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Healing With Love Part 4

By Robert Gray Hawk Coke


The Bible teaches us that what we sow we will reap.



Hate begot Hate; Anger begot Anger; Fear begot Fear


Safety begot Safety; Comfort begot Comfort

Love begot Love


The last three - safety, comfort, love -  must be present to make this work for everyone.


When I am totally open, give unconditional pure love and expect nothing in return, I get the same back 97 to 98% of the time. The unresponsive people mostly just have a puzzled look on their face as if they just did not know what happened to them.


I read of an experiment done by a Japanese scientist, who worked with water crystals. He studied them from many sources in different modes. Every time, the crystals were misshapen some way. Then he went back to a water source in the town and took another sample. Then he contacted a Tibetan High Monk and asked him to pray over the water sample. This time, the crystals are completely different. They were perfectly formed and beautiful in every way. You could say that the monk celebrated the water crystals’ spirit/soul.


Now think of our bodies which are mostly water ( approx. 75%). Our brain is closer to 85% water. Just think what we can do for each other with kind words and pure love. Every aspect of our being would benefit from prayers and acts of  pure love just as the water crystals did.


The Creator created us to be “light beings.” Yet many of us live in a dark, negative world. Perhaps it’s time for us to focus on changing it to a light, joyful world. If we were to begin with ourselves to practice this celebration of the spirit/soul, then we could pass these feeling on, like ripples on the water.  That could easily change much of the Darkness we are living in on Mother Earth. It would definitely help us all live in more harmony.





Robert Gray Hawk King Coke, 77, Cherokee, is the newest member of the Manataka Elder Council. Coke graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1952 with a biology degree. He served in the U.S. Army with a tour in Europe.


After returning home, Robert Coke, entered pre-seminary school Austin College with a major in Philosophy.  He continued his education by earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University where he later served on the faculty as an instructor. In 1996, Elder Coke was elected Chairman, of the American Indian Heritage Association and served as an ambassador for the American Indian Center of Dallas. Gray Hawk is now a semi-retired consultant.




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