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Experiencing the World Drum



While continuing its worldwide journey of peace, a famous spiritual artifact, the World Drum was sent from the Metis First Nation in Canada to Hot Springs (Manataka), Arkansas on July 2.  When it entered this country, the United States Customs authorities confiscated the drum.  


Even though the Drum is a sacred religious artifact, federal officials were not going to allow the World Drum to continue its journey because it was adorned with  European eagle feathers, prayer ties, poems, ceremonial herbs and other religious objects.  Government authorities demanded the drum and its contents be forfeited. 


Once World Drum Project officials in Norway learned of the situation, hundreds of people worldwide were called into action.  Calls went out to members of the Canadian Parliament, the United Nations and the media.   Thousands of prayers from people in many countries were offered up.  After nearly two weeks of prayer and negotiations with U.S. Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Customs and other federal authorities, the World Drum was rescued and the bundle was returned intact to Canada on July 17. 


World Drum Project coordinator and founder, Morten Wolf Storeide of Åbogen, Norway made the decision to allow the Drum to continue its sacred journey to Manataka.  But, before the Drum was sent back across the medicine line to the United States, project coordinators accepted an invitation for the World Drum to receive special recognition during a resounding presentation of its inspiration and beauty and in the halls of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. 


It was a sad story turned into joy when the people prayed and Creator of All Things let their voices be heard.   


The World Drum arrived at Manataka on July 24, and within minutes after its arrival ceremonies were conducted at the sacred mountain.  On 08-08-08, the Drum will journey to the top of Queen Wilhelmina Mountain near Mena, AR for the Earth Keepers Ceremony.  Other public and private events are scheduled throughout the time of its visit.  The World Drum will continue its journey to England on August 14.


Message from Norway:

July 22, 2008


"It is with great joy and gratitude we now can celebrate the release of The World Drum from its captivity by the United State government... The unconditional release is, as far as we know of, historical. Never before have such a object been released unconditionally from the US Department if Fish & Wildlife and the US Department of Homeland Security.


This “victory” and celebration have become possible thanks to: Charlie Fife of Metis Nation – Canada and Amanda Morningstar Moore of Manataka American Indian Council – US, in cooperation with Maureen Angela Blanchard of the US Embassy in Canada together with Annie Prigge of Canada`s Department if Foreign and International Affairs, and several others involved.


We in The World Drum Project would like with much respect, to express our warm and grateful thanks to all those involved in the release of The World Drum, and especial Charlie Fife who have been most dedicated to this matter.

Also we would like to thank for all support from both participants around the world, as well as other people who have contacted us regarding this matter and who have been ready to take further action if needed.  

Also our thanks go to the US Department if Fish & Wildlife and the US Department of Homeland Security Officials whose realities would have never had the opportunity to be effected by The World Drum and its Sacred Mission, but who through this occurred situation got to know The World Drums' Sacred journey. 

Fortunately, with the understanding that love is our most powerful weapon, this matter have now been solved and The World Drum released. Knowing the way of our Creator sometimes can be difficult to understand, we also know that all happens for a reason. And what we see now is that the situation occurred all together have united and brought people together in the Spirit and the Mission of The World Drum. 

The World Drum will now be returned to Charlie Fife – Metis Nation in Canada untouched and with all objects and bundles attached. Knowing that attached objects and bundles may create several problems many places in the world in the future and one of the goals for The World Drum is to be in motion, we have decided to remove all objects from The World Drum.

These objects and bundles are sacred and will of that reason be treated as this. Removing these objects and bundles will be done during a sacred ceremony with Oshawa Metis Council. 

This will be done with the exception of the one feather attached to The World Drum on it`s birth and which is a part of The World Drum. A documentation of its origin and how it become in possession of the Sami-Medicine man (Sami is the Indigenous People of Norway) who made The World Drum will follow The World Drum`s further journey.  

APTN – Aboriginal Peoples Television Network caught interest of this matter and had decided to do a special report on The World Drum and it`s lates.t adventures. As it seems at this time it is possible that they will make a special report on the ceremony regarding removal of the sacred objects. After this ceremony The World Drum will be sent back to Manataka – American Indian Council in US, so that their organization can be able to carry out the planned ceremonies before The World Drum continues its journey to Europe.

Finally we would like to share some of the words from Charlie Fife of Metis Nation after he received the message that The World Drum would be released:



“The Gitchie Spirit Warriors

This is the story of The World Drum and the Eagle Feather and how they united to challenge two of the most powerful offices the world has ever known; The United States Department of Fish and Wildlife and the powerful Department of Homeland Security.

It is a win/win story of how the Eagle Feather used it`s power to raise the issue of The World Drum to an International status, and how The World Drum used it`s powers to raise awareness of the Plight of the Eagle Feather, both on a World stage. Like two of the greatest warriors, uniting to go into battle.

Like the story of the Eagle and the Condor, uniting to gather strength to speak with one voice for all of the America`s Indigenous Peoples on the world stage, the story of the Spirit of the Feather and the Spirit of The World Drum is also a great occasion that all mankind has a stake in.  We are ALL connected  ~Charlie Fife”



With these words we thank the Creator of all things, and look forward to the continuing journey of The World Drum. The beat of the drum is the beat of Mother Earth as it is the beat of all that dwell upon her.


The World Drum Project
Kyrre Gram Franck/Whitecougar – Birger Mikkelsen – Morten Wolf Storeide


“As The World Drum travels, the sound of it will get stronger each day,

It is the sound of heartbeat and life itself”



Upcoming Manataka World Drum Events:


According to Amanda Morning Star Moore the ceremonies for the World Drum will take place at the following locations and times:


07-24-08, the World Drum was offered up in prayer at the sacred Manataka Mountain.


