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Legends of Old: Emergence to the Fifth World
Feature Story 3: Census 2010

Letters to the Editor:

America; Black Mesa; And Humanity
Organic Consumers: How to Avoid Genetically Modified Food
Elder's Meditations: Uncle Frank Davis, Pawnee
Plant Medicine: Medicine for the People
Fluoride: Tennessee Lawmaker against fluoride
Animal Rights and Wrongs: A North American Red Wolf
Endangered Sacred Sites: Preservation concerns at Valmont Butte









Emergence to the Fifth World

Hopi Prophesy and Legend

"The end of all Hopi ceremonialism will come when a Kachina removes his mask during a dance in the plaza before uninitiated children. For a while there
will be no more ceremonies, no more faith. Then Oraibi will be rejuvenated with its faith and ceremonies, marking the start of a new cycle of Hopi life.

"World War III will be started by those peoples who first revealed the light (the divine wisdom or intelligence) in the other old countries (India, China, Islamic Nations, Africa). The United States will be destroyed, land and people, by atomic bombs and radioactivity. Only the Hopis and their homeland will be preserved as an oasis to which refugees will flee. Bomb  shelters are a fallacy. "It is only materialistic people who seek to make shelters. Those who are at peace in their hearts already are in the great shelter of life. There is no shelter for evil. Those who take no part in the making of world division by ideology are ready to resume life in another world, be they Black, White, Red, or Yellow race. They are all one, brothers.

"The war will be 'a spiritual conflict with material matters. Material matters will be destroyed by spiritual beings who will remain to create one world and one nation under one power, that of the Creator.'







Census 2010 



Should I Identify as Native American in the 2010 Census?





It is absolutely critical that all “non-enrolled” Native Americans, and those people that can prove lineal descent from a Native American ancestor, self-identify as “Native American in Combination with One or More Races” when completing their 2010 Census questionnaires! Get the message out – pass this along to your family members and other Indian friends.


Results of the 2000 Census

For the first time ever, the 2000 Census measured “Native Americans in Combination with One or More Races,” That number totaled 4,119,301. The number of Americans that reported themselves “Native Alone” was 2,475,956 (these are considered predominantly enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe. The difference between these two numbers equals 1,643,345.  This is significant because this 1,643,345 represents the number of persons that self-identified as “mixed-blood”


It must be pointed out that the 2000 Census was “flawed” - in that it did not provide a method to distinguish what percentage of the 1,643,345 were enrolled members of a federally recognized Indian tribe that chose to identify using this category only. However, it is generally accepted that the vast majority of these (perhaps exceeding 90%) are “non-enrolled” members of a federally recognized Indian tribe.


Many of them are likely to be direct lineal descendents of an “enrolled” member that do not qualify under tribal membership policies that impose a “Content of Degree of Indian Blood” (CDIB) requirement, yet they feel strongly tied to their Indian ancestral heritage. (Example: The great-grandchildren of a ‘full-blood’ Indian will not meet a 25% CDIB).


The 2010 Census will correct this flaw to obtain accurate measures. This is due to the importance these numbers have related to funding formulas directly linked to the federally recognized tribes.


Reasons for Self-Identifying as Mixed Blood Indian in 2010

There are several reasons why “non-enrolled” Native Americans, and those people that can prove lineal descent from a Native American ancestor, should self-identify as Mixed Blood Indians:


The 2010 Census can accurately enumerate the number of mixed blood Indians in America that still feel strongly linked to their Native American ancestry.


It can be used as an indicator that identifies “unmet need” for the Native American population that is “not served” or “underserved.”

How will this benefit Mixed Blood Indians in the United States?


The Census is the single most important event in America that drives all Federal  “Formula” and “Need-Based” funding decisions for the next 10-year period. Mixed bloods must not miss this opportunity to document the need!  Various American Indian organizations will use these Census 2010 figures over the next 10 years to apply for charitable services and grant programs to meet the needs of non-enrolled Mixed blood Indians. While most federal dollars are earmarked only for use by ‘federally recognized’ tribes – there remains millions of dollars that are “set-aside” to serve Native American Indians that live off reservations. These funding opportunities are made available to “organizations that serve Native Americans.”


