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Magdala Rameriz

Beautiful Ones,

The  emerging of the divine feminine is bringing the awakening of the true human being all over the world,  for the love of the Great Mother  is showing the way…..


A crop circle have appeared when the new year of our calendar began


There she is, showing us the way….so beautiful!


For long time human being have a bad dream, for they dream that they live in a separate world, despair came into their hearts and many things was created through suffering and pain….human being through the world of separation become genetic engineering, so was some trees and pants and the food,  and went into a big distortion for the creation was based on separation…..the heart was broken, for human being was grown  with the idea of having no mother, and didn’t understand the true father, for the world of separation show them a distorted father, so the despair grow for many generation, and for long time finally human being is encountering the Mother….


And with her, the world of unity begging to emerge within the self, the world of unity as an understanding  begin to flourish in the consciousness of the beautiful people, yes, she is here, with all her power with all her love with all her healing…..for she is bringing the true vibration in all humans….she is bringing back the original vibration, the true DNA that is showing the way of all true humans….


She is the knowledge of sacred math, as you can see in the crop circle, and showing the worlds inside of the worlds inside of the worlds, the realm of the feminine, the realm of the virtual reality, ready to be awaken in all the land, ready to be awaken in all that exist, for she is unity and she has always been here!... for the ones that wanted to look for her….but, yes indeed, the search have come into an end, now is the time of finding… and through that finding within the self, human being finally is reaching themselves and recognizing as a daughter and son of the great mother…. She is indeed the bridge of the true father …the perfect manifestation


In her realm, all life is sacred, in her realm love is the powerful energy that holds all in the unity, in her realm resides the knowledge of the multi-verse, the knowledge of the holy …


She is, indeed, the mother of all true humans,  when human embrace her the reconstruction of the DNA take place, in the sacred realm of all life… She, indeed, recognize all true humans as her children, can you recognize her inside of you?


She is within the human being awakening and through that awakening she is bringing the sacredness of life, the new temple, the new world, that human being is giving birth, human being is giving birth to a new perception of the self, for humans know that they are spirit, an spirit that has father and mother, and holiness is everywhere!


Through this awakening, the new way of living, the true father, the divine order, is bonding to the perfect harmony that she is, the way of living of a true human being is encoding in their own nature, for human being now is dancing the perfection of being human, the true medicine of a human being….


In the world of oneness…

In lakesh ( I am your other you)




November 22, 10 am - 4 pm

2637 Ira Road   Akron Ohio


Beyond 2012:

Mayan knowledge Unraveling the Fifth  Dimension Seminar



The Kingdom of Heaven is on earth, the kingdom of Earth is on Heaven


You are invited to a wonderful journey that the you have been waiting to take. 


The time has come --  fulfillment of the ancient prophesies where the true humans embrace who they are.


The time has come …. when the being encounters another reality within the self…


The time has come… of the awakening of the true human being….


The new world is here… welcome!




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