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This poem from 'Navajo' page addresses women with great reverence and love. Share it with a woman you know so that she can remember to walk with her head held high, proud in the knowledge of her strength and true beauty.



Navajo Wind Prayer
by Wolfeyes


Oh, Great Spirit, Oh Grandfathers,
How lucky can one be to know such beauty?
One can search the world over and not find this much loveliness.
Her heart is pure, and radiates love and warmth.

Oh, Mother Earth, it is from your womb that she does come.
It has to be, for she reflects your beauty that I see all around me.


Oh, Navajo Wind, blow softly upon this desert rose.
Embrace her always with your warm gentle breezes.
Fill her heart with the pride and happiness.

From a proud and noble people that she does come.

Whisper soft reminders in her ear,
“Never forget…
Never forget.”


Oh, Father, the Navajo Sun,
Shine brightly down upon her path,
Allow her to see the beauty in herself as well as in others.
Protect her and keep her warm.

Hide her in your absence from the despairs of this life.
Allow her always to walk in beauty.
Oh, Woman who walks in beauty like the night,
I am a friend who is distant and silent.
I will care for you always.


Our appreciation to

~Submitted by Sheri Awi Anida Waya Burnett




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