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No New Nukes

Indigenous Leaders, Citizens and Scientists Agree. 

U.S. Plans More Nuclear Weapons on Shoshone Land


(Newe Sogobe (Lee), Nevada)  With gold prices soaring  sky-high and the general public watching Presidential candidate antics, there’s  more than just gold rush fever threatening the air and water  out West.  


A proposal by the U.S. Department of Energy to  increase nuclear  weapons development at the Nevada Test Site.  First  announced in 2006 as “Complex 2030”, the new plan is called “Complex Transformation” and includes details on the proposal to upgrade the entire U.S. nuclear weapons complex and  recreate the infrastructure to research, develop, and manufacture new nuclear  weapons.  


The Nevada Test Site is named as one of the  plan’s key locations.  The Test Site is located within the Treaty-recognized territory of Western Shoshone lands and has long been  protested by Western Shoshone and their supporters.  

This newest proposal by the United States’  government puts it once again in direct violation of a recently confirmed  decision by the United Nations
Committee on the Elimination of Racial  Discrimination (CERD). 


In its decision, made public March 10, 2006, and  confirmed again last month, the CERD Committee urged the United States to  “freeze”, “desist” and “stop” actions being taken, or threatened to be taken,  against the Western Shoshone Peoples of the Western Shoshone Nation. In its  decision, CERD stressedthe “nature and urgency”of the Shoshone situation  informing the U.S. that it goes “well beyond” the normal reporting process and  warrants immediate attention.


The CERD decision explicitly cited ongoing weapons  testing at the Nevada Test Site.

“The U.S. has never shown how it got title  to our land in the first place. 
We have never agreed to this.  To us,  there is no transformation here– this
is just a continued extermination of life–  nothing complex about that.  The
land, air and water have suffered enough  abuse already.

We need to start cleaning things up.  What is being  done to our people
doesn’t just affect us – it affects everyone and all  life.”  Stated Western Shoshone grandmother Carrie Dann as she returned  from a recent indigenous convening in Chiapas, Mexico, where she and other  indigenous elders and leaders met to discuss traditional teachings about climate  change, environmental destruction and solutions for the future.  These discussions will continue at the upcoming Protecting Mother 

Earth gathering July 17-20th in Lee, Nevada.


See Indigenous Environmental Network website


http://www.ienearth.www (

Western Shoshone leader and 2008 delegate  to the UN CERD session in Geneva, Larson Bill commented:  “By their own  actions, like this new proposal, the U.S. is losing all of its credibility in  the world community.  Everything good  that is out there they want to use  for bad purposes.  The materials in these  proposed weapons – they came from  the earth where they had a purpose.  The  companies and military dig them up  and nothing good comes out of it.  The world doesn’t need this, it’s got  enough problems already.”

The Western  Shoshone are not alone in opposing the government’s most recent plan. 


The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) issued a letter to the Department of Energy last month supporting Western Shoshone Treaty rights  and raising environmental and political concerns to the DOE.  Likewise, the Union of  Concerned Scientists (UCS) is calling on the public to send in comments and has stated publicly that it believes the push for new  nuclear weapons could lead to a resumption of U.S. nuclear testing, which would  lead to nuclear testing by other nations.  See Union of Concerned Scientist site
for additional  information.

According to one recent UCS  release:  “A thorough re-evaluation would 
conclude that it is in the interest of the United States to pursue a world free  of nuclear weapons. The DOE should focus on maintaining a safe, secure, and credible nuclear deterrent while supporting efforts to eliminate these weapons globally, and on dismantling warheads and safely securing weapons-grade materials. The United States should NOT pursue new nuclear weapons.”

“The position of those seeking social and environmental justice in Nevada is perfectly clear,” agreed Launce Rake, a spokesman with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada in Las Vegas.

“International law, respect for our environment and common sense all suggest the same thing. We need to stop pouring money into the  hands of the defense  contractors and do what’s right for the Nevada Test Site: Shut it down and clean it up.” 

Individuals and organizations are strongly encouraged to submit comments on
the  Complex Transformation SPEIS.  Send comments via U.S. mail to:

Mr. Theodore Wyka
Complex Transformation SPEIS Document  Manager
Office of Transformation, NA-10.1
U.S. Department of  Energy/NNSA
1000 Independence Avenue, SW, 
Washington, D.C. 20585
Western  Shoshone Defense Project 
So-Ho-Bi (South Fork)  office:
775-744-2565  (fax and  phone)
P.O.  Box  211308
Crescent  Valley, NV  89821

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