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Experiencing The World Drum

By Becky Flaming Owl Moore



An amazing diary of joy, enlightenment, and an unforgettable experience.



Sami Medicine Man and Drum Maker, Birger Mikkelsen created the World Drum after a vision of Kyrre Gram "White Cougar" Franck. The vision of the World Drum is to bind people together across borders, distance, race, and religion in common struggle for the Earth. The World Drum was created from a spiritual view point of life. The World Drum originated in Norway, made in Sami (indigenous people of Norway) tradition style, that is almost the same as our American Indian in style. It is approximately 18 inches in diameter, hand held and covered with an unusually beautiful reindeer hide.


The World Drum was consecrated in a ceremony in front of the Norwegian Parliament in October of 2006. The World Drum was part of the official celebration of the Sami National Day in Gratangen, Norway. In July, 2008, the World Drum was presented in the halls of Canadian Parliament in Ottawa by the Metis First Nation. See the travel route


The World Drum project coordinator, Morten Wolf Storeide, wrote a Speech for Mother Earth that is a wake up call for humankind to reinstate spiritual relationship to the Mother Earth.


“We are all human beings, all people, You, me, our neighbors. No matter where you live in this world, if it is in Africa or South-America, if it is in Asia, Europe or U.S.A., we are all sisters and brothers in humanity. All people of the world, whether rich or poor, whatever color, religion or political thinking, we are all residents on this one planet, Mother Earth. To make Mother Earth and humanity smile again, we must unite as a universal one. We must put politics, religion, and envy away, together with our ego. Then each and every one of us will be able to go inside ourselves and find the universal force called love. When we find love towards ourselves we will be able to love what is around us, both people and nature. The time has come to stand together in one last universal battle. In this battle our only weapon is love. Love towards humanity. Love towards Mother Earth. Love towards our coming generation.”


Amanda Morning Star Moore learned of the World Drum’s existence soon after becoming Drum Keeper for the Manataka American Indian Council in 2006. “I watched the progress of the World Drum as it made its way from country to country. I requested the World Drum visit me. Twice I was on the schedule and both times the World Drum or I were unable to connect. Finally after 18 countries and 26 states it was coming to us on July 2, 2008.”


The World Drum was being sent from Charlie Fife with the Metis First Nation in Canada to Amanda Morning Star Moore in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. In Lexington, Kentucky United States Customs authorities confiscated this sacred religious artifact because it was adorned with European eagle feathers, prayer ties, poems, ceremonial herbs and other religious objects. United States Government authorities demanded the World Drum and its contents be forfeited. The World Drum weaving a thread throughout the world, binding people together in a dynamic cooperation for a better world was in jail!


A big event had been set for July 12 at Cedar Glades Park. Garland County and Don George of Hot Springs contributed greatly in providing the stage, the pavilion, advertising, and give-aways. Flyers had been distributed, food venders were prepared, performers were ready, but as each day passed the World Drum remained in jail.  Two days before the scheduled event it was cancelled. The disappointment was tremendous. However, out of the ashes shall rise the Phoenix.


The World Drum spent fifteen days in jail with American Customs, the US Department of Fish & Wildlife, and the US Department of Homeland Security, and then was given a one time chance to be ‘Returned to Sender.” Charlie Fife in Canada re-received the World Drum, presented it to the Canadian Parliament, removed all the Medicine, and re-sent it to Amanda Morning Star.


Thursday, July 24, 2008, 10:10 a.m. 

World Drum Arrives at Manataka

A private welcoming ceremony was held by Amanda Morning Star and her parents Lee Standing Bear and Becky Flaming Owl Moore. Interestingly, Amanda Morning Star sits the West on the Manataka Ceremonial Drum and in Sweat Lodge, when she opened the cover on the World Drum the leather covering was facing West toward her. 


At 12:20 PM the World Drum was introduced to the Three Sisters Mountains, which includes Manataka Mountain. Amanda Morning Star played four songs to the Mountain and Rainbow Woman at the rock crossing over Gulpha Creek. Amanda Morning Star said, “It is exciting to have the World Drum here and we will enjoy making some beautiful music with its deep resonating tone.” Becky Flaming Owl Moore said, “It is as if the World Drum is alive—it has spirit—it can be felt in it beautiful reindeer hide covering. It vibrates when we play it!”


