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The Holy City

by  Magdala, Maya Priestess 


I am back into the place where the waters comes out from the womb, and all is blooming.


I want to tell you the story about the new world that has been born, a new world that have been awaken in the ceremony of returning  of Kukulcan, in Chichen Itza, the Holy City


Long was the path to find the day of fulfillment, for all has been completed.  if you are interested in the long story in how we get into the holy city let me know.


The sun have been rising, and we the people of the earth is welcoming the new sun inside of the self, for the night has brought the new sun for us, for the new beginning have brought the new men and the new women into being.


It happens that the day of the Holy City, in the day of fulfillment, people were ready, the heart was blooming, so it was possible for the great work came true, for love was everywhere.


For long time people wait in the big Explanada with the sun up, for hours, I heard voices explaining to the children all is worth the sacrifice, and the teachings for the children were everywhere.


The whole family was there, for all elders and children were waiting for the miracle of returning of Kukulacan,  many people, around 50 thousand people, just waiting.


I saw the man surrender himself with flowers, and the women embracing sacredness, the abuelas embracing the ceremony, and hearts so open and full of hope and joy.  I saw the soldiers around not allowing ceremony or even the spirit to take place, and yet, the spirit was so ready that people were making ceremony and  the emergence of the being human can not be stop.


The stones were speaking and singing while humans were clapping them.


Finally the Time of the Arriving came into being, the return of Kukulcan was complete in the Holy City.  At the moment Kukulcan touched Mother Earth, a big beautiful rainbow came announcing that the new world has arrived.


Love was everywhere.  People began to embrace and hold hands.  The Explanada was not big enough for all the people holding hands.  Sons and daughters of the Great Mother began to bloom for the knowledge of the multi-universe and the cosmic consciousness was awakened.


The people began to sing new songs.  The new humanity was singing the song of love.


It was soooo soo  beautiful!


I have said what I could say for now.  Let me know what it is in your heart.


I am You




May 3, 2008  10 a.m. 3 p.m.


2637 Ira Road, Akron, Ohio 

$100 donation please call if you need a scholarship


June 14 - June 21, 2008

Moon Dance -- Solstice Ceremony

Welcome beautiful men and women to ceremony

Hosts: Magdala Rameriz and Mario Conroy

Place: Temple of Where the Waters Came Out

            Near Harrison, Arkansas