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Buy ORGANIC Honey!

By Liora Leah Lauren Zack



Strong evidence is emerging that it is the bee-keeping practices in non-organic commercialized hives that are largely responsible for the demise of the honey bee in what is known as "Colony Collapse Syndrome".

Feral, or wild, bees are doing fine, as are bees from organic commercialized hives.

Buy only ORGANIC honey and boycott non-organic honey to protest the practices of using pesticides & antibiotics in non-organic hives.



Boycott Non-Organic Honey found in grocery stores!


Alternatives: Organic Honey can be expensive. I bought these two products to have my kids taste-test as an alternative to commercialized, non-organic honey. Both were given the "stamp of approval", are organic, and are reasonable in price:

Madhava raw pure-organic agave nectar
net weight 17 oz
100% pure agave-nectar from agave salmiana
produced from live plants
product of MexicoBioAgriCert organic certification/USDA organic
distributed by Madhava
PO Box 756 Lyons, CO
Cost: $4.31 (purchased at Vitamin City, Long Beach, CA)

Sorrell Ridge
Organic "That's My Honey!"
Honey & Brown Rice Syrup
net wt 16 oz.
USDA organic/certified organic by QAI
"enjoy the fresh taste of Organic Honey delightfully blended with the wholesomeness of Organic Brown Rice and all it's nutritive qualities..."
Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice Syrup, organic honey
manufactured by: Sorrel Ridge Farm
Port Reading, NJ 07064 cost: $5.29 (purchased at Vitamin City, Long Beach, CA)



The best place to buy organic honey is in your own neighborhood. Buy from local beekeepers who often sell at farmers markets or roadside stands.  Local honey can be more beneficial for you than store bought organic honey because it contains pollen from hundreds of local plants helping to build a natural allergy immunity.  The National Honey Board also has a handy Honey Locator:



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Thanks for going GREEN!

--Liora Leah



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