Manataka American Indian Council






A Message From

Grandfather William Commanda

Keeper of the Sacred Wampum Belts, Algonquin Elder,

Honorary Doctorate Degree Recipient, Founder of the Circle of All Nations.






On June 11, 2008, Canada made a moving gesture of reconciliation with First Peoples and across the country we felt a shift in our collective energy.

"Since 1961, I have worked and prayed ceaselessly for this awakening, and I know this year, Canada Day ushers in a New Moon of hope and self-respect for those who inhabit this special land, where the prophecies of my ancestors promised that one day all the world would find a place under the protection of the Sacred Tree.
Countless peoples of all cultures and races, from all reaches of the world, have animated the Circle of All Nations, a global eco-community committed to environmental stewardship and racial harmony, and have nurtured seeds for a Culture of Peace that will in time embrace all.

I invite your support of the evolution of this work in the vision, already embraced by many, for a Special National Historic Centre at Asinabka/Chaudière Falls, within the National Capital Region of Canada – a centre dedicated to reconciliation with Mother Earth, Indigenous Peoples and All Others.

The four-fold vision calls for building a National Aboriginal Centre for healing and cultural expression; undamming the sacred Chaudière Falls to the extent possible, restoring it to its former magnificence, and creating an educational green eco-city park and sanctuary within the urban heartland that spans the provinces of Ontario and Quebec; developing an interpretative centre commemorative of ancient and recent history; and restoring its ancient energy as a place of council fire with a conference centre dedicated to the creative exchange of ideas on issues of local,
national and global significance.
Early embracement of this vision will ensure its materialization by June, 2013, when Canada celebrates the 400 hundred year anniversary of the historic meeting of the First Peoples with Samuel de Champlain at this Sacred Site in the capital city.
At this time of crossroads, we must come together with one heart, one mind, one love and one determination and together we will offer a vision of “net human planetary benefit” to the world!

Your urgent and passionate expression of support within the month will help ensure the protection of this special place and of life on the Ottawa River."

Please write to the Prime Minister:   -

Annual International Circle of All Nations Spiritual Gathering
August 1- 3, 2008



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