At 4:00 PM five members of the Manataka Rainbow Sisters Drum Circle gathered around the World Drum to perform special smudging ceremonies and to take turns playing the Drum. Eight songs were sung. Drummers present were Amanda Morning Star Moore, Becky Flaming Owl Moore, Leisha Six Fires Rhodes, Tammy Clay Healer Smiles Timberlake, and Stewart Big Frog Timberlake. Two of the women present were so filled with excitement at seeing the World Drum that they were shaking.



Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette, Ceremonial Elder of Manataka plays the World Drum at ancient burial site off Wildcat Mountain Rd.

During the First Week - The World Drum was used in many private ceremonies by Amanda Morning Star. It journeyed to an ancient burial site on Wildcat Mountain Road where Manataka Elders Lee Standing Bear, Becky Flaming Owl, David Quiet Wind Furr, and Patti Blue Star Speaks, and Amanda Morning Star, Delin Stuller and Camille Tackett drummed and performed ceremonies.


The World Drum journeyed to the home of Manataka Grandmother of the South Dottie Little White Dove Furr and to the home of Manataka member Colleen Parker.


The World Drum visited world famous Bathhouse Row and the cascade of Hot Springs water coming off the Mountain. The World Drum journeyed to the overlook on top of North Mountain and the overlook on top of West Mountain.


Along the way, the World Drum’s story, music, energy, and vibrations were shared by countless individuals. The World Drum journeyed to the home of Manataka member Leisha Six Fires Rhodes for an afternoon of drumming and ceremony. 


Mayor Mike Bush of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas declared, Thursday, August 14, 2008 as World Drum Day in Hot Springs. The World Drum was played inside the Arkansas State Capital in Little Rock in a Ceremony led by Amanda Morning Star Moore, Manataka American Indian Council Drum Keeper.

Later the Drum journeyed to the City Manager’s office in downtown Hot Springs, where it was played by and photographed with Mayor Mike Bush, City Manager Kent Meyers and his secretary Margaret. 


While at City Hall, Hot Springs National Park superintendent, Josie Fernandez, refused to play the World Drum stating that ‘I am military. We go to war to create peace.’


That night, the World Drum journeyed to Medicine Wheels Ministries on Lockette Mountain and the home of Manataka Elders Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdett and David Quiet Wind Furr for ceremonies and drumming.


During the second week - The World Drum was presented in private ceremonies by Amanda Morning Star Moore. The World Drum journeyed to a local business Earth Maiden, and was played by owners and Drum Makers Bill and Dana Lattie.


Friday, August 1 - During the monthly Downtown Hot Springs Art Gallery Walk, the World Drum was presented to a standing-room-only crowd at the Poet’s Loft prior to a Poetry Slam featuring Michael Guinn one of Americas Top 10 Poets. The Hipsy Gypsies dance troupe performed in conjunction with the World Drum.  Amanda and Becky are also members of the dance troupe.


The Sentinel Record newspaper carried a picture of Amanda and the World Drum along with an article about the free public event. Two women attending said their husbands had tears running down their faces as they heard the World Drum and Amanda’s songs.


Sunday, August 3 - Next, the World Drum attended the monthly Manataka Women’s Council Circle of Friendship meeting.


The Moore’s hosted a gathering of Light Workers for family friend Katya Gayle Carney, a local author. Present were Katya, Pam, her grandson, Mason and his father, Larry, Brenda, Zabe, Donna, Amanda, Becky, Bear, Leisha, Kayse, Pauline, Patsy Ruth, Monica and John Barnhart and Brenda McDaniel.


Amanda Morning Star shared the World Drum’s story and read Morten’s message. The eighteen people present were smudged and a smudge bowl of special medicines was passed around the room as the the World Drum was uncovered. The World Drum’s journey around the room began with Katya. As it passed from one person to the next each person stated what energy he/she would like to send to others with the World Drum. Each individual drummed his/her heart song while those with personal Drums and those sitting the Manataka Ceremonial Drum copied their rhythm.


The energy in the room was indescribably high, many cried, and when Monica said she prayed the Drum be filled with joy and laughter everyone in the room began to laugh for several minutes as tears of joy poured down their cheeks.


