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Sunday and the time had also changed without me knowing it. I woke up to the clock on the cable box reading a different one than the clock on my bed side table. Whole days and months have gone by without being conscious of their passage.  My mind and heart are like the frozen ice locked in some void that I just cannot escape from. My spirit feel frozen from all feeling at times,  then plunged into some dark depth of emotional pain that rips and pulls the soul fiber it is made from.


Many things have happened lately that are awakening my heart to the purpose and reason of life for which there is no explanation.  Still the ice remains a constant barrier between my heart and mind and the real spiritual world.


The day came slipping in across the frozen lake with quiet dignity. I peeked from my window to see if the ice had done any more damage.


Just before going to sleep last night I heard another loud boom that shook the house. When I hear this it means that  yet another piece of ice has fallen from the upper roof onto the lower roofs. I tried to see where the damage was done but could not see much in the dark from my windows.


Yesterday I discovered the ice had fallen onto the front porch roof pinning down my phone line and television cable line. Both of the lines were trapped in and under the piece of ice and when it slipped off the roof it would rip the boxes off the house. There was no way I could reach the ice or get out on the roof so I called my neighbor Jay who has been clearing the ice for me.


Jay arrived and the sky was still clear and the sun was working magic on the snow and ice that fills the roads here in Lily Dale.


Jay got the huge chunk of ice free of the porch roof and managed to remove most of the other pieces.


Ice is the biggest danger in this area it can take out a roof fast when those pieces fall from the upper floors. Some of them must weight at least 400 pounds. One day it took the entire front porch away from the house and caved in the roof.  The temperatures warming can have mixed blessings with the ice melting and flooding in lower areas.


After Jay had finished his ice removal we were out on the back porch  looking at the remaining ice and snow. I looked up on the garage roof discussing the need to remove ice from that area when I saw the tip of a wing disappear behind the roof peak. I looked again and against the clear blue sky I saw the most magnificent Bald Eagle flying. He was so close and his feathers gleamed white against the deep blue of the sky.


I called out to him and made an Eagle call sound he came even closer. Probably wondering what on earth all  that racket was. Again I called out to him “Wambli, Kola thank you for coming”. I called out loud to Creator thanking the great mystery for this wonderful sight.  At that moment Jay must have thought I had totally lost my mind.


This has been a  hard winter weather wise,  for me it has been a long soul searching winter.


Many days I have spent praying and meditating on life and the purpose we all serve in being here. Tears of sadness and just pure frustration have not been absent from my prayers.


The added injury to my knee has made it impossible to do the work I need to accomplish before spring. Perhaps I needed to stop and think or at least re examine my life in general.


The lonely days and nights have certainly given me plenty of time to reflect on many things.


Jay and I just stood there in awe of this wonderful gift from Creator,  I have not seen such a beautiful Eagle for many years. The last one I saw of this magnificence was in Maine. I have written of the day that five Eagles came to fly for an hour over my house. It was the beginning of my journey into the world of spiritual sharing.


Eagles have a special meaning to me as my own father was an Eagle Dancer. When he wore the feathered wings and danced you were transported back in time and space. My mind flew back in time as if it were in some wind tunnel being sucked up and sent at some speed of light to another time and place.


I saw the men all dancing holding the eagle bone whistles in their mouths calling for Wambli to come and dance with them and hear their prayers. There was a times when these dancers could fly with the eagles as they danced.  


I watched the Eagle as it came closer and closer to where we stood watched. Finally it was just above our heads so close I could see its eyes watching us. The tail feathers twisted and turned as it made the circles and continued to observe us.  A loud high piercing whistle sounded several times and it went into my heart like an electrical shock. I felt like my heart was being mended and healed by the Eagle with his voice.


I looked higher and I could see another shape in the sky. Jay thought it was a sea gull but it was way too high for that. I thought of the planes when they are that high they look like silver birds made of clouds.


The white shape like a ghost in the sky so high continued to make its own circles in reflection of the eagle we were watching. Like a spirit shadow it too flew around in lazy circles just above the Eagle but hundreds of feet higher.  


I could not see it in color detail, all you could see was a white shadow eagle flying.  We watched this for many minutes until the Eagle slowly climbed higher and increased his flight to include the tenting area behind the play grounds near the maintenance garage.  Finally we could not see the eagle and I went back into the house and Jay went home.


I carried this image in my heart and mind all day yesterday as it felt like more a dream than actual reality.


Today I share this with you my dear and good friend in trust that it too may have some meaning in your life. We are all just messengers from Creator who in time will understand our purpose here on this Earth.  I give thanks for yesterday and the Eagle; today I make my morning prayers for peace, understanding, and forgiveness.  I hear the voice of the Eagle in my heart and it sings with love and peace.  The voice of the Eagle has returned to the Earth, I know  it enter each heart that listens to find truth, and love.  


Mitakuye Oyasin   Waynonaha


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