Housing, housing assistance, and homeless programs.

Education and education assistance projects.

Economic assistance and employment assistance programs.

Scholarly cultural and heritage research about the Metis Nation.

Health and wellness, substance abuse, and social justice funding.

Financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and business financing loans.


Identify as Native American in Combination with One or More Races

Get the word out quickly – pass this website link along



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Manataka receives dozens of letters each week. Space does not allow us to publish all letters but we make a concerted effort to print letters that are representative of a majority. Let us know if there is a topic you feel needs to be addressed.


Where did my America go?

Dear Manataka,


Remember when this economic crisis hit, and Congress let Bear Sterns go under and pushed a bunch of forced marriages between banks, etc.? 


Then they bailed out AIG.  At the time, I thought: "That's strange. What does an insurance company have to do with this crisis?"   I think I just found

the answer.  Among other things, AIG insures the pension trust of the United State Congress!  No wonder they got bailed out right away! 

No wonder they got bailed out right away! 

To hell with the people, let's protect our future, said all our Senators and Congressmen.    Nice to see where their loyalties lie!   

"I'm from the  government and I'm here to help you!"


Where did my America go?


~Bobby Joe Runninbear


Support for Black Mesa Sacred Ground

Dear Manataka Friends,

I know I said this already, but I'll say it again.   Thank you for posting that Black Mesa Indigenous Support link. Very important link.

I hope other readers see it also ... I hope they go to the site. It has information even for those of us who live nowhere near the direct action sites, or are unable to travel - useful stuff all around. Very informative for cultural background and history also.

~ Kim Summermoon


Yeah, a political apology

Hi Manataka,


Several days ago, a majority of the US House of Representatives approved a resolution apologizing for slavery.  The Senate has not yet moved on such a measure, and probably has no intention to do so.


That it comes today, some 143 years after slavery was prohibited in the Constitution (notice I said 'prohibited', and not stopped, for historians and scholars have uncovered that the trade continued long thereafter, as an underground one, kind of like drugs today), gives us some idea of how deeply slavery still resides in American consciousness, and how empty such an apology is in light of all that has intervened in the century and a half since the cessation of the Civil War.


It's like robbing someone, growing fat and rich on stolen wealth, and then passing that person on the street, who is now homeless, destitute and starving -- and tossing him a nickel. (Except, of course, in the case of the US House resolution, there isn't even a nickel!).


As the great Black historian, J. A. Rogers taught us (especially in his Africa's Gift to America {1961} ) the wealth of America was founded on African slavery.  One need look no further than the brilliant young W.E.B. DuBois, who published his doctoral thesis, The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States of America: 1638-1870 (1896).    For, citing contemporary sources, DuBois quoted the following: "The number of persons engaged in the slave - trade, and the amount of capital embarked on it, exceed our powers of calculation.  The city of New York has been until of late {1862} the principal port of the world for this infamous trade..." [p. 179].


Centuries of slavery, the intentional destruction of families, tribes, and nations; ripping people asunder from their religions, their clans, their spouses, children, lands and all that they knew and loved -- for centuries -- to build and enrich a nation of strangers -- who enforced the practices of slavery for a hundred years after it's supposed abolition; only to consign the grandchildren of these people to the bitter half-lives of sub-par education, poor housing, second rate health care, under/employment, the cruelties of mass incarceration and a cynical judicial and political system that endlessly engages in white supremacy (without the labels)....


Yeah, a political apology should just about cover that. 


~Mumía Abú-Jamal


Humanity awaits your courage

Manataka Editor and Beloved Friends,


In every moment and with each breath we take we have choice.  We can witness the beauty, grandness and perfection that always surround us, or we can identify with a perception that somehow things are not as they should be.  Either way, we get to make the distinction personally. Such is the amazing power each of us wields. 


