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World peace is a process of transformation on many levels of human relations.   


A Pessimistic View 

World leaders see peace as a political process driven by varied interests of security and political stability - to protect power bases.  Yet, wars destabilize, increase power and enforce political ideologies.   


Global leaders of commerce see peace as an opportunity to expand free markets - to protect profits.  Yet, the economic spoils of  war often go to the barons of business.   


Leaders of organized religions see the peace process as an affirmation of dogma and doctrine that controls the masses.  Yet, organized religion is responsible for many wars. 


The world peace process today is motivated by fear of losing something, a desire for more power or by greed - the very same reasons wars occur.    


Is there a better way to achieve world peace?


Begin With Tolerance

Peace on earth is about learning tolerance.  We must tolerate many things in order to survive.  Tolerance against the ravages of a storm is no different that enduring other people, political and religious ideologies, cultural beliefs, and races.   We must tolerate those things we fear or do not understand.  We must tolerate even those things we dislike.  


As tolerance grows within us, we gain strength and experience to handle even tougher challenges tomorrow.   As tolerance matures it gives birth to understanding.  


The Next Step is Understanding

Understanding another person, culture, race, political persuasion or religion is not easy.  Somehow people think if other people are like them, it validates themselves.  And conversely, if others are different, they become a threat.  Understanding means to be aware of differences and accepting those distinctions as advantageous.   The Creator made every tree, snowflake, human and all things of creation different.   Nature and history says diversity increases the odds of survival. 


Once we possess understanding, we grow.  This growth is not only intellectual, it is emotional and spiritual.  Understanding then ripens within us giving birth to compassion.  


Moving to Compassion

Compassion is more than sympathy and kindness.  Compassion looks in to the very soul of another part of creation and feels the same experiences.  Compassion is more than idle concern because it has movement, it moves one into action.   Compassion has legs and arms that move to correct problems experienced by others.  


Compassion allows us to transcend ourselves, to move beyond the realm of crass pity or self-serving mercy to a garden of peace within.  The garden becomes alive with the blessings of life which quite naturally gives birth to love.


Love Conquers All

Loving ones family, friends and neighbors is not enough.  Love in its purist form is not only motivated by passion, security, or self-esteem felt within ones own small circle.  Love in a global sense means accepting all creation on its terms and allowing the forces of spirit to guide relationships and events.  One must feel the power of the Great Mystery to know love.


Love becomes the seed for peace.   Love is the gift we give to the world so that it may radiate its light outward and upward bringing life to where no life or light has been before.  It is then the Creator within us gives birth to a new kind of peace on earth.


A New Kind of Peace

As a quasi-political, economic body, the United Nations cannot bring about world peace in the same way law enforcement agencies cannot stop crime.   The UN can only maintain an appearance of peace and often becomes embroiled in wars.  


Organized religion is woefully lacking in its will and ability to stop war.   Leaders of commerce are often torn by greed and offer no assistance or answers to world peace.


There Is A Better Way To Achieve World Peace

For hundreds if not thousands of years, Manataka, the Great Place of Peace, served as a gathering place of the nations of Turtle Island.   When the elders of the nations came into the Great Circle of Peace, they brought with them no animosities, no political agendas, no desire to increase their power, and no greed came between them.  


They came to celebrate their philosophy of life - that all creation is precious and deserving of our highest respect and love.   As the elders stood in the circle holding hands, praying and giving thanks to the Creator, powerful gifts were given in return by the Great Mystery so they would begin to understand the secrets of life.        


We propose the leaders of the nations once again come into the Great Circle of Peace at Manataka.   When they come with the same mind and heart, full of tolerance, understanding, compassion, love and thanks to the Creator, there can only be one result.   


Another seed of life and peace has been planted.



We can change the world by applying the formula above in our personal lives.



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