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A Heartfelt Message

to My Internet Friends

 by Xielolixii



The purpose of this message is to provide at least one perspective, despite how minute it may seem to some,  of how the current venue of electronic communication impacts on our traditional ways as Native American Indians.  With the increase of interaction between individuals, groups, national, international tribal peoples and traditions, our current scope of understanding is unlimited and unrestricted per our evolution as a people and allowed by the Great Design of our Creator.


At one time we believed there was only one way to communicate as well as teach our ceremonies.  But time has brought us new methods of communication and we've managed to adjust, while keeping our traditions alive.


Learning something new has not always been easy for us.  We've had to set aside the ego of what we think we know, to allow our knowledge base to expand.


Conversely, over time, some of our traditional ways have suffered to a degree, due to assimilation into other religious belief systems and other distractions that has caused us to lose so many of our original gifts, such as astral travel, morphing out, weather control, sending thoughts and healings to one another, etc. 


In ensuing times, our treasured Medicine People have dwindled down to a precious few, since some have been persuaded to either sell the Medicine, or give it up entirely.  The life of a Medicine Person has become more complex and difficult due to other's misjudgments, back-stabbing, gossip, and fraud by Medicine (albeit ‘shaman’) wannabes, causing an atmosphere of mistrust among the people.  Those who are honest and dedicated Medicine Men/Women that exist today, are wise, understanding, and love unconditionally, with no discrimination or judgments.


The reason I mention all this is because now there are some people going around saying that to have a Native American Indian web site is not traditional, especially if we display information about upcoming ceremonies, a prayer, or set up a lesson about our traditional ways, that may or may not include pictures.   


Some tribes that traditionally use crystals at certain ceremonies are also being attacked as 'new age,' especially if they put their information on the Internet.  Often those that are doing the criticizing, who claim to know so very much, honestly do not, simply because they do not know that there are tribes that historically used crystals in the ancient past as well as today, and are obviously not aware of the many different traditions that abound within the contiguous states, much less those that exists in other locations upon Turtle Island.  Archaeologists have found Native American Indian remains that have crystals clutched in their hands, along the west coast as well as other locations.


It also seems ludicrous to think that the Spirits would give a hoot as to whether we send up smoke signals, mail through the postal service, or post it on the net!  We need to stop being so judgmental on which method we utilize to contact our people, or how it is done and start using our energies to bring peace to our communities and ourselves.


There are also those who are concerned that someone will steal our ceremonies, if they are documented, photographed, or published on the Internet.  How can someone steal something that is documented?  Should someone take our ceremonies and change them without due process (such as getting proper training and permission), the Medicine will not work because they have not received THE vision, and they failed to follow our traditional ways of preparation, permissions,  and other protocol. Under these conditions, the right intention, and prayer song  would be non-existent, consequently nullified and unfulfilled.   


Let us give the Spirits credit!   The Spirits are certainly smart enough to turn away when not properly invited and they certainly are cognizant of those who are untruthful and frauds; which leaves an open door for 'other entities' to join those who insist on doing things ‘their way’.  The karma generated will encircle them, causing pain and sorrow to those who unwittingly participate.  That is why it is so important to know who the ceremony leader/s are, and from what Fireplace (teachings) they came from.  


Our Medicine People get their instructions through visions just like their forefathers and they continue to receive new visions and instructions to this day.  If we live as we teach, we are continually protected because our ‘Daily Ceremonies’ incorporate these prayers and it is up to us to live accordingly.  Ceremonies evolve just as we do, to support the needs of the people, since our spiritual and physical needs change with time.  That is why we have the dreamers, visionaries, Medicine Men/Women (especially those women who honor their Moontime as their ancestors did).  They are the ones who will tell us how, and where to bring the people together.


If our heart, or gut feeling tells us not to go or participate in a specific ceremony, I suspect that our talents are needed elsewhere.  It isn't that complicated.  There are some good-hearted people out there who really want to do the right thing and have good intentions, even though they may have lost their way, regardless if Native or not.  They may not don't know exactly how to put their dreams together, or have anyone to help them.  They truly want to do the right thing for the greater good.  We as Native visionaries and leaders need to be patient with them and be more loving and tolerant of our 'younger brother/sister' and through being of service to our younger relatives, we can all migrate to the ultimate truth.


This is the 21st century and at our disposal are many different tools to communicate, which can, and should be used for the betterment of mankind, instead of using it to create chaos, fear, anger, jealousy, hate, and intolerance.  


It wasn't that long ago, when if we had a difference of opinion, we would go to visit, taking with us a peace/gift offering, and we would then smoke the Sacred Pipe so that there would be no lies between us.  That is rarely done anymore and that is sad, since that was and is our true way.  We could trust on what was said as being from the heart-center (truth).  If an individual smoked the Pipe and told an untruth, something not so nice would happen to them (ex:  Custer) and if a person refused to smoke, then we would know that we had some ground to cover to win them over into a peaceful solution. 


It is best to always approach people with the understanding and wisdom from our dreamtime, lack of judgment, and with unconditional love.  When we walk away, we should walk softly and with the feeling of satisfaction that we can come away with a better understanding, and mutual consent.  Of course if an agreement cannot be reached, then we should leave with pure intentions of loving blessings toward them, since we are 'All Related' - connected to One Source.


In conclusion: 


Please remember: We are One -- believe it or not, we are all related -- coming from the same Source Of All That IS. How we choose to serve each other is dependent on our dreams and visions. Not all Sundances, Ghost Dances, Bear Dances, Aztec Dances, etc., are the same. Even Frank Fools Crow, my ex's Grandpa, was a member of every church there was, from what I hear. I believe he said that:  "one of them has to be right" -- quite a sense of humor -- and he welcomed non-natives into the circle, if they came with a good heart, as do other notable Medicine Men/Women across Turtle Island.


In the past, I have often questioned this in my heart until May 19th of 2005 while on my third time on the hill, I had this vision:  From "The Source" where we began - We will return, We are all connected, We are all one (drawing of it is at the beginning of my web site).


The voice was clear and so was the understanding when I saw a huge Ball of Light with many beams coming down from it touching the ground where I prayed. I saw as each beam's energy touched the ground and went back to the Ball of Light with an 'explosion' as it merged, then returning back and forth - each time exploding upon merging with the Source.  Since that experience, it has been easier to forgive others as well as myself, with unconditional love and although at times it may seem impossible to do, it IS doable.


Everything that we go through, all the learning, the pain, the questions, are all preparing us for a higher understanding -- a 'knowing' that we've never before experienced in this lifetime. Maybe all this is preparing us for the 2012 Mayan calendar's new beginning - of a higher awareness, banishing so much of our past illusions, and focusing on the future as One People.


Ki'sile' Tie'nel xa
(All My Relations)



(phonically pronounced:  tsee-ay-low-leet-see)



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