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By Waynonaha Two Worlds

Manataka Correspondent



I Touch The Earth

Today I reach out and touch the sweet Earth I feel her under my feed soft and giving. She is my Mother my provider of all things I need here to live in peace.

My fingers comb her hair the rich sweet smell of the grasses and plants stay on my hands. I taste her fruit and the plants she provides for our healing, and give thanks again to the Creator for my life. Love flows in the veins of her body with the clear water that nourishes our souls and spirits. There is nothing on or in this Earth that was not created in Love.

The other day as I watered my lawn and flowers I had a neighbor ask if it was going to rain as predicted. I said,  "no it is not going to rain here on this land." I told her to look at the spider webs on the ground, that were not there yesterday. If you see the tent spiders build webs on the grass then there will be no rain. The spiders  would not stay up all night weaving the webs if they did not know it was going to be clear of rain.

I noticed the golden rod is in bloom....the elders here say that when you
see the first rod in bloom, it's six more weeks till the first frost.... I sure hope not it has hardly been summer here yet. 


Our gardens need more time to grow and bare fruit. I am thinking of making more canned things this year if I can manage too. Freeze less can more my intuition is telling me.

I dread the winter months alone in this area.  The snow is going to be deep, I see the paper nest hornets are higher in the trees this year. This is my marker for the depth of snow that will come, the lower the nests the less the snow. The higher the hornets build the nests the deeper the snow.

I watched the deer feeding frantically, on green grapes,  their coats are deeper in color this season.  The bear are already raiding for food in the garbage dumps and orchards. The poor crops of fruit due to that last year October storm have set the market at a higher cost for these products.

The farmers here are hit hard with no water so they just plow the crops under and try and get in something before fall. The loss of corn crops will make meat and all that is connected to corn production costly.

I, like the old bear I am, will simply hole up and pull my winter blanket around me and sleep for the winter. My old bones predict an early winter and a long and cold one.

Being aware of all that is happening is the best one can do in these times. Conserve the power,  and food, respect Mother Earth in her lean times as well as in her plentiful times.

The geese on the lake and the other birds have not started to take the new ones out flying. When you see then fly in flocks you know they are getting ready to migrate. Watch for flocks of birds flying in mass formation, have you ever wondered why they do this only in the fall. They are teaching the new ones to fly in formation without having a mid air collision.  This is basic flight maneuvers just as we instruct air plane pilots to fly in formation,  so do the birds.

A goose would never know how to fly in the chevron if they were not instructed in this skill. Most of the things birds know are intuitive or passed down from generation to generation. The life expectancy of a goose is 50 years give or take a few. They mate for life and will never leave a fallen member of the flock. If one is injured or dies then there are two who will stay with the injured of dead bird for two or three days. If it does not regain the ability to fly and dies,  then the ones who have held the vigil leave and rejoin the migrating flock.

Look at nature she is your teacher; the animals, birds the insects and all the plant nation will let you know all you need to know to live here. The water and all that live in that vast body of fluid, are also our teachers. We as humans tend to forget that we do not own the Earth we are only visitors here. Perhaps we have become so dependant on things that are man made,  we have little or no real connection to the Earth Mother.  We have forgotten to feel her under our feet, and remember that we are all but hollow reeds that connect from the Great Mystery and the Creator,  to the
Mother Earth.  Walk with respect for all that live here and all the beauty we have been given.


Remember if you have known love in your life you have been blessed.


Love Waynonaha




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