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Changing Vibrations

by  Magdala, Maya Priestess 






In the journey of being human, people encounter in the space of time many ways to perceive their reality.  The mother has changed and will continue to change her vibration and the adaptation of all the life forms are taking place.  It is a renewal of ones perception of self.


It is indeed, challenging times for the many, the battle inside of the self has become strong in the world of oneness.  Unresolved issues as well as the wrong beliefs are popping out and human being are ready to use the old force as an stepping stone to jump into the new world.  Trusting and hoping and of course the most important to believe in the self.


Inside of the true human resides a force that recognizes this time and allows this force to take place in your being.  Inside, you know that you have all the assistance that you need.  Recognition of this means that you are already passing through it. 


You have access to these codes because it is in your DNA.  It is part of your original vibration.  The way to access to those codes starts with believing in yourself.  The codes are there for every human being to perceive reality. Just trust yourself.


Now is the time when you put yourself together to receive the changing vibrations. This is the time to stop the battle inside and make the sacred dance with the mother.  You already know the ground on which you stand is sacred.


Think of yourself as a connector, as a connection in the world of oneness. Observe the connection in everything around you.  Divine order is taking place.  Observe the and feel the connection that is inside of you and many worlds will be revealed to you.


I was so excited about Chaco Canyon seminar that took place in late July.  I was so happy to see so many of you in the sacred place where the ceremony took place.

We had a temazcal ceremony as a preparation for the journey. 


[From pre-Hispanic heritage, Mexicans have recovered a ritual ceremony that was celebrated among indigenous cultures as a therapeutic cleansing. The word temazcal comes from the Nahuatl word temazcalli ("house of heat").  Volcanic rock is heated until red-hot and is placed in the center of an round construction, where the group reunites. After the initial ceremony, the conch shell is sounded, signaling the beginning of the temazcal bath. The group gets comfortable inside the temazcal and the stones are called for. The door is closed, sealing off all light and sealing in the heat. Herbs are thrown on the stones to create a curative vapor, heating the temazcal to even higher temperatures. The body may reach a temperature of 104F (40 C) during the temazcal.]


In lakesh,  I am you,  Tlatzocomate






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