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Indian Rainbow Children
 By Helen Red Wing Wagner-Vinson
We are the Rainbow Children
of the earth. 
We are the last he will
give new birth.
We are from the stars
in the sky  above
You see the Creator made us with all his love
We are the Rainbow Children
you can see
Created in his image like
we should be
We are the Rainbow Children made by his hand
We are the children of the five fingered clan
We are here from the East
and the North
From the South and the West
we come forth
Children of the Rainbow
you will see
Many of these Children
look like me
It is not the outside
of me you see
It is in my spirit
he gave to me
You can have this spirit
alive in you
If you ask the Creator
he’ll give to you.
November 15, 2005

The Way Of The Elders

We make offerings to the sun

And to the mountains

And to the stars.

That is why we live here.


We are the Elders.

We have not forgotten old ways.

How could I say that I do not

know how to dance?


We still know how to dance.

We have forgotten nothing.

We know how to call the rain.

If it rains hard, we know to stop it.


We call the summer.

We know how to bless the world

 and make it flourish.

We are the wise ones

We are the Elders.



 Submitted by Helen Red Wing Vinson




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