The "Love and Gratitude to Water" ceremony was performed at Manataka in conjunction with ceremonies performed at Lake Baikal Siberia, Russia. August 3rd, 2008, by Dr. Masaru Emoto. read more...


Wednesday, August 6 - The World Drum made an early morning journey to the home of Kayse and Gary Fleck and then to the 28 acres owned by the Flecks and six friends. The land, which has many energy sites, is the future home of a Crystal Healing Temple. The World Drum was loaded into the back of a pickup for a three quarter mile journey to the beginning ceremonial site. There was a steep, rocky, but short incline to go down to reach this first site. Amanda’s flip-flop broke just as she started down!


The thirteen individuals present smudged, prayed, drummed, and sang in the Circle and each one present introduced themselves, where they were from, and anything else they wished to share. Becky tied a bandana around Amanda’s foot to secure the bottom on as protection. Then, the World Drum and the group, journeyed to a dry rock waterfall, a native Indian birthing site, and to a rock strewn swimming hole, stopping at each location to offer a song.


At the swimming hole the World Drum was passed from person to person. After completing the one mile hike back to the beginning a watermelon feast was shared.


In the heat of the afternoon the World Drum journeyed to the home of Tammy Clay Healer Smiles and Stewart Big Frog Timberlake for songs, prayers, and ceremony. Tammy’s colorful macaw , Clyde, loved the World Drum. He sat on her shoulder, swayed, squawked and flapped his wings as she played.


As each day passed, the World Drum was presented, and its story, message and vibrations were shared with countless individuals as its schedule of daily journeys grew.


Prior to the World Drum’s incarceration and the cancellation of its big public event on July 12, Lee Standing Bear, Becky Flaming Owl and Amanda Morning Star had been invited to the Earth Keepers 8-8-8 Event at Queen Wilhelmina State Park on August 7, 8, and 9.


Amanda Morning Star was asked by Gary One Bull Neal to be Drum Leader for the ceremonies and Manataka Elder Lee Standing Bear was scheduled to tell the beautiful story of Manataka Place of Peace. Manataka Public Relations Chair, Linda Van Bibber also attended.  


When learning of the World Drum’s appearance event coordinators Gary One Bull Neal, Sherry Long, Georgia Putnam, Judy Astle and Earl Hall were ecstatic!


Queen Wilhelmina State Park is located off highway 88 in Mena, Arkansas. The Lodge is the park’s crowning attraction, a “Castle in the Sky” high atop Rich Mountain, Arkansas’ second highest peak with breathtaking panoramic scenery.


Queen Wilhelmina is located on the Talimena Ridge of the Ouachita Mountains, which run in an East/West direction.  There is a beautiful story that is unfolding and being shared about this region of Arkansas. The lands around the Queen Wilhelmina State Park carry a powerful Crystalline Field that is  the unique and distinctive "crown energy" or "the apex"  of the emerging vortex where the park lodge is located.  The spot where the park lodge is located is a vortex and portal area. It is the head of the Arkansas Crystal Deposit that ends at the base in Magnet Cove, Arkansas.


Arkansas is blessed with an abundance of geological wonders that contribute to its amazing energy vortex and beauty. Arkansas has the largest natural quartz deposit above the equator that is also the 2nd largest deposit in the world. The renowned Arkansas Crystal Deposits run for a length of approximately 170 miles, and are up to 30 miles wide. The deposits shape into a large triangle. There is incredible energy created from these deposits. This beautiful energy has a direct and powerful to the newly formed Crystalline Grid of the Ascension that will be complete in 2012. In addition to quartz, Arkansas is the only state in the USA to have an active diamond mine.


Thursday, August 7 - The World Drum and the Moore family began the journey to Queen Wilhelmina at noon on August 7, stopping at scenic overlooks along the way on Highway 88 to serenade the Ouachita Mountain Range.


The purpose of this powerful 8-8-8 Earth-Keepers Event was to align and celebrate with the second activation of the Blue Crystal of Knowledge.  The participants traveled from all four directions to honor the emerging crystalline vibration, to align themselves and anchor their human energies with the beauty that is being offered.  There were 12 hours of songs, stories, and prayers of peace for all the children on our Mother the Earth and all our relations of the stars and beyond. There were 88 persons registered for the gathering and each participant provided an abundance exchange of 88 dollars. Proceeds from the abundance exchange were presented to Tommy Young, founder of the  Arkansas Native Plant & Wildlife Center to honor his outstanding service and dedication  to the Animal Nation.  The gathering officially began at 8:08 AM and ended at 8:08 PM on Friday August 8, 2008.


