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Beautiful Ones,


Long time ago, one of my angel teachers told me the story of the Tree of Life,  and he also told me that will be unfold over and over again….and it happened….




The Tree of Life Story


When the realm of separation begun into this planet,  father and mother were sad, so mama begun to cry and cry and from that cry the oceans were created, that is why the water is salty


Father came and told mama, "you need to stop crying for you are going to drown your own children." So she did stop crying, but she could not stop crying from the inside.  Then all the rivers, subterranean rivers, springs and creeks were all was created because of mama crying from the inside.


Momma said, "I will create a beautiful tree, a flowered tree, I will be inside of the tree and call my children back into the world of the enchanted flower, the world of oneness where they belong, the world of integration."  And since that time the tree was name the tree of life.


Now the story unfolds from the Tree of Life...


"I am the tree of life, I am the life force, I am here to regenerate you, to reborn you, to transmute you,  I am here to connect you into the world where you belong, the world of the enchanted flower the world of integration, come into my shade and listen.


Many flowers have shown you the way, for this is your time to Be.  This is your time to bloom, for you have become the beautiful messenger and the message, you have become the blooming flower.  The sacred flower that is leading the way in to the many worlds.  The fifth world is where I reside for I am Oneness in my being."


Now the doors are wide open, and the sacred songs and teachings come from the very core and go into many directions.


The time has come for the many directions, the many tribes and many cultures and many religions and traditions, many vibrations, comes together and recognize where they come from, for the tree of life roots are very strong and deep into the core of this holy planet, it is only one single root. 


This planet was created to experience light and the goddess hood and the godhood as you are that you experience through the world of oneness.  These experiences are taking place as many beings dance and walk in the realm of the holy, and show the way into the world of oneness, where you have always resided, the world of the enchanted flower, the world of the kingdom of heaven.


You know now that the kingdom of heaven is on earth and the kingdom of earth is in heaven, for the Tree of Life now is speaking, vibrating, calling, for I am the blessed one the perfect essence of al vibrations.


Go into the pyramid that the tree is showing, for you are the essence of all the life forms, as you are me and I am you; understand the Tree of Life embraces who you are, for the time of the pyramid has come.


I am you





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