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Legends of Old:

Corncob Boy - Cochiti Legend

Feature Story: 12% of Indian Deaths Due to Alcohol

Letters to the Editor:

Obama, Palin, Wolves, Whole Foods
Organic Consumers: Monsanto Beast Being Destroyed
Elder's Meditations: Frank Fools Crow, Lakota
Health: Needless Vaccine - Danger of Gardasil
Plant Medicine: Black Seed Oil - Cancer Treatment
Fluoride: Kidney Patients Should be Notified of Potential Risk
Animal Rights and Wrongs: A Are You Eating Cloned Meat?
Endangered Sacred Sites: Portal to Maya Underworld Found?





Corncob Boy

Cochiti Legend

At one time there in the north was a town. The chief had children. Two Yellow Women were the chief's children. Then Corncob Boy fell in love with the elder one of the chief's two children. Oh my! the poor Corncob Boy had a grandmother, an old woman. That Corncob Boy dwelt with his grandmother. The people of the town below treated Corncob Boy badly.

They went to tell Corncob Boy, Corncob Boy should purify himself by vomiting. The people of the town below were about to go hunting, all the people. Then Yellow Woman went to tell Corncob Boy.


She shouted at the window, "Corncob Boy," said Yellow Woman, the elder one of the chief's children.


"Yes," said Corncob Boy.


"Make rabbit sticks for me. To-morrow we are going to hunt rabbits, I and my sister. I came to tell you this, Corncob Boy," said Yellow Woman. Then Yellow Woman went to her house.










Study: 12% of Indian Deaths Due to Alcohol

by: Mary Clare Jalonick, The Associated Press, August 2008



Alcohol-related deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives are at almost 12 percent, three times the percentage in the general population. (Picture: Alyssa R.)

Washington - Almost 12 percent of the deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives are alcohol-related - more than three times the percentage in the general population, a new federal report says.

The report released Thursday by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found 11.7 percent of deaths among American Indians and Alaska Natives between 2001 and 2005 were alcohol-related, compared with 3.3 percent for the U.S. as a whole.

Dwayne Jarman, a CDC epidemiologist who works for the Indian Health Service and is one of the study's authors, said it is the first national survey that measures American Indian deaths due to alcohol. It should be a "call to action" for federal, state, local and tribal governments, he said.

The researchers obtained their statistics by analyzing death certificates over the four-year period.








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Manataka receives dozens of letters each week. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.


To Barack Obama

Dear Mr. Obama,

I read that you visited the Cheyenne Reservation in Montana amid much flare.  At the same time you were kissing up to Indians, your buddies in the Democratic Party were working hard to hide millions of dollars stolen from Indian leases; fighting against increase Indian healthcare, reducing the sovereignty of Indian tribes, etc.  You speech and your actions are plainly against American Indians!  Your speech about taking all government oil reserves to ease the oil problem is crazy!  Who are you working for? The Arabs?  ~John Gist, North Carolina 


To Governor Sarah Palin

Dear Governor Palin,
I've just been informed that 14 one-month old wolf pups recently were killed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game in a practice known as "denning" - killing wolves in or around their den, in this case by shooting them in the head. 14 adults were also killed. 28 wolves in all were slaughtered. I'm writing to you as Alaska's Governor to express my objections to this unethical and illegal slaughter  Alaska's wolf population. I will take my tourist dollars elsewhere. I would like to add that your upholding the concerns of Safari International over the concerns of tens of thousands of your own Alaskans and of hundreds of thousands of Americans nationwide by allowing the aerial hunting of wolves to continue....stinks!! Even though my family and I would love to come to visit your state, we will not until you adapt a humane policy for wolves there. ~Henrietta Wise, New York

Praying for Peace and American Indians


Dear Manataka,

We pray that the hurricane Gustav will lessen in intensity, the winds and the rains gentled by the combined efforts of all across Mother Earth who pray peace now for all - for Mitakuye Oyasin. I pray that your presidential candidates will open their hearts and minds to the First peoples of America - all of the Native Americans peoples wherever they are on Turtle Island and around Mother Earth it is time for your voices to be heard, your spiritual and cultural practices to be honoured respected and allowed to be held without discrimination. May the Great Spirit/Great Mystery guide us all along the Good Red Road of Peace at this time.  ~Lynn Guy, Australia


