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A Spiritual Revolution

 By Carol Perez Petersen

 Manataka Correspondent


"Love is not love if it can be turned to hate. Real relationship is not affected by one person’s agreeing or disagreeing with another. It is a space beyond likes and dislikes, beyond good and bad, where everything is reconciled and seen in a new light.” --Tara Singh  



There is an emergence quality we cannot understand. There is a current of instability.  Compensations for weakness and wounding have gone on for too long.  It creates emotional distance and a lack of commitment. Not everyone is telling the truth nor keeping their word.   Volatile emotions and strong feelings are coming to a boiling point. They are hard to contain because we lack discipline. The situations we are in may seem powerful and dominating.  The coming world will not be the same one we used to know. All over the world traditions are being jolted.  It has been difficult to move forward with so few positive examples of spiritual leadership.  


A pattern of abusive behavior perpetuates in society in all social dimensions spiritual, religious, political, and communal.  The path of the wounded healer is steep. We are accountable to the mental images we hold against the other.  We are accountable for the emotional feelings we have upon ourselves. 


The path of a rainbow warrior must transcend personal defense. Through humility comes understanding. The real seeker of truth never seeks truth. Instead we must do our best to clean ourselves of all that is untrue, inauthentic and insincere.  We are entering the season of the Sundance.  When our heart is purified, the white fire of compassion comes and consumes ignorance. The seeker of truth must pass through seven gateways.  Only then will this rarified state emulate beyond personal boundaries.


The consciousness of humanity is in a state of high complexity and creativity.  It is the   dream time when all is possible and the impossible can be attained. There are many strange combinations of energies meeting one another for the first time.  It is a time for oppositions to become in harmony with one another. We are entering an atmosphere of transparency.  A commitment is required of the individual. The challenge has been to become in contact with your essential self. The revolution begins one person at a time.  One on one, heart with soul, you are poised for the divine, one moment at a time. 


The practice of the Ancient Way is to speak the names of family members and teachers in ceremony. Through acknowledging the native root origins of my mother and father I began the quest to understand my soul’s divine purpose. At the threshold of independence is the gatekeeper. Each gateway bears afflictions, emotional obstacles, and circumstantial adversities.


The first gate is Mother; primal, the most important person in your life.  She personifies Earth Mother. Humanity’s relationship with the earth is reflected in the weather.  Keep mother in your heart.  Learn to forgive.  She gave you life. The second gate is Father. Keep father in your heart. Learn to forgive.  He gave you breath.  The third gateway is family. Keep family in your heart. Learn to forgive. They give you freedom.  The psychological wounding of mother, father and family must be embraced to be healed. For the soul awakens with the advancement of each gateway. The pathway has many hardships. In the process humans transformed themselves into beacons of light. I carry the heart of the Earth in my heart. I carry the heart of the Heavens in my heart. I carry the heart of humanity in my heart.


Those whose customs and traditions of an Ancient Age face challenges that are negative.


Act on what you have learned and do not be afraid of the dark times to come. There is a real need to let a crisis occur so that evolution is possible. Crisis enables introspection, reflection, and insight. Through crisis we are able to achieve spiritual understanding and compassion for oneself.  Spiritual leadership begins with you.  A wave of happiness is gaining momentum.


This is a time of accelerated education.  In order to accumulate knowledge you must take a chance and grow. Turn what you have learned upside down and inside out. Persistence, dedication and commitment are required from each of us to better understand the influx of change. The experience of grace comes on its own timing.  You just have to be prepared. The indwelling wisdom is sublime humor.  Truth sets concepts free, truth makes you laugh sometimes cry for tenderness. The bird songs are my healers and teachers. Transparency is heralding the end of separation.   


There is potential here for waking up and remembering through the creative blending of the intuitive of both the Ancient, the present time and New Ages of all cultures. I have found the resolve to the competition; aggression and grief in a bird song. Keep your heart open to the spiritual of the situation. The Ancient is of Faith, the Present is of Hope and the New is of Charity (Agape). Their mother is Sophia (wisdom). Venture into the unknown wisely ask questions regarding protocol. The outcome is beyond words. There is to be an important meeting. A relationship is developing. The energy is positive; there are good feelings in the air. “To thy divine soul be true and free.”



With gratitude

Carol Perez Petersen, Blue Monarch

Rainbow Medicine Blanket, Deer Nation 



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