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By Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman



Family: A True Blessing


We have all been taught from childhood that family is very important.


What a wonderful act of love is shown by the Creator by giving us life and providing the family arrangement. The father has the responsibility to earn a living for his family. Often times this is very hard to do. With jobs being scarce and money being hard to earn sometimes the head of the household finds that they may have to work two jobs just to make ends meet.


With that in mind, the father may be irritable when he arrives home after a long day earning his wages so the family is able to have meals set before them. The mother has a never ending task of providing meals, sewing new clothing, washing cloths and cleaning the house. Cooking often times is shared by some of the older female members of the family. We as family members should show how much we appreciate our parents and older siblings who provide for us.


There may be times when a heated argument occurs between our parents, it may be because the parents have been overworked or just not feeling well. At times such as these, the children should take care not to get involved. They can either leave the room or read a book to keep their minds off the situation at hand.


Children show love and affection by keeping their rooms well organized and clean. While the mother wears many hats as cook, laundry woman, loving mate to the husband, counselor to the children and general housekeeper, she never forgets to show honor to her family. Yes, being part of a loving family is a true blessing given to us by a loving creator who knows our needs and provides for us at times when there seems that there is no way to get around family problems. I truly miss my siblings who have crossed over as well as my parents who helped me along in this life. Those of you, who have parents and brothers and sisters still living, take the time to let them know just how much you care for them. This way you will be blessed.


~ Hawk With Seven Eyes




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