Love the World Drum


I just read the latest edition of Smoke Signals. It was wonderful!  I am excited about the World Drum coming to Manataka.  Congratulations and my love and prayers are with you in this continuing effort. With so much corruption all round us and government control be invading every aspect of all our lives, it is nice to hear that for once that our government had to do the right thing.  Much love to all of my Manataka family.  ~Donna Lee, Arkansas


Declaration of Sovereign Freewill

We, the People, hold these truths to be self-evident, that all human beings are endowed with certain Inherent, Inborn, Innate, Ingrained, Instinctive, Intuitive and Inalienable Natural Rights of Sovereign Freewill, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  And that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these Rights, it is the right of the People  to institute new Mechanisms of Protection and Balance for peaceful relations. The rights of Sovereign Freewill of each member of the human family are Protected and Balanced for the Highest Good of All by the "World Cooperative"   In the Spirit of Aloha, Triaka, Hawaii


Protect the Wolves!


Dear Manataka,

I read the story in the Smoke Signal of the wolves and how our eco systems are changing--it's true especially here in MN and WI because the wolves are coming back, they are living, trying in-spite 
of the resistance to change. After my confrontation at the August predator seminar with both the MN, and WI wolf program speakers, people need to hear the real story--I was so sad to learn they reported 130 animals in each state (260 total) were killed last year by DNR because of closer contact with human related livestock, cattle, sheep etc. There are so few of these animals compared to humans. I see wolves everyday, bear too but I don't tell many people other than my wife Marge. I'll continue to read your reviews in Smoke Signal, Manataka and learn how I can as an active wildlife artist help these animals. My thought is that hearts need to change, sometimes we think in $ and sense too much. Wolves  can live in balance if we show more tolerance and don't over react so negatively. --Jimmy Springette, Minnesota


Whole Foods, Inc. is Full of Bull...


Hell Manataka,

It just doesn't make sense to me about the Whole Foods recall. If they are truly natural, organic, use only free-range animals, etc. - supposedly the antithesis of factory farm animals - how did this happen? Something happened along the supply chain ....Nebraska Beef.


I don't know if they monitor articles for their name or if someone may contact me about it. If they want to provide proof that they're making changes to how they monitor their suppliers - fine. But I don't trust them. To me, their website sounds like lots of other companies "concerned about the welfare of farm animals" but still trying to make a profit off of gullible consumers with marketing ploys.

They say that they're following federal law in their standards -- that's great -- but federal law is not enforced, and it's still in favor of the company's profits, not concerned with the welfare and rights of the animal except where it really affects their bottom line.

And - again, recalling AFTER the contamination is too late -- people get sick and die by then. It's been nearly 30 years and they're still doing things the same way. Are people supposed to believe that Whole Foods meats are safe in the meantime?  I wouldn't. But I don't eat meat.

Whole Foods has a pretty website. They may try to live up to their own standards, but I don't think their producers or suppliers do -- and I think that Nebraska Beef just proved that to them. And this angers me because I used to shop at Whole Foods, thinking they were "better." Color me gullible like everyone else. I wonder if Trader Joe's is like Whole Foods - I've shopped there also, for the same reasons.  ~Love, Kim Summer Moon, Pennsylvania



Help Wanted -- Immediately 


An Indian couple for craft demonstrations are needed in Le Mans, France, about 250 km from Paris.  The lucky couple will have an opportunity to dance and drum for French tourists.  Meals and living accommodations in a two-bedroom mobile home or a real tipi lodge are furnished. All travel expenses are paid, including travel documents.  $2,000 per month salary.  Contract from October 15 to April 15.  The couple are requested to bring to wear during work hours. Contact Jean at









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Herbal and homeopathic remedies offer a truly complete solution to reducing hyperactivity, improving focus and eliminating concentration problems in students of all ages.


