacred books and stelae, and also shaped it in their pyramids. It is necessary to remember this history, because this information can help humanity reorient so that we take our true road, so that we no longer believe in the false history written or planned by some historians like Robert Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, and the Constantines.

Before the Maya arrived in the sacred lands where today we trod and live, they were in other lands that today are under the waters of the sea. They emigrated to many places as well long ago, as did a lot of people of different ethnic groups. In very remote times they lived in places with very high mountains sometimes covered with many trees and other times with a lot of ice; they were also in desert lands that sometimes became very fertile lands. Many of those lands arose from the waters, others disappeared with time; some transformed into very big lands, others into small lands.

The Maya can remember the last great sacred lands of the continent of Lemuria, or LEMULIA in the Mayan language, there where the cosmic religion that came from another continent that today rests under the waters of the sea was understood and practiced. Many peoples inherited the sacred symbols of LEMULIA, such as for example the symbol called the star of David of the Hebrews.

In the times of LEMULIA, the symbols represented the summary of wisdom. They also represented religion. They worshipped the symbols, not like some religions that commercialize these sacred symbols nowadays. The true sense of these symbols come from LEMULIA. Still the majority of humanity cannot understand them. In order for the human being to understand these symbols, he has to enter into the land of the cosmic initiation.

Some indigenous groups, such as the Hopis, were in the sacred lands of LEMULIA. They came from the south of the American continent in order to settle down in what today is the United States of North America. When they arrived in these lands, many of the lands were under the sea. The Hopis have in their registered memory the big changes that have occurred to the sacred lands of the north of this continent of America.

Every several thousands of years, the Magnetic Pole of Religion arises in a different part of the Earth. When this happens, the ancient wise men of knowledge travel, taking with them the previous Magnetic Religious power that they took care of in order to deposit it in the new location. When in LEMULIA this great power indicated by the cosmos and Mother Earth arose, people with high degrees of initiation traveled to help ease the activation of this new sacred place where the New Spiritual Education would arise.

Through the passing of the millennia, LEMULIA fulfilled its sacred mission as educator of humanity. From here arose many teachers whose names are not remembered by human beings today. From this continent we inherited many symbols of cosmic wisdom that are still used today. When the time of LEMULIA completed its cycle indicated by the Mayan calendars, LEMULIA returned under the waters of the sea.

The Itzaes of tradition can remember when we were in the continent of Atlantis or ATLANTIHA in the Mayan language. For thousands and thousands of years we lived in these sacred lands where we ended up understanding the reason for our existence on these lands created by our supreme HUNAB K'U. In those remote times our sacred religious symbols were in all the locations of the continent of ATLANTIHA and those that inhabited these lands could understand these symbols that represent all. When ATLANTIHA arose from the waters of the sea, many teachers came to deposit the religious sacred wisdom to this new place; they came following a cosmic order. The LEMULIANS were present in order to deposit the great power to the ATLANTIHANS. With rites and ceremonies they made the transitions of power. Then Mother Earth was pleased by the great respect that was given, for in that time the human being understood when Mother Earth gave an order to change the Magnetic Pole.

In lands of the continent of the ATLANTIHA, there existed many communities that understood the cosmic spiritual work. Inside these communities, the old Itzaes, for many hundreds of thousands of years, cohabited with this cosmic wisdom in the continent of ATLANTIHA. Here there arose more sacred symbols about which they gave teaching and the symbols were also worshipped for the totality of universal wisdom that they contained.  

All time begins and also finishes. The cycle indicated cosmically by the calendars also marked that the continent of ATLANTIHA would arrive at its end. When this began to happen, many communities emigrated to other places. In this way great ATLANTIHA arose from the sea and in this way returned to the sea. The Magnetic Pole of Spiritual Religious Education had already fulfilled its cycle of educating humanity, and cosmically the order had already been given that this great power would have to be in another location on Mother Earth.  

Many teachers of ATLANTIHA emigrated to other lands and took the spiritual and scientific knowledge with them to their new establishments. The ATLANTIHAN/Itza community also had to emigrate to new lands. Here it is where the great continent that is today called America arose, but the original name of these sacred lands for us, the Itzaes of tradition, is TAMAUNCHAN. Before settling in these lands that we inhabit today, the Itzaes traveled to many places, among them are mentioned the sacred lands of today's indigenous Kogis.

When the indigenous Kogis-Taironas arrived in the high lands of what are today the countries of Venezuela and Colombia, the forests of today in the country of Brazil did not exist. This fact indicates to us great antiquity. These indigenous brothers settled in the high lands of Sierra Madre of Santa Marta; these are geographically located between the western part of Venezuela and the eastern part of Colombia. Also what is today the Yucatán Peninsula, México, and the lands of Central America were under the waters of the sea. When these sacred lands arose from the waters, then the Itzaes arrived. They already knew what would be the destiny of these new lands.

The Magnetic Pole of Religious Education of ATLANTIHA had already reached its end; Mother Earth and the cosmos had already indicated which would be the new location where the new religious-scientific education would arise. At that time, the Itzaes that had waited for these new lands of light ended up populating these sacred lands. They brought the sacred symbols of the inherited wisdom of ATLANTIHA to deposit here. Note: I must indicate that there already were inhabitants in the high lands of this continent of Mesoamerica.

Then arose the great TAMUANCHAN as a continuator of the Cosmic Spiritual Education ordered by the new Magnetic Pole. In these sacred lands arose the high initiatic degree of Kukulkan, or K'UUK'MEXCAN in the Mayan language. In that time Itza educated the initiates in order to understand the symbols of the snake and the eagle, when the initiates understood these symbols of consciousness, then already they could understand the seven powers of the human being. When they then comprehended these powers of the body, then they were clever enough to understand the other two complementary powers, the high one of the cosmos and the one under the earth.

The Itza brought the knowledge of ATLANTIHA, but being in these new lands of TAMUANCHAN, developed more spiritual knowledge together with the inhabitants of these new lands, with those who are today called the Maya. In this manner the Maya inherited the knowledge of the ATLANTIHAS; for many thousands of years this Magnetic Pole of Spiritual Education was in the power of the Maya. They, with what they learned from the Itzaes in their time together, developed this cosmic wisdom even more. Then they created with their sacred language the word of HUNAB K'U, so that with this word they would represent the great concept of the creation of the universe.  


Hunbatz Men, elder, Itza Maya Tradition. Communicated December 1998

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