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Help Your Pet Live a Lighter, Healthier Life


A Weighty Problem

Natural Ways to Prevent Weight-related Diseases in Your Pets

The continuing trend in the upward weight spiral isnít restricted to the human population anymore. While we recently reported that more than 60 percent of men and women are overweight or obese in this country alone, studies also indicate that that canine obesity is certainly a significant problem in the United States.


Studies indicate that a staggering 40 percent of domesticated canines in the United States are considered overweight, a term applied when a dog is anywhere from 5 to 20 percent over the ideal body weight for its size and breed.


Excessive weight and obesity in dogs pose significant health threats, as well as affect their quality of life on a day-to-day basis. When a pet is overweight, they have to exert more energy just to move around.


Overweight pets become sluggish, and often tend not to get the amount of exercise necessary for them to stay healthy. It also detracts from their ability to play and enjoy the outdoors, which in most cases, dogs practically live for!

But beyond simply slowing your pet down, excessive weight can drastically increase their chances for developing more serious diseases. Arthritis is very common in obese dogs, as the added weight and pressure on their joints causes them to wear out more quickly. Dogs may even lose a range of motion, causing joints not to function properly, which can also lead to arthritis.


In addition to arthritis, excessive weight in dogs has also been linked to heart and liver disease, respiratory conditions and even cancer. Once pet owners are aware of the devastating potential of obesity, it isnít surprising that they are willing to try anything, including prescription medications, to fix the problem.


However, this raises an important question - Are prescription drugs really the best option for treating your overweight dog? Many of the drugs prescribed to animals, such as steroids and corticosteroids for example, can result in very serious side effects despite their short-term benefits.


You can avoid the potentially harmful side effects by treating your dogís weight problems naturally. With so many natural alternatives available, there really isnít a need to use prescription medications to treat a problem that can be helped with simply a little diet, increased exercise and herbal remedies!


Dr. Marcella Ridgway, a notable veterinarian at the University of Illinois, reveals that in the majority of cases the reason pets become overweight is because owners do not spend enough time ensuring that they are eating and exercising correctly. ďThe thing about dogs and cats,Ē she explains, ďis that they don't make a conscious choice to overeat --people choose this for them; we control the food. Therefore, it's easier for them to stop if we give them something else to enjoy."


By carefully monitoring the amount and quality of food your dogs are fed, and making sure they have ample time outside to exercise, you can prevent weight and actually encourage weight loss.


Natural remedies can also be a wonderful supplement to your dogís diet and exercise regime, and can help your pet lose those extra pounds. There are many herbal products that can help naturally curb your petís appetite so you can avoid chemical-based prescription drugs.


Just like humans, pets can struggle with various health conditions that can make losing weight especially difficult. Natural remedies can also help treat conditions like thyroid problems and fatigue so they can enjoy a better quality of life! There are even herbal products that can boost energy levels in sluggish pets so they have more desire to exercise!


SlenderPet  Encourages weight loss by elevating metabolism and aids in the elimination of fat.

Thyro-Pet Treats causes and symptoms of hypothyroid conditions

Performance Plus Improves mental and physical performance 

Energy Tonic Restores energy and vitality in pets

Once you start your pet on a new diet and exercise regimen, it is crucial that you address the physical stress that carrying excess weight can put on the body. Herbal and homeopathic tonics can aid in the overall health and functioning of important body system such as the circulatory system, the heart, kidneys and liver. This is an essential part in healing the effects of pet obesity.


Heart and Circulation Tonic Improves circulation and promotes heart and artery health

LiverAid Stimulates and improves liver functioning and prevents disease

Muscle & Joint Support relieves stiffness in swollen joints, reduces pain and promotes healthy muscles and bones.

Immunity and Liver Support Strengthens and improves immune system and liver functioning

By turning attention to your petís weight and making simple decisions Ė like choosing a healthy diet and keeping them active - you are improving their overall health.


Deciding to treat your pets using natural alternatives to prescription drugs whenever possible is another way you can give your dog a long, fit and healthy life. And, itís the best way to keep your pet at a healthy weight and their system performing at its peak function!



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