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Citizens Uniting Against Fluoride
Large-scale lawsuit seeks to ban chemical poisoning of water supply

By Chelsea Schilling,  2008 WorldNetDaily





A group of private citizens in San Diego County is planning to file a large-scale lawsuit in federal court against public water districts and challenge the constitutionality of using industrial-grade hydrofluosilicic acid to fluoridate drinking water.


Jeff Green, national director of Citizens for Safe Drinking Water in San Diego, told WND, "We are raising funds for a lawsuit that has been prepared for plaintiffs who are asserting their constitutional rights under the Ninth and 14th Amendments to be free of what they term 'bodily intrusions' by a water wholesaler adding an unapproved drug into their water."


Specific details about the lawsuit such as names of plaintiffs will not be revealed until the suit has officially been filed. However, Green said the filing parties are private citizens in Southern California who are seeking an injunction against public water districts to stop use of unapproved drugs in the area drinking supply.

"They are individuals who will be claiming that they shouldn't be taking an unapproved drug because they already have adverse effects happening," he said.


"They already have things like kidney disease, thyroid disease and other health issues that make it important for them to have the right to control what they are exposed to."


As WND previously reported, there is growing and fierce opposition to plans to fluoridate public drinking water after shocking new studies that seriously question a practice routine among U.S. municipalities for nearly the last 50 years. Green said many citizens are usually unaware of how dangerous the chemical can actually be.

"Most people think that fluoride is what you have in your toothpaste or water, but they are unaware of the fact that Prozac and Zoloft are fluoride products," Green said. "Almost all psychotropic drugs are fluoride products.


"Baycol, the drug that was pulled off the market because of muscle degeneration, is a fluoride product," he continued. "Cipro, the product they were going to use for the Anthrax vaccine, was a fluoride product. In Fen-Phen, the diet drug that got pulled of the market, the fluoride in it is what created the thickening of the heart valve. Rohypnol, the date-rape drug, is a fluoride product. If someone goes into surgery, and they use anesthesia gas, they would be using fluorothane or halothane or one of these other fluoride products."


Contrary to popular belief, Green said medical and scientific research indicates water fluoridation does not prevent tooth decay and that U.S. water districts have asked chemical suppliers to make statements that fluoride is effective at doing so.

"There's not one chemical supplier in the entire United States that will make that statement," he said.


He hopes the lawsuit will send a message to chemical suppliers and water districts across the nation that citizens will not tolerate general poisoning of their water supply with fluoride or a variety of other contaminants.


"It's not OK for them to come out and say it's the greatest thing in the world, and then we find hazardous waste that has arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury in it," Green said. "Where did they get the ability to add these toxins? There wasn't anything people voted for, anywhere, that said it was a reasonable implementation of public policy of fluoridation to add arsenic. The levels that are allowable would allow as much as one in every 3,000 people to have lung or bladder cancer over a lifetime of use."


Green said donations to support the lawsuit are being made to Keepers of the Well, an organization committed to promoting safe drinking water. The plaintiffs expect to file soon and assert their rights to protect themselves from poisoning.

"In essence, we're saying that these water districts may have made a determination that they want to fluoridate; that's public policy, but when it comes down to implementing it and actually pushing a substance that has never been approved by the FDA, they are actually treating people and intending to prevent disease with an unapproved drug."


Submitted by:

Crystal Harvey, MAIC Correspondent

Fluoride Action Network