07-25-08, members of Manataka's Women's Council gathered for a ceremony.


07-26-08, the Tackett land near Thousand Dripping Springs was blessed by the Elders of Manataka as the World Drum was presented.


07-27-08, residents of the Garland Towers in Hot Springs were given a ceremony.


08-08-08, the Drum will journey to the top of Queen Wilhelmina Mountain near Mena, AR for the Earth Keepers Ceremony. 


08-14-08, ceremonies will be conducted on the steps of Hot Springs City Hall and the Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock.


Other public and private events are scheduled throughout the time of its visit.  The World Drum will continue its journey to England on August 14.


If you would like to schedule time with the World Drum at Manataka, please contact:   Amanda Morning Star Moore.




WORLD DRUM - Purpose


The World Drum was created from a spiritual view point of life. The World Drum travels all around the world to participate in ceremonies designed to bring attention to the ecologically critical situation of our Earth. The vision of the World Drum is to bind people together across borders, distance, race, and religion in common struggle for the Earth. As the Drum travels from country to country, from land to land and from hand to hand, its heartbeat gets stronger, as healing energies are given and received by participants. All people are invited to contribute loving energy to the magnificent World Drum.



WORLD DRUM – History


‘The World Drum’ was crafted by Norwegian Sami Medicine Man and Drum Maker, Birger Mikkelsen after a vision from Kyrre Gram "White Cougar" Franck. The World Drum is made in "Sami" style.  It is, hand held, and approximately 18 inches in diameter. The hide covering and the beater are unusually beautiful.  The Sami people had two types of drums; The "runebomme" which had a map over the spirit world and was used for prophecies. The World Drum is noaidi (sami-shaman) style drum. The hide is reindeer and is colored with and old Norwegian/ Sami process.


The World Drum was consecrated in a ceremony in front of the Norwegian Parliament in October of 2006.  The Drum was part of the official celebration of the Sami national day in Gratangen, Norway.  Since the launching of ‘The World Drum Project’ the Drum has been in 18 countries. It is scheduled to arrive in Hot Springs, Arkansas from Canada and leaves Hot Springs for England.


‘The World Drum Project’ is operated without financial support. Civic groups, churches, and other organizations are encouraged to participate by hosting their own ‘World Drum’ event by contacting


A Message


“We are all human beings, all peoples—You, me, our neighbors. No matter where you live in this world, if it is in Africa or South America, if it is in Asia, Europe or the United States, we are all sisters and brothers in humanity. All people of the world, whether rich or poor, whatever color, religion or political thinking, we are all residents on this one planet, Mother Earth. To make Mother Earth and humanity smile again, we must unite as a universal one. We must put politics, religion, and envy away, together with our ego. Then each and every one of us will be able to go inside ourselves and find the universal force called love. When we find love towards ourselves we will be able to love what is around us, both people and nature. The time has come to stand together in one last universal battle. In this battle our only weapon is love. Love towards humanity. Love towards Mother Earth. Love towards our coming generations.”  ~ Morten Wolf Storeide, World Drum Project Coordinator


The World Drum is a wake up call for us to reinstate our spiritual relationship to Mother Earth. The World Drum aims to weave a thread throughout the world to  bind us together in a dynamic cooperation for a better world.



Journey of the World Drum

Around the World

Australia, Queensland

Belgium, Bollschweil
Canada, Thetis Island, BC
Canada, Victoria, BC

Canada, Langley

Canada, South River
Canada, Guelph

Canada, Alyelsford, Nova Scotia

Canada, Moose Factory, Ontario 

Denmark, Copenhagen

Denmark, Svendborg

England, Glastonbury

England, Bridgnorth
England, Oxforshire

England, Worthing

Finland, Helsinfors

France, Pluherlin

Germany, Munich

Iceland, Garðabær


Japan, Tokyo

New Zealand, Titirangi

Norway, Bergen
Norway, Gratangen

Norway, Oslo  Norwegian Parliament

Philippines, Quezon City
Scotland, Moray 

Sweden, Galstrom

Swedem. Skeleftea

Switzerland, Esslingen



United States

Alaska, Fairbanks

Arizona, Kingman

Arizona, Sedona

Arkansas, Eureka Springs

Arkansas, Hot Springs (Manataka)

California, Atherton

California, Burlingame

California, Landers, Rainbows End

California, Menlo Park, Oakland

California, Sonoma

California, Yuca Valley

Connecticut, Amston

Florida, Hollywood


Indiana, Michigan City

Iowa, Bettendorf

Kansas, Topeka

Maine, Yarmouth

Maryland, Hampstead

Michigan, Ann Arbor

Minnesota, Brooklun Park

Minnesota, Winona

Minnesota, Westland

Missouri, Indpendence

Missouri, Kansas City

Missouri, St. Louis

Montana, Wolf Creek

New Hampshire, Holderness

New Hampshire, Intervale

New Jersey, Indianan Mills

New York, Catskills Mountain

New York, Groton

New York, Long Island

Oklahoma, Tulsa

Ohio, Cleveland

Ohio, Holland

Ohio, New Marshfield

Ohio, Toledo

Oregon, Eugene

Oregon, Portland

Oregon, Tillamook

Tennessee, Nashville

Texas, Austin

Vermont, Worchester

Washington, Seattle

Wyoming, Jackson




Experiencing the World Drum





World Drum Project

Morten Wolf Storeide

Bakken, N-2220 Åbogen, Norway


Charlie Fife, Canadian World Drum Coordinator

Region 8 Councillor, Metis Nation, Ontario

(905) 737 7102

(416) 648 3759


Amanda Morningstar Moore, Arkansas World Drum Coordinator

Manataka American Indian Council

(501) 627-8185



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