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About One Nation Walking Together


What is One Nation Walking Together?

One Nation Walking Together is a non-profit charitable organization organization committed to making a positive difference in the lives of Native Americans.


How does One Nation Help?  

Through generous community support, One Nation has sent hundreds of trucks loaded  with food, furniture, hygiene, clothing, medical and education supplies to the neediest communities in the United States.


On Going Programs & Activities



The focus is on giving children the basic tools needed for a better school experience. 


Used equipment from schools, libraries and the community is donated and distributed where needed including books, tables, recycled office supplies, backpacks filled with school supplies all make for a better learning environment.


Empty Basket Program

Poor diet choices among Native Americans contribute to such deadly illnesses as diabetes, kidney failure, and tuberculosis.


Tens-of-thousands of pounds of food items are distributed through our warehouse.  Donated canned and boxes goods, as well as frozen meats, fruits and vegetable are sent to the poorest communities for distribution.



Small privately funded clinics hand little or no budget for updated equipment and supplies.  The infant mortality rate is three times higher than the national average, and diabetes, tuberculosis, high blood pressure and respiratory diseases are at epidemic proportions.


We collect and distribute new and unopened health products donated by hospitals, medical supply houses and individuals.


Building Supplies

Sub-standard housing exists due to little resources, skills, limited monies to repair tribal owned homes, schools and community buildings.

Individuals, retail stores and builders donate materials that help refurbish housing in need of repair.  We send teams of workers with tools to upgrade and repair existing homes.


Family Services

Unmet basic needs and mismanaged communities contribute to poverty, the shortest life expectancy, and the lowest per capita income ($4,500) in America.

Beds, hygiene, refrigerators and washers, furniture, appliances, linens and house wares are among the most requested items.


Who receives the goods that One Nation sends to the communities?

One Nation volunteers work with community leaders to ensure the goods are distributed where the need is the greatest.  This includes individuals, senior housing, social service agencies, food banks, schools, and clinics.



Mission Statement

One Nation Walking Together is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of American Indians. We rehabilitate communities by improving shelter and providing medical aid, educational programs, and food supplies through programs crossing cultural barriers while respecting individual differences. One Nation Walking Together promotes public awareness of the plight and aspirations of American Indians.


Who supports One Nation?

In a word, YOU!  Financial contributions and donated goods are received from individuals, businesses, clubs, and organization.  Many churches and schools provide gifts and elder boxes for holiday giving.  Individuals and service organizations volunteer to help sort goods and load trucks.  Others work toward community awareness and fundraising events.




One Nation Walking Together

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