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Cosmovision:  Pérez Codex

By Carol Perez Petersen,

Manataka Correspondent





    When I return from visiting medicine wheels, pyramids, springs, and mountains, I must integrate enormous realms of the human senses.  Often I am overwhelmed emotionally, physically, and mentally.  The senses of spirit are heightened and in order for me to find a balance, I will fast from eating foods. The right time for me to fast from foods is when I have a constant heartburn and fullness in my belly.  I have not even begun the day and I am full.  There is plenty of information stored in my body and it is the perfect time to digest spiritual awareness.  I have even considered my cravings for sweetness and reframed the tugs to indulge with telling myself I am craving me. I am the one who is sweet and not the food.


    I am incredibly passionate about sacred sites.  They call me to them otherwise; I would be naďve about the sacred laws of geometry and incarnation portals with the cosmos. I moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico to be near Elder Boulder Giant Rock known to the keepers of her as Great Mother Stone. She is an emissary spirit Soul of Mother Earth.  Great Mother Stone sits in the Mojave Desert, southeastern California.


    Great Mother Stone has a companion.  It is a crystal hill pyramid, which is a portal to and from Venus, in the inner world. Communication portals are necessary at a time when the Earth Mother Speaks. We must take care to listen.  The seers and knower of distant times were guided to the vortex to listen.  Sacred sites are for communicating with the heart. 


    Great Mother Stone is a place where gathered gentle people of the North with the South “To make good relations, share foods freely and fairly with kindness”.


The message:  Honor, Love and Respect

One must honor self first, and then all my relations are honored. 


“The feeling which comes from within causing you to cry is because you are touching a dry lake.” “You are deeply abandoned such as the atmosphere of the Earth is troubled so it is with yourself troubled.”


She says, “Everyone must cry to fill the empty lakes.”


Crying will awaken compassion for the self and fill a dry lake inside you desperate for nourishment.  Crying will relieve the pressure that causes disease and death as disease and death is with the body of all my relations. Earth, water, fire and ether will cease to be as we know it without recognition unless we share our tears with one another.


Please cry, let your self know compassion

For you, for the regrets, and choices we have made, that continues to keep us apart and eventually separates us from our Earth Mother.


I cry every day and to tell you the truth I feel better because I am finding path to forgiveness, understanding, and compassion all inside of me. When I was crying I picked up the drum and I dreamed I was singing


I sang to sooth my soul then you and then we

I would like to invite you to listen

To the singers and criers,

Bird woman and birdman alike 


The song is of a time soon to come

And for some it is now The Butterfly Effect


I’m giving up politics for a love song.


Here me crying Haniel

Here me crying to the Angels


And I see them, coming, spiraling down to the lowest levels where

People are rushing to catch time on Earth.


Then I pulled over the car

To become one with the birds


I cried out to Peace Eagle Vulture here is a sacred offering.

Take me, pick me apart.  Tear this flesh, a burden of oceans off me.


I stood under the vultures nesting on the tops of a Eucalypts Gum tree

They were the size of two footballs standing on end

Flap the wind slap the wind whap, whap, whap 


Then I knew

Uluru grandmothers are stomping.

The grandmothers are tending to the souls


Women get painted misty white.

Stomp the Earth with prayers

Make a pleasant smile

Dance and spin with the dolphin and the Whale


To all friends of RA

To the friends of YWYH and QY

To Lyra riding on the back of the Galactic Butterfly

A rainbow came for me and it will come for you!


Born and Ancient

The rock people are called in this manner, "the born and ancient ones."  They are the spirits of the rocks, all knowing and unconditional.  In the most solid aspect in nature they are watchers of life. In native traditions stones are carefully chosen by those able to feel the spirit in them for divination and purification rites.


Mother Earth is going through a purification time. There are people gifted in all cultures that commune with nature and seek wisdom from the stones. For an ancient wound requires the ally of an ancient spirit. 


In the Mojave Desert sits the Great Mother Stone who is known by the locals as Giant Rock.  The Chiefs of long ago traveled a great distance, far from the North and far from the Central and South, to honor the spirit of Great Mother Stone. Her spirit is a way shower of the pulse of the natural rhythms on Earth. They called the region holy where she sits today long before a time of people.


The medicine people communed with the invisible ones. They came to pray for knowledge and wisdom. They recognized her allied spirit and sought council with humility and honor.  This was the way of the ancestors. 


The prayers spoken by the holy ones into the body of Great Mother Stone linger. Prayers stay where they are prayed.  Great Mother Stone is the largest free standing boulder in the world and measures seven stories tall. She makes a pressure on the earth to maintain the balance of the sacred law of the land. The ley or law of the land refers to telluric energy pathways of an electrical current which moves underground or through the sea.


In nature's hallowed place, in the boulder or the spring, in a cave or the top of a mountain, one is able to seek a vision to become your destiny. There is no replacement for the sequoia or the spring and so I teach to commune with the Great Spirit connectors.  Respect their presence and honor your path by stopping to add your prayers as the ancestors had before you.  To the invisible ones of creation there are no efforts greater than honoring the ancestral spirits. This I know do this first and all will flow accordingly with the blessings of good weather. 


To the heart of Great Mother Stone to the heart of Uluru, I your daughter born of crystal and clay give thanks for the blessings of water and good weather for planting seeds where the winds will keep them safe from fire. May the people remember the laws of nature and protect and honor the ancients with love and prayer. 


Carol Perez Petersen

Clan Mother Maya Anishinabe

Deer Nation, Central America

© Copyright 2008