The event aligned the activation from the crown chakra of the Arkansas Crystal Vortex-Portal complex. There were 88 persons registered at a cost of 88 dollars each. Events began at 8:08 AM and ended at 8:08 PM on Friday August 8, 2008.


Friday, August 8 ( 8 - 8 - 8) - The World Drum’s day began at 6:11 AM on the West lawn of the Queen Wilhelmina State Park lodge with a Sunrise Pipe Ceremony conducted by Gary ‘One Bull’ Neal. Amanda ‘Morning Star’ sang and played the World Drum for four songs honoring the four directions. She was accompanied by her mother Becky Flaming Owl on her Medicine Drum.


At the beginning of the event, 8:08 AM during the East Wind of peace and light, attendees were urged to place personal items around the center alter for energy charging. Later, when the South Wind of warmth and growth was presented a second mesa alter was created in a Medicine Wheel pattern on the south end of the main alter. 


Songs in honor of the Condor was sung, and a Despacho offering for Pachamama was made. The items on the Mesa Wheel alter were left in place for the remainder of the ceremony in the Sacred Hoop and then returned to the people to carry the ceremony back to their respective homelands. 


Amanda and Becky’s prayer bundles were placed in the South West corner of the South Alter. The South West is the Realm of Dreams, which is concerned with access to the Realm of Dreams and aspirations and makes contact with Dream teachers and the interpretation of dreams possible. The South West opens up the power of mystic potential as contained in dreams and aspirations and is indicative of the actual process of life and a striving for perfection. Amanda’s stones were placed to be charged with Feminine Energy and Rebirth. Becky’s stones were placed to be charged with Christ Consciousness and New Masculine Energy.


Amanda ‘Morning Star’ sits the West in sweat lodge, sits the West on the Manataka Ceremonial Drum, has the head of her bed to the West, and opened the World Drum with the West facing her. It was not surprising that Amanda ‘Morning Star’ presented the World Drum in the West Wind of introspection.


Amanda kicked off the presentation by singing and playing four songs on the World Drum. Then the World Drum was passed from hand to hand so all 88 persons present in the Sacred Hoop had the opportunity to put his/her energy into it. Two brothers from the state of Minnesota started a beat on their personal Drums and were accompanied by Becky ‘Flaming Owl’ on her Drum, and Linda Bear Woman Speaks Van Bibber on her wooden clackers.


As the World Drum began its journey around the Sacred Hoop it began to show its stuff! People were beating the Drum, dancing in the center of the Hoop, laughing, crying, and praying. The energy level was tremendous and the entire process indescribable! People who had sat idly poking at their own Medicine Drums and acting as if he/she wished they were somewhere else were dancing and playing the World Drum. It was a truly, truly amazing time!


Amanda ‘Morning Star’ escaped the 8-8-8 Event during the South presentation to spend time with friends Monica, Patsy Ruth, Zabe, Brenda, and Brenda McDaniel who were camping and doing their own ceremonies during the weekend.


Amanda took the World Drum, in its heavy case, and set off walking down the road toward the friends’ camp a mile away. Amanda hates to walk! She tried calling and text messaging Monica to pick her up, but had no telephone reception. When she arrived two car loads of women were setting out on a journey. One minute later and she would have missed them! The women drove in the west direction along Highway 88 to the end of the Talimena Ridge in Oklahoma.


The women stopped to perform ceremonies, offer prayers, and play the World Drum at every scenic site on both sides of the highway. The journey ended at a sign in Oklahoma about the Trail of Tears where Amanda sang Amazing Grace in Cherokee while holding the World Drum.


Saturday, August 9 - Tthe World Drum began the return trip to Hot Springs. Along the way the World Drum stopped to visit Tommy Young at his animals at the Arkansas Native Plant and Wildlife Center located at the foot of Rich Mountain.  Tommy Young is a gifted man with a tremendous spirit. He communicates with animals one on one. He heals the animals. He shares the spirits of the animals with others. Tommy is the voice of the animals indigenous to Arkansas. There is no pretense with Tommy.


