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The Bear's instructions for good health are simple.  If you follow the following two points of advice and most common ailments will become a thing of the past.  How much is that worth to you?  

According to the Labor Department, the United States economy loses an average of  3.6 billion dollars a year in lost productivity as a result of common ailments such as colds, flu and inflections.  The average worker loses over 12.4 earning days per year at cost of $1,317.68 to the family budget.  The average child loses an average of 11.2 days of school each year.   Most of the time an adult must care for the sick child.  

Add these losses to the huge expense of doctor fees, prescription and over-the counter medicines, and you have a big strain on the family budget.   Feeling sick and lousy at the most inconvenient times is not only hard on the wallet, it also places a strain on the community, friends and family. 

Are you ready to change all this?   You can feel great and become more productive with Bear's simple(?) advice:

1.    Throw out everything in your kitchen that is made by man

If it comes in a box, can or package - throw in the garbage can or give it to your worst enemy.  Nearly all these things are made with harmful or unhealthy man-made chemicals.   

We Eat 'Dead' Food

Everything on the grocery store shelf is edible and nutritious according to the Food & Drug Administration. Some are even palatable and some are good for you.  But rather than fighting the daily battle trying to figure out which ones are good or bad, simply thrown them all out.  Your grocery budget will drop by 70% overnight.   

According to some estimates, 71% of the cost of processed food is consumed by expensive advertising and fancy packaging.    You cannot eat either one. Therefore, nearly three-quarters of your food budget is spent for non-food items.

In the early 1960's, the FDA approved about 300 chemicals that could be mixed into food.  Today, the FDA approves over 5,000 chemicals for consumption.  These substances are "dead" and do not carry any life force. 

Cancer and a plethora of other serious ailments enter the body in the form of FDA approved food.  If it comes in a box, can or package, do not buy it. 

2.    Eat only what Mother Earth provides

You are what you eat.  You are made from the Earth.  The Mother wishes for you to be in harmony with her.  If you eat what man sells you in a box, package or can, you are not in harmony because of the harmful chemicals.  Non-processed fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, beans, grains and other natural foods carry  a "life force" within them.  The living cell within the fresh plant provides not only valuable nutrients, but electromagnetic energy that excites cells in your body.   

Our general rule is, food made by or processed by man is not good for you.  Modern food processing is not the technological blessing we are led to believe.   Most people would be appalled and sickened if they were to take a tour of most modern food processing plants today.

What about vitamins in processed food?

Don't fall for the phony television advertising and the fancy words on packages that say "Vitamin C added" or "Vitamin Enriched".  Yes, there is a substance included that food barons call vitamins, but in reality the substance is a chemical look-alike.   These chemicals do not contain 'life force' energy - they are dead plastic look-alikes.


Do you know that margarine is 1 molecule away from being plastic?


Do not eat white processed foods, like sugar, table salt and flour

Do not eat anything made with these substances.   We call them substances because they arrive at your dining table in altered states due to heavy processing.  Most of these products are bleached and contain little if any nutritional value.  In fact, they breed diseases, reduce the effectiveness of your immune system, and add unwanted empty elements to your diet.

Your body needs salt, so replace table salt with sea salt or Celtic salt.  It is a bit more expensive but the benefits are tremendous when compared to table salt and you will use a lot less sea salt than table salt.   The manufacturers of table salt remove a very important element during processing.   Magnesium is vital to the body's production of natural calcium.   The table salt guys remove it to sell to ammunition plants at a much higher price than they can get from the consumer.

Replace white flour with unbleached wheat or corn flour.   Read the labels closely.  If the wheat or corn flour has additives to increase shelf life, give the processors a chance to see how long it can stay on the shelf - do not buy it.   

Replace processed sugar with honey, sorghum, molasses or pure cane sugar.  Honey should not be given to children under one year of age.   Do not purchase items made with sugar - period.   Again, read the label.       

Trading good nutrition for fast food

The multi-billion dollar food packaging industry, including fast food restaurants are not interested in providing good nutrition - they are interested in providing look-good, smell-good, taste-good edible products that sell.  Pretty packages, colorful stores, soothing music all designed to get your money fast.  For example, McDonald's restaurant chain buys beef from South America where they use hormones on cattle and pesticides on feed plants.  Why?  Money.  It is cheaper to buy beef from South American than buy from U.S. cattlemen. 

This advice may seem to be an unjustified attack on the modern food industry because many good nutritional products are available.   But, in today's sell, sell, sell world,  can you really be sure of what you buy is actually good for you?


Giant corporate food marketers have now stolen the term "organic" and turned into a lie.  After petitioning the FDA to amend the strict definition of the word "organic", these money grabbers quickly changed packages toting the word organic and increased the price because they know people are willing to pay a price for purity.  Remember the term 'natural ingredients' on the package does not mean 'organic'.  

Saving Time is Losing Time

Our approach is a departure from modern thinking and requires some sacrifices.  For example, food gathering and preparation time will increase and thus it is more inconvenient than zapping a quick dinner in the microwave.   

Modern thinking says, "If it is easy, it must be better."   Preparing tasty and nutritionally sound meals using raw vegetables, fruits, grains and nuts is not as time consuming as the food packaging industry would have you believe.   What good is it if we save 20 minutes preparing a meal and lose 20 years over a lifetime to sickness and early death?   

In order to reverse this harmful trend, a radical change in our lifestyle is required.    Family gardens need not be a thing of the past.  Buying fresh fruits, vegetables from local growers is not impossible.    Remember to wash all raw foods several times before eating them. Many farmers still have not  learned  ways to control insects without using dangerous pesticides.

Eat only what Mother Earth provides and you will live a healthier, more productive and happier life.