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Sky Bundles

When we are born we are connected to our mothers by the birth cord. At birth the cord is saved and dried for us to carry all of our lives.  When we are babies it is kept on our cradle boards in a small beaded bag. Many of these are shaped like turtles and other animals or creatures. This is to fool the spirits that may wish to take a child back to the spirit world. The placenta is buried under a tree,  or in these times,  many plant a new tree and place the placenta under the tree.  This connects us to a growing and strong life here on this Earth.  The tree it is said to hold strength for the child as long as he or she lives.

When I go home I seek out my tree to see if it still is alive,  I make a offering of tobacco and corn meal in honor of my relations.

The connection to the spirit world is through our invisible birth cords. Just as we connect to the physical things here on Earth,  we also have a connection to Creator or the Great Mystery.

As we walk here we gather and build our Earth Bundles. These bundles may contain many things that have meaning or are a sources of strength to us. When we  are living we use these bundles to pray with for healing and spiritual guidance. When we pass from this world onto the next we must leave the bundle behind.

It is important that you have some one here to hold that bundle and continue the work you started. This bundle then is your connection on Earth when you return to the Great Mystery.

Like threads these spiritual paths are in the invisible world.  Millions of these threads  like silk connect to us all from Sky to Earth create a  tapestry of many colors.  Each different in many ways yet all connect the two worlds.

We also have a Sky Bundle that is kept when we travel to this physical plain to work and to learn. All the while we gather our bundle here on Earth the Creator holds our Sky Bundle safe and strong for our return. 

You may look upon your Earth journey as a vision quest from the Spirit world to the physical one. The stars in the heavens are our council fires held until we return from this long vision.

When we are seeking guidance here on this Earth we go on a vision quest and seek our spiritual helpers. This is a ceremony that we prepare for by fasting and prayers in the Inipi. During the vision quest we leave our bundles with the person who will  keep our fire and lodge while  we are gone..  This assures us that we will be able to find out way back from the spirit world.

Between these two bundles we travel from death to life and from life to death.  The thread or cord is always there  to hold and us and to guide us.

A strong bundle here on Earth is carried on generation after generation the work never stops. The continuation on  the vision is always being worked with and added to by the keepers of the bundle.

In the sky world we return to continue the work for our relations on the Earth this also is a continuation of prayer and healing. All is connected by the many threads of our relation both here and in spirit.  Some people lose their way and the bundles are disrespected.  The sacred vision of life is not being shared with the children in time the Sky Bundles will become weak and the paths between the Spirit world and the Earth world will be all but gone. It is in this time many will lose their way and walk as Chee Chee (stick people) here on this Earth.

For those of you who are walking in a traditional way no matter what faith you keep or believe  gather your bundles well. Tie  them with red cord,  and cover them in red cloth for the time is coming when our children will need the prayers and healing they can give.

When we are in gone and only our spirits are here to work we will have a strong connection.  We will be able to work with all our  relation here on earth,  as long as the bundles are respected.   Blessings Waynonaha



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