At 6:00 PM Amanda, Becky, Bear and Linda welcomed Gary One Bull Neal, Bianca Rose Schmidt, a beautiful 11-year-old girl who was honored as the "Blue Crystal Maiden" during the Earth Keepers 8-8-8 Event, her mother Isabella "Song Bird" and five female friends into the Moore home. The World Drum was the center of attention and was joined by the Manataka Ceremonial Drum and individual Medicine Drums as night became morning. During the drumming and ceremonies a cleansing rain began to fall.


Sunday, August 10 - Becky and Linda Bear Woman Speaks had planned to take the World Drum to Goat Rock on Manataka Mountain. However, when they joined up at 8:08 AM the rain from the previous evening had not let up. The World Drum rode in its case to protect it as the two women journeyed to Linda’s land and up the Mountain to the overlook.


Each time the women tried to get the World Drum out of its case, the rain would come harder. At noon Amanda Morning Star and Becky Flaming Owl were scheduled to appear at the Divine Intervention Dome on Highway 7 North of Hot Springs. Many of the members of Divine Intervention are personal close friends and sisters of Amanda and Becky—Monica, Zabe, Patsy Ruth, Pauline, and Ron. A circle of thirty to forty people was created in the center of the building under the dome. The acoustics were fabulous and several of the men were excellent Drummers. Two of the men had a drumming contest that was exceptional!


Monday, August 11 - The World Drum was used in private ceremonies at the Moore home. 


Tuesday, August 12 - The World Drum journeyed to Earth Maiden, Bill and Dana Latte’s business. Bill and Dana had offered their business for a three hour public finale in hopes of reaching a few more people. As Amanda Morning Star, Becky Flaming Owl, and Leisha Six Fires played the Drums people stopped to hear about the World Drum or add his/her energy to it.


Becky Flaming Owl Moore plays the World Drum at a hot springs cooling pool in Arlington Park on the sacred Manataka Mountain.

Wednesday, August 13 - Creator chose this day for the World Drum’s journey to Manataka Mountain. Becky Flaming Owl crossed the rock bridge across Gulpha Creek at 6:15 AM. As she hiked she played the World Drum with a slow, steady, quiet heartbeat in deference to the campers still sleeping. She stopped often playing to special rocks or locations along the way. She reached the Turtle Pine where many Manataka marriages and ceremonies take place. The morning sun burst through the trees as she played and sang the Cherokee Morning Song.


As she honored the four directions around the Turtle Pine she played and sang the Turtle Song. Flaming Owl began drumming a little louder as she continued the hike upward. Soon she met a lone male hiker who learned the story of the World Drum and added his energy to it.


More songs and ceremony were done at the Mayan Story Rock or Heart of the Mother, and at an ancient old tree on Gulpha Trail, and then the hiking and drumming continued on up Goat Rock Trail. Goat Rock Trail is unusual because it twists and turns but it always faces East. There were stops along the way at special places like the tree bent to be ridden like a horse and the stump from which the Fire Circle below can be seen in the winter months. Becky Flaming Owl spent four hours in Ceremony with the World Drum at Goat Rock. Goat Rock is a vortex and portal area. When seen at a particular angle the rock looks like a woman’s profile with her mouth wide open. On the left is a second huge rock that when seen from the side looks like the profile of an Indian Chief his rock headdress flowing into the Mountain. Becky was joined by Monica Barnhart and the two performed another hour of drumming and ceremony then continued the steep hike to the top of the mountain. Monica played the World Drum on this leg of the journey. The women stopped at the rocks below the Overlook on North Mountain for a final ceremony and then continued the journey down the highway to the rock shelter at the top of Gulpha Trail. Monica drove off the Mountain, but Becky chose to walk so she could continue playing the World Drum.


“The whole trip I had a companion other than the Creator and that was Morten Storeide. I tried to show him through my eyes, with my heart, and with my spirit the sacredness of Manataka,” said Becky Flaming Owl. 


