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Tree Of Life Reborn

Every morning, for most of my life, I sent out prayers for my people and my community for guidance and protection.  Before the Earth Shift, the answers and signs were slow to reach us all.  Now, answers are coming faster and have grown stronger in these past few months.  We all need to understand that this change of events in the world will effect us all.

Those who wish to live in peace will survive, those who cannot live in peace will not. This will take years to undo what these past forty years have created.

This has filled a space in my heart that has lain bare and sad for too many years now.  We are given purpose and light when we need it most.  I have prayed for this  so that I can find the next foothold on this path of life.

When we feel alone it is easy to fall into these barren wastes of our soul.  The loss of so many loved ones has left my heart empty.  I now know that they are with many others who work on the other side for the good of all.  My prayers have been heard and so have yours.  We are all on the same path and walking into the future of this Earth Mother. The same words that yesterday were considered foolish are being listened to now.

This year has passed so fast and little was accomplished in the plans we made.  It seems most have been on “hold” for some reason or another. I cannot yet see the reason for this delay but suspect it is the economy we are being cleared from.  We are all feeling a bit shaky and need to stand still and rethink our way of life.

It is important that when we are building a lodge we find a good intent to make it strong.  The economy was not based on this intent.  It will crumble and return to the Earth Mother as yet another failed plan of the humans who live here.

When we base our intent on helping others and the Earth Mother, the lodge will remain strong and good.  Long ago I learned not to resist that which I cannot see or understand but to wait.  In time it will all be shown to me.

The change in the season has triggered an inner search for peace and opened some passages for spirit to work through.  Many of us are feeling these energies flow into us at this time when nature is preparing to sleep.  I have been receiving a great many messages over this past month that relate to the speeding up that is occurring.

Years ago, as some of you already know, I shared a vision about all that is occurring at this time.  The changes that are here for us are now in force.  This awakens our sense that there is a shaking in this Earth and everything  speeding up.  This stress is causing us to be forgetful or out of our bodies.  We call this the entering our Within, the within,  the within, to our sacred space or the spiritual part of our being.  Some call this the Love, Truth, and Peace of our souls.

As the world seems to be changing so fast, and as the events that we have only spoken about are  happening, we all are in fear.  Stop do not run in fear or you will not be able to balance and center your thoughts.   The word FEAR has EAR in it and if we give our ears to the media and not to our hearts, we will not be able to focus. The story of the monster who took all the peoples ears so he could have control is happening now.

I do not fear because I have little and this will not effect me as to world money markets. Those who serve this will run in fear. I for one am all into barter and trade for what we need and intend to create a community of like minds.

There was a reason I moved back to Maine it is safe and less populated. Many did not understand my move so suddenly but for many years I knew it had to be.

The timing was important and everything was completed in an orderly fashion.

We will be called upon to share and to give up what we thought was important to our living. You will find in time that what you held as important will matter little.

These are the times that will challenge us to walk our talk and live up to that which we are here to do. We must honor our commitments that we have made to others and to Creator.  Mercury just went retrograde (I dread those words) and it seems at times as if we never leave that state where communications are challenged.  Do not feed into the media panic, hold your own council with wise elders. They will help you to find a better way of living.

Those who have lived simply and close to the Earth carry the teachings we now need.

Maintain that balance and walk the pathway to enlightenment and carry back the light that will help the world.  We read so often in many books about the Children of the Light; so, be one and help others to see.  Enter your inner sacred space (Vibral Core) each day and you will find the peace you hold.

There are two other planets in retrograde as well, which brings us through the forces that were present up to September’s Harvest Full Moon.  We go backward through a huge shift that occurred during that time and these light forces cleanse us and clear us of old things that we must let go.  It is a time of the Wopila lodge, the giving of thanks for all we have in life and the beyond.  The non-linear world of all energy is holistic and interconnected in a fine balance of polarity.

This passing of the planet between these was referred to as the new birthing of the world. We have all now seen this as the truth and know that nothing will be as it once was.

The Phoenix is burning, but in the ashes the world will be reborn in a better way. The cleansing of fire and water will purify us all. Before all this happens we must make changes and agree to live in peace.

Many suffer now from unbalanced lives and are classed as Bi-polar and other mental challenges.  To many, they may seem disorderly on the surface, completely out of whack.  An undercurrent of peaceful order is present, we can reach into that Field of Plenty and rebuild our lives.

With all these storm systems coming through, the electromagnetic charge is strong and lighting up the energy field. Our own spiritual bodies are now connecting, responding and lighting up as well.  Some people who do not know how to use the access energy are having short circuits of stress with this overload .  We really have to relax into our truth, enter into our deepest spiritual trust that the Universe is full of infinite creative imagination, well-being and abundance.

Peruvian healers talk of Anyi, which means to be in right relationship with ourselves and others, with Earth and the community at every interaction in our lives.  Then we are in balance with Heaven and Earth.  Everything is a combination of energies and the true balance is formed.  This is for what we all exist. 

Someplace within us, we knew that these times were coming with their confusion and doubts.  One of the things that I recommend is to do a cleansing of your land and space (house or apartment).  You may use tobacco ties or use the sage smoke to clean your home and land. 

Set crystals in the four directions at the borders of your property and a Medicine Wheel someplace where it can be undisturbed.  I will certainly be happy to share the way you can make one of these. This can generate something for you and something for Mother Earth at the same time.

Praying every day for the Earth, for yourself, and for those around you takes no time and gives so much.  If you do these prayers in the Medicine Wheel you have created, then you are encompassing the 7 directions and expanding your connection.  This will also reach all of those people of spiritual connection and indigenous brothers and sisters we have around the world.  The Medicine Wheels are all connected and are considered powerful places.  These wheels are the connections to the Chakras of Mother Earth.


As the year 2012 is approaching fast, it will influence so much of these energies that are affecting this change to the world as we know it.  The prophesies are being taken down off the dusty shelves and read once more.  Many find that which they ignored early on are now in place and happening.

Those who are willing to recommit to the Earth Mother and the path that holds love, truth and peace will walk into this Sixth World that awaits us.  Those who continue the path of greed and separation will not walk into the Sixth World of beauty and peace.  Look around you and see where you can make a difference; help others however you can.  That is the answer to the true walk of life.

Welcome back to the Tree Of Life from which all things flow.  Our Elders are waiting under the Tree to help us rebuild the community.  You have come home to love, truth, and peace.  May Creator save us all a Red and Blue Day of Peace.

Love and blessings Waynonaha

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