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Quick Facts of the Month:
How Climate Change is Destroying the American West
  • In 1910 there were 150 glaciers at Glacier National Park; now there are 25.
  • Glacier National Park will have no more glaciers within ten years.
  • Southern California is home to 23 million people, all of whom are dependent on the Colorado River for the majority of their water needs.
  • Due to decreasing mountain snow melt in areas like Glacier National Park, the Colorado River, the primary water supply for seven states, will be unable to meet demands within FOUR YEARS.
  • An April Gallup Poll found that only one in three Americans are worried about Climate Change.
Sustainability News of the Month:
How Organic Farming Can Save Our Oceans

The alarming increase of "Dead Zones" in the world's oceans over the past few years is now as much of a threat to ocean life as over-fishing and habitat loss, say researchers in the recent issue of the Journal Science. Dead Zones are typically created when massive amounts of synthetic fertilizer from conventional farms are carried via rivers to the ocean. The fertilizers cause algae blooms which suffocate fish. The number of Dead Zones has risen from 162 to 405 in the last twenty years. Scientists say this year's Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico, created by chemical farm fertilizer runoff, factory farm pollution, and municipal sewage contamination in the Mississippi Basin, is a record 8,000 square miles. Researchers now agree that chemical agriculture "Dead Zones" are one of the world's biggest environmental threats. And of course the only real solution to the world's Dead Zones is to make the transition to chemical fertilizer and pesticide-free organic farming.

Web Video of the Month:
Junk Food Potato Chips & Chocolate Now Being Fed to Cattle

As corn prices are going up, large scale factory farm operations are looking for cheaper foods to feed cattle. Cost-cutting measures like mixing reject M&Ms and potato chips with corn feed are no longer uncommon. Of course, compared to the dangerous but routine practice of feeding slaughterhouse waste, blood, and manure to feedlot animals, M&Ms and potato chips don't sound that bad. In the meantime, cattle ranchers raising grass-fed beef are struggling to stay in business, as more people are buying the cheap stuff. The Wall Street Journal recently released a news video on the issue:

We celebrate our common victory over Monsanto: the Biotech Behemoth's announcement that it was "divesting" or selling off its controversial genetically engineered animal drug, recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH). With Monsanto's stock price and reputation wobbling, now is the time to advance, to move forward and aggressively block Monsanto's assault on consumers, the environment and democracy.
  • Did you know that Monsanto contributes hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to elected officials and spends millions in lobbying? 
  • Did you know that almost 100 million pounds of Monsanto's best selling herbicide, RoundUp, are applied to gardens and lawns each year, accounting for $1 billion dollars in sales?  Home Depot is the United States and Canada's largest home improvement chain and a major vendor of RoundUp.
  • Tell Home Depot's CEO Frank Blake: Do the Right Thing, Dump Monsanto!

Brought to you by ORGANIC BYTES, from Organic Consumers Assoc.






"The greater the faith, the greater the result." ~Frank Fools Crow, Lakota


The Creator designed us to act on faith. We are able to do this by holding firm to our beliefs. If we believe something and if we don't want the belief to change, we need to add the power of the Great Spirit to this belief. We must always have the spiritual added to our beliefs. If we don't add the Spirit, then we may very well change our minds during the first time we are tested. Each time we are tested and we don't change our minds, we get stronger. The wind may blow on the red willow trees bending them and causing the roots to grow deeper. The more the wind bends the tree, the bigger, stronger and deeper the roots grow. We should be happy that we are tested. It's the Creator's way of making us have greater faith for greater results.


Great Mystery, Grandfather,

I know if I am tested today that I can count on You

 to give me the courage to get to the other side.

On the other side of every test is the reward of strength.

Make me strong.

By Don Coyhis




Needless vaccine

can have deadly consequences

Guarding against the dangers of Gardasil

By William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

What will it take for Big Pharma to stop pushing their dangerous and useless vaccines? Apparently, one death a month is not going to be enough.


That's the rate at which women who have had Merck's cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil, are dying, according to a new report. This is especially tragic because Gardasil is far and away the most unnecessary vaccine that's currently on the market (and that's really saying something).

An FDA report on Gardasil was recently obtained by Judicial Watch, a public interest group that campaigns against government corruption.

They used the Freedom of Information act to show that the FDA has received reports of 10 deaths associated with Gardasilsince September of 2007.  Merck has come under fire for "fast-tracking" Gardasilto market without proper testing in order to be the first to offer this repulsive, needless vaccination.







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by Hans Wagner


Recently scientists around the world have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic [antifungal and antibiotic] effects of black seed oil.