As Becky drove out of the campground she noticed two men playing their guitars at their table, she stopped the car, entered their camp, told them about the World Drum and offered it to them to play. (On Sunday, these campers were still there and one approached Becky after a meeting to share how much his moment with the World Drum meant.)


Amanda Morning Star Moore plays the World Drum inside the Bear Cave on Petit Jean Mountain. 

Amanda Morning Star’s special place for the World Drum to journey was the Bear Cave at Petit Jean Mountain 67 miles north east of Hot Springs on highway 7. On their way out of town Amanda and Becky stopped at Gulpha Gorge to meet a new Manataka member, Vince, from Fresno, California. They played four songs for him and let him play the World Drum before continuing the two hour drive.


As they entered the state park does and fawns greeted them all along the sides of the highway. Amanda Morning Star was very sick, but she persevered, singing and playing the World Drum all through the rocks, caves, and crevices even when faintness overtook her. The three journeyers did not arrive back in Hot Springs until after 9:00 PM.


Thursday, August 14 - Sadly this day arrived. The World Drum was to continue its journey to Glastonbury, England and our hearts were sad because we knew how much we would miss our new friend and companion.


Amanda Morning Star, Lee Standing Bear, and Becky Flaming Owl Moore took the World Drum to the Fire Circle at Gulpha Gorge for a final ceremony. Soon after they arrived they were joined by Vince, Tammy Clay Healer Smiles and Stewart Big Frog Timberlake. It was Tammy’s 52nd birthday and she was excited to play the World Drum one last time.


Manataka Chairman, David Quiet Wind Furr and Amanda Morning Star Moore pose for pictures in the Arkansas State Capitol rotunda.

Later that afternoon the World Drum journeyed to the Arkansas State Capitol with the Moore’s. They were joined by Patti Blue Star Speaks Burdette and David Quiet Wind Furr along with a woman and two men from a Little Rock drum group.


A press conference was being held in honor of Bill Gwatney, a former Arkansas State Senator and chairman of the Arkansas Democratic Party so the steps of the capitol were unavailable for use. However, we were invited inside the Arkansas Capitol rotunda where the World Drum was played by Amanda Morning Star. The sound of her songs and the voice of the World Drum reverberated in the high domed space. On the capitol grounds, the World Drum visited the eternal flame, the Vietnam Memorial, and the Korean War Memorial before settling on the grassy lawn to be played by those present.


Conclusion -

Each time the World Drum was presented, Amanda Morning Star shared its purpose, history, and Dr. Morten Wolf Storeide’s message. Many say Arkansas has hills, but we say we have mountains. Our mountains roll one after the other for as far as the eye can see. During the World Drum’s twenty-two day visit in Hot Springs Amanda Morning Star and Becky Flaming Owl took the World Drum to Manataka Mountain, North Mountain, West Mountain, Wildcat Mountain, the mountains of the Talimena Ridge, and to Petit Jean Mountain. The World Drum’s voice vibrated from mountain top to mountain top, and down into the valleys below, reaching out to countless individuals.


Many people played the World Drum and many heard the World Drum, and still others heard a faint tinkling sound echoing off a mountain and did not know what it was.


Five hundred and seventy-four individuals played the World Drum and we took their pictures to prove it.


Amanda Morning Star says, “I can not thank Morten and all the people around the world who contributed to this amazing experience. The joy it has brought to my life and the lives of others is undeniable. When I thought I was about to loose my life it was as if the World Drum caught me and taught me how to continue on. The drum is a lesson for us all. It has faced much adversity yet it continues on in hopes of a brighter future for the people and the Mother Earth. The drum and I are quite alike you see. We both want what is best for the people. They hold a special place in our hearts and it reverberates in our song.”


Becky Flaming Owls says, “The World Drum carries with it a unique spirit. It is filled with the songs and prayers of many human beings that share one heart and one mind through it. The vibration of the World Drum carries down deep into the Mother Earth helping to heal her wounded spirit. Hosting the World Drum, becoming friends with it has been an immeasurable honor and an unforgettable experience. We learned that the World Drum is happiest when it is outside its travel case absorbing the energies around it. The World Drum likes to have its hide rubbed, it likes to hear the prayers and songs of the people, it likes to be played. When it is honored the vibration within it grows stronger, louder, and more awesome than what one person can imagine.”



The World Drum Coming to Manataka



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