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List of Communities Rejecting Fluoridation Grows Larger
The number of communities rejecting fluoridation continues to grow. On April 1, Quebec City in Canada terminated its fluoridation program after 36 years, thus joining the ranks of other major Canadian cities - such as Montreal and Vancouver - which do not fluoridate their water. Another major victory occurred on the Isle of Man in Europe when the Health Ministry announced on June 12th that it was abandoning its attempt to fluoridate water after a government survey showed the public opposed to the plan. Other communities recently rejecting fluoridation include Dryden, Ontario; Littleton, Massachusetts; and Yarmouth, Massachusetts. In Dryden, voters rejected a fluoridation proposal by a 7-to-1 margin!

City that Gave Birth to Fluoridation is Having Second Thoughts

In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first city to ever fluoridate its water.  Now, 63 years later, some city officials in this town are beginning to wonder whether they should join the growing tide of cities and towns rejecting fluoridation.

'the chemical widely credited with dramatically cutting cavities and promoting oral hygiene, is having its scientific credentials questioned in the city that literally swallowed it first... [T]he push here mirrors a spreading nationwide awareness and re-examination of the health impact of a wide variety of chemicals added to food, health-care products and water.'  ~Chicago Tribune 06-23-08

TAKE ACTION: Help Save Louisiana from Fluoridation Mandate!

While the victories above are encouraging, proponents of fluoridation continue their relentless push to, quite literally, shove fluoride down people's throats. Of particular concern are renewed attempts to pass mandatory fluoridation bills at the statewide level in the US. Sadly, in April, the legislature in Nebraska (with virtually no public input) passed one of these bills, thereby requiring every town with at least 1,000 residents to fluoridate their water. A similar bill has also just been quietly fast-tracked through the Louisiana legislature. We still have a chance, however, to prevent this tragedy from happening. FAN has set up an ONLINE message to Governor Jindal, urging him to veto the bill. Please take a moment to send this message today, and please ask your friends and family to do the same.

6) NEW FLYER: 1,700+ Health Professionals Call for End to Fluoridation

The Fluoride Action Network continues its ongoing effort to solicit the support of professionals from the medical, scientific, and environmental communities. Over the past year, over 1,750 professionals -- including a Nobel Prize Laureate in Medicine, 3 panelists who wrote the groundbreaking National Research Council review 'Fluoride in Drinking Water,' 3 scientists from the Environmental Protection Agency's Headquarters Union, and hundreds of doctors, dentists, and researchers -- have signed FAN's Professionals' Statement Calling for an End to Water Fluoridation. To help raise more awareness about this movement, and to help get additional signers, FAN has released a professional quality flyer containing the text of the full Statement. The flyer should prove a useful tool to enable local groups to demonstrate that there are solid science-based arguments against fluoridation.

If you know of any professionals who might add their name to this list, please refer them to the online sign-up form at:



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