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As we hike the trails of Manataka Mountain today, we find no monuments to the gentle people who were once the keepers of Manataka (Place of Peace).  Only the Grandfathers now tell the story of the Rainbow Woman who blessed and guarded the Valley and the healing waters of Nówâ-sa-lon, the hot springs.


But this is about to change.  On the southeast slope of Manataka (Hot Springs) Mountain, cross the street from Hot Springs National Park, there was a small house built in 1920 that was demolished in 2010.  This little house sat on a half-acre, three city lots, of sacred ground; a little piece of the sacred mountain.


Linda Bear Woman Speaks VanBibber of Independence, Missouri donated the land to the Manataka American Indian Council in 2008.  MAIC received a clear-title deed to this private property for use in perpetuity for ceremonies and other functions.  Linda is a retired marketing executive and a member of Manataka since 2001.


"It’s all yours. A piece of sacred land needing much love and attention. I had felt that by cleaning up this small parcel, we would be contributing to preserving the sacredness of Manataka and extending a powerful vibration of love and healing throughout Mother Earth. May it be so," said VanBibber.



We now have a site designated for ceremony on the eastern slope of the Sacred Mountain.


Anyone driving by this property would not consider it of much value.  After the property is cleared and cleaned, it will be a slice of sacred ground on which we can pray and conduct ancient ceremony in the way of the Grandfathers.  At the same time, all visitors will have easy access to the sacred Manataka Mountain.


It is a place where the past and the present can meet in the hearts of our children.  


It will take a lot of work and a lot of love and dedication to turn this property into a place of beauty for the people.  Spirit has shown that a Medicine Wheel garden planted with native herbs gathered for healing by our ancestors will be created. 


The Manataka Medicine Wheel will have a Peace Pole with “PEACE” engraved in the many languages of the First Nations people who pray here and in the languages of visitors from around the globe. 


A Sacred Fire Circle will be built for prayer and ceremony.  A purification lodge will be available.  We also plan to build a pavilion and other facilities on the land.    But we have more Heart than we have money for these projects, so we are asking our readers and supporters for assistance.  The grounds will not be used to stage unrelated events or powwows.


Donations of labor, plant material, building material and money would all be deeply appreciated.  Excavation equipment and labor donations would also be gratefully accepted.   We will need lots of hearts and hands.  And if you don’t have any of these to offer, we also need good thoughts and prayers.


If you would like to help, in any way, please let us know by emailing us at and let us know how you would like to participate.  Or to make a donation now, go to: -- Scroll down to Manataka Sacred Grounds.  MAIC is a non-profit organization and all donations of services and goods are tax deductible.


We are not building this for ourselves.  We are building the Manataka Sacred Grounds for our children and your children.  We are building for the future of our culture.  May the Spirit of Peace that is the essence of Manataka be with you.




Here are some preliminary drawings -- nothing set in stone yet.  What do you think?



Entry Walk Way


Medicine Wheel Garden



Stone Council House



Amphitheater with Thatched Roof Pavilions


Purification Lodge and Thatched Roof Pavilion


Designs by David G. Massey



It is our prayer to one day add an American Indian museum on these grounds.

It is our prayer that problems with the National Park Service will cease to exist.

It is our prayer that  people of all nations will come to Manataka to give thanks

To the Creator of All Things


Monroe Loy of Hot Springs, chairman of the Sacred Grounds Committee


We are currently developing detailed site plans and architectural drawings.

If you live nearby, volunteer to be a part of it all ! 





On the southeast slope of Manataka (Hot Springs) Mountain, across the street from Hot Springs National Park, there was a small house built in 1920 that was demolished in 2010. This little house sat on a half-acre, three city lots, of sacred ground; a little piece of the sacred mountain....


Manataka needs your help to create the facilities seen above to assist with the presentation of sacred ceremonies, seminars and programs.   Please click on the button below.


A confirmation of your contribution will be emailed to you.  We are most grateful for any size contribution you decide.



Purchase a real brick with your name engraved forever on its face

 to greet visitors to Manataka Sacred Grounds.


Dedicate a memorial brick to a friend or family member



4" x 8" x 2.25"

up to 3 lines with 21 characters each or less.

Engraving done by laser and guaranteed for life


We will confirm your contribution with a simple form to designate the honoree.






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