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World, Acoustic, Rock & Folk

Original, instrumental World Music: an energizing and uplifting fusion of Acoustic, African, Celtic, and American Rock & Folk featuring 12-string guitar, E-Bow, bass, woodwinds, harmonica, drums, and percussion.


The Forefathers...

The Forefathers are an instrumental ensemble based in Orlando, Florida, performing original World Music Fusion.  Formed in early 2005, the band blends various genres such as World, Acoustic, Celtic, New Age, Afro-Beat, and Rock into an energizing and uplifting sound.


The Forefathers have performed many well-received live shows such as the Florida Folk Festival, Taste of the Nation Gala, International New Age Trade Show, Orlando Fringe Festival, the Orlando Science Center, various art festivals, clubs, convention shows, & private parties.  The band is receiving airplay for tracks from their self-titled debut CD "The Forefathers" (released in 2006) and from their current CD "Manataka."  Songs are also being promoted to film and multimedia projects.


The Forefathers released their 2nd CD, "Manataka," in July 2007.  The tracks "Mountain Rose", "Manataka", "Silhouettes", and "Awake" have appeared on National Public Radio's popular Echoes program hosted by John Diliberto.  "Mountain Rose" has also been selected for the CD compilation "Tribute to Stuart Adamson" (late singer/guitarist of Big Country) due for release in 2008.


The Manataka CD, is comprised of 12 new tracks of The Forefathers unique sound. A multimedia, conceptual show based upon the new music is being planned that will include dancers, artists, and others to bring to life the new CD`s message of peace. The track `Mountain Rose` has already been selected for the CD compilation `Tribute to Stuart Adamson` (late singer/guitarist of Big Country).


The story behind the new CD "Manataka" is this:  Hot Springs National Park is known to most people as a place of recreation.  To Native Americans, this region was, and continues to be, a mystical and sacred ground known as Manataka.  For thousands of years, Native peoples would pilgrimage to Manataka at regular intervals to celebrate peace.  Even nations at war with each other would put aside their disputes to meet at Manataka.  The music on this CD is inspired by the themes of Manataka: peace, healing, respect for our natural world, and a harmonious bond between all peoples of Earth.



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What's being said about "Manataka":

Connections Magazine, Feb. 2008

"(5 stars) ~ The Forefathers is a band that is hard to put in a particular category - the closest I can think of would be world music.  To help put into perspective, the liner notes refer to the album's title, Manataka, as a mystical and sacred ground where Native peoples would pilgrimage to celebrate peace.  With that out of the way, this 12-song CD is a pleasure to listen to.  It's all instrumental and very percussive with instruments like a flute, penny whistle, mandolin, and lots of chants throughout.  Manataka is a vast array of professional musicianship and belongs in any world music fan's collection."


Velocity Magazine, May/June 2008

"The Forefathers - A Global Fusion Treasure! We've got 'acres of diamonds' right in our Orlando backyard!  The Forefathers are, in a word, awesome!  The Forefathers "Manataka" CD has become a gift for me.  In the long hours of laying out this magazine, I play Manataka and can't help but remark to myself how superb and richly textured this album is.  Its global essence is obvious and will stir your soul...The chemistry shows up in a full-bodied, different kind of sound that's mature, but hip.  I played a couple selections for a large group of people and they were all on their feet in no time...What a beautiful tribute this album is to the Place of Peace.  Manataka resurrects the vision and the incredible zeal our hearts all hold for peace all over the world...I can't wait to meet up with these four guys in person to hear the Forefathers live!  Someday we'll be saying, "We know them when!"-


Heritage News, Sept, 2007  "If you love good music (and who does nott?) there is a new CD out by our own Dr. Rich Marcil...Rich performs with his group "TheForefathers"...The CD has 12 brand-new tracks that are just wonderful."


John Diliberto, host of "Echoes", National Public Radio

"Love the new album.  Expect to hear it on the show starting next week."


Benoit Glazer, band leader for Cirque du Soleil's La Nouba

"A unique sound" -












Manataka - The music...



Manataka (Place of Peace) ~ Silhouettes ~ Return of The Ancients ~ Mountain Rose ~ The Amazon ~ Red ~ Awake ~ Fanga ~ Warriors & Doves ~ Need More Love ~ Worlds Collide ~ Peace Dance



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forefathers contact info:


Band Members:

Arturo Escamilla    drums, percussion, & electronic pad

Ross Jarrett    percussion & harmonica 

Rich Marcil    12-string guitar, E-Bow, & mandolin

Thuan Nguyen    bass guitar


Rich Marcil
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