Health practitioners in various countries around the world are using the oil against inflammation of all sorts as well as fungi infections. Even a remarkable reduction of blood sugar levels has been found by scientists. Black Seed extracts have been found help to stimulate bone marrow and immune cells, so writes the scientists of the Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory and adding that it raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumor cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.

All these functions make the Black Seed oil the ideal candidate for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Scientists are now busy finding the effects of the Black Seed oil in regard to various other human health conditions. Dr. Med. Peter Schleicher, an immunologist, in Munich who in 1986 happened to be nominated the youngest member of the World Academy of Scientists, examined black seed oil in his institute to find new therapies for chronic illness and its effect.







Submitted by:

Crystal Harvey, MAIC Correspondent

Fluoride Action Network





Kidney Foundation Admits:

Kidney Patients Should be Notified of Potential Risk

from Fluorides and Fluoridated Drinking Water


[Ellijay, GA 2008}  A new position paper from the National Kidney  Foundation concludes that individuals with chronic kidney disease should be notified of the potential risk from exposure to fluorides. The document acknowledges gaping holes in research concerning kidney impacts from fluorides, lending new ammunition to the growing numbers of cities, health professionals, water agencies, and citizens who question industry and government assertions that water fluoridation has been proven safe.


The statement formally cancels NKF’s previous position paper on water fluoridation and recommends that kidney patients be notified of the risks via the organization’s web site.


Opponents of fluoridation believe the statement is a step in the right direction, but say that the document still does not go far enough and is not reaching the millions of average kidney patients – perhaps due to an apparent conflict of interest the National Kidney Foundation has in receiving grant funding from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the federal government’s largest promoter of water fluoridation.






No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.


The Coffee Break


An Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand pulling a male buffalo with the other.  He says to the waiter:   

 'Want coffee.' 

The waiter says,  
 'Sure, Chief. Coming right up.' 

He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee.  The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp, turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun, causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere and then just walks out. 

The next morning the Indian returns.  He has his shotgun in one hand, pulling 
another male buffalo with the other.  He walks up to the counter and says to 
the waiter

'Want coffee.' 

 The waiter says 'Whoa, Tonto! We're still cleaning up your mess from yesterday.   What was all that about, anyway?' 

The Indian smiles and proudly says 
'Training for position in United States Congress: Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up, disappear for rest of day.'





Warning: New Pet Foods Recalled


The ASPCA is advising pet parents to discontinue the use of certain dog and cat foods manufactured by Mars Petcare US. On September 12, the company issued a nationwide recall of certain foods due to potential contamination with a Salmonella serotype called Schwarzengrund.  The recall includes several widely distributed brands of dry pet food, including Pedigree, Special Kitty, Paws & Claws, Natural Dog Food, Red Flannel, Country Acres, Buju & Ziggie, Member's Mark, Natural Cat Food, Retriever, Bruiser, Doggy Bag, PMI Nutrition and Pet Pride.


“Pet parents should wash their hands after handling any potentially contaminated pet food,” says Dr. Steven Hansen, the ASPCA’s Senior Vice President of Animal Health Services, “and immediately consult with a veterinarian if any signs or symptoms are noticed in their pets.”


For more information on the recall and affected brands, please visit our website.  If you suspect your pet has eaten contaminated food, please call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at (888) 426-4435. Complete list of affected foods:




Are You Eating Cloned Meat?




(NaturalNews) The major cattle cloning companies in the United States have admitted that they have not bothered to try and keep meat from the offspring of clones out of the U.S. food supply, in spite of a request by the FDA several years ago.

"This is a fairy tale that this technology is not being used and is not already in the food chain," said Donald Coover, who owns a specialty cattle semen business. "Anyone who tells you otherwise either doesn't know what they're talking about, or they're not being honest."

Coover admitted that for several years, he has been openly selling semen from cloned bulls. He is sure, he added, that others are doing the same.








Portal to Maya Underworld Found in Mexico?

Alexis Okeowo in México City
for National Geographic News
August 22, 2008




A labyrinth filled with stone temples and pyramids in 14 caves—some underwater—have been uncovered on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, archaeologists announced last week.


The discovery has experts wondering whether Maya legend inspired the construction of the underground complex—or vice versa.


According to Maya myth, the souls of the dead had to follow a dog with night vision on a horrific and watery path and endure myriad challenges before they could rest in the afterlife.





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