Manataka American Indian Council






Spirituality cannot be taught

by  Magdala Rameriz, Maya Priestess 




Spirituality cannot be taught.  It can only be experienced. As the mother has been showing, what we can do is to create the environment where people can grow and re-discover themselves in a powerful manner.


It is to point the direction where people can find their questions and answers, in the place where the cause and effect takes place at the same time.


For human being needs to reach themselves.


The inner worlds that resides in the virtual reality is being unfold and uncover for the many, for the new perception has been achieve in  the authentic humans.


The feminine, the virtual reality, is unfolding as a lotus flower! All over the world, she has became a bridge of many worlds.


People are ready to reach themselves.  People are understanding their experiences in the spirit, as well as a new perspective of spirituality has been born.


A perception that is guiding the people to recognize themselves as they have always been, the sons and daughters of the Great Spirit, for unity cannot be imposed, it can only be embraced in the heart of all humans, in the heart of all creation.


There is so much to uncover, so much to embrace, so much to love!  We have work to do!


We take care of this beautiful land, at the place where the water comes out from the womb.  It is a beautiful hidden place, a place where the temple of union of polarities have been re-built.  There was no path here, we created one.  We built it as we could, it is where the round and square fits in the right place.


I do want to create the place where people can experience themselves, but I need help.  I want to create a mirror room, but I cannot do it alone.  We need a yurt or a place where people can stay and we need a water ceremony inside the pyramid.  I want to create little temples  where people can find themselves, places for ceremonies.


I donít know how to do all this, so we welcome advisers.  Let us know if you wish to help.


In lakesh,  Magdala