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By Hawk With Seven Eyes Hoffman






Who really is my brother?


This truly is an interesting subject. I have had the honor to attend many Native American Indian Gatherings called, ‘Powwow’s where the spirit of the event causes one to excel greatly and get caught up with the spirit of friendship. But does this spiritual feeling when getting to know new friends really make these people your brothers and sisters? The answer is clear, when observing the habits of newly found so-called friends are not as spiritual as they should seem, then this is the time to decide whether these people deserve to be called, Brothers or not.


I am happy to report that it is not very often that when I meet new people that I have a bad feeling about them because of the way they treat others. I have been adopted by several brothers and sisters as either an uncle or a grandfather. What a happy feeling you can have when someone that you have just met comes up to you and asks do you mind if I call you uncle? Or even gives you a big hug and says, is it all right if I call you grandfather?


In fact I am a grandfather as well as a great grandfather so if I feel that I want that person to call me uncle or grandfather I am very pleased.


While doing what I can do to help the people learn to dance or learn something of the history or culture of my people it gives me a feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am doing the right thing. Many people call their new friends ‘Brother; but how long will it be before they change their minds about calling someone a brother?


I have seen close friendships fall apart due to things like ‘greed or jealousy. It may be because these people wish to be important in the eyes of others. People who deserve respect will gain respect; it is not an automatic thing that just happens. If you wish to make friends with others and remain a brother to them, then help these in any way you can and always remember, we are all children of the Great Spirit and we should treat others the way we wish to be treated.


May you all have peace and continue to follow the ‘Red Road’ and continue to show respect for each other.




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