When we choose from our heart and with loving, self conscious awareness of the oneness that connects us all, we fashion reality to its greatest heights.  And when we forget this loving connection to ourselves and with each other, we filter and react to our world with anger, hatred, greed and contempt.  Each is ultimately just a perspective of a greater whole and merely represents a momentary reflection of how we see ourselves.


Through the simple recognition that our thoughts and feelings are the key to what we choose, we instantly connect with our potential.  When we are present in the moment, our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects converge together into a single consciousness, and when we align our awareness with our innate wisdom and combine it with our deepest love, we are powerful beyond measure.  This triune activity of love, wisdom and power, held in perfect balance, is what we have come here to express at this time on our wondrous planet – it is unconditional love in action.


Never before have so many people simultaneously awakened to realize and remember not only their heritage… but also their destiny.  We are at a crossroads of reality and before us we have the opportunity to restore our own connection to the divine nature within; the boundless love that flows from our heart. 


Against the present backdrop of a reality that appears to be in conflict and chaos, each of us can choose to see beyond the limitation and activate the splendor of love that connects us all.  It is our collective moment to accept and be the expression of this love through its many qualities, and to joyfully come from our heart in each moment. 


Humanity awaits your courage to be the first to forgive, the first to embody peace, and the first to reveal the potential of love in all things. With dignity, integrity and strength beyond measure, walk this year as if life itself depended upon your love and the divine in 2009 will become a reality for all.


Love, light and peace,

Harold W. Becker

President and Founder

The Love Foundation, Inc.

“Inspiring People to Love Unconditionally”


2012 and Beyond...?

Hi Manataka,


2012: I would be grateful if the elders could speak upon this subject. I hear more every day about this year and would like to hear their hearts. Peace be with you.  ~Laura (Old tree of the Earth, New Beginning) Wolfersperger




Thank you for your request regarding 2012. We will make a concerted effort to write a full response in the coming weeks after we consult with our Mayan brothers and sisters.  We have been receiving an increasing number of requests on this subject.


We have refrained from giving comment on the issue because of the large amount of conjecture found in literally thousands of online articles, books, magazines and now a movie.  It is not our desire to add to the confusion.


The 'Time of No Time' is certain to bring about a major change.  The Earth Mother has endured at least three such events, maybe four or five -- there is much geological and astrological evidence that points to this.  We humans are evidence that we survived the last 'shift'.  




Burning the Papal Bull

Dear Manataka,

Aloha kakou, In eleven years of holding this event (Burning of the Papal Bull of 1493) this was the first time the police were summoned. Irate Walmart security guards totally overreacted to peaceful demonstration, and then called the police even though we were on a public sidewalk. Ironically a Walmart guard then physically struck the camera of a cameraman filming him, just as the police arrived! He was reported and then separated from us. ~Tony Castanha


   National Park Visit Not A Good Experience

Dear Editor:


My family visited Hot Springs National Park last summer.  We had a wonderful time seeing the sights, dining out and visiting townsfolk.  Then, we made the mistake of going to the National Park Visitors Center.  There was a short, dark-haired loud-mouth Park Ranger abusing two other people in uniform behind the counter.  The ugliness that came out of her mouth was racist and egotistical babbler to a point that my wife and mother walked outside before taking the tour.  Later we found out the loud mouth was Jose Fernandez, Superintendent of Hot Springs National Park.  Can you believe it! 


We walked across the street and ate a very good meal and the waitress told us that Fernandez regularly publicly berates employees and is know to spout racist remarks about American Indians and Blacks.  Other people up and down Bathhouse Row had nothing nice to say about this person.  Naturally, we will avoid the National Park in the future.


We did not learn about the abuse Manataka suffers at the hand of Fernandez until this past month when surfing the internet.  I am appalled that the government allows this women to continue to be in her position.  I feel sorry for you.


~John Jacobs, Jr. 


Dear John,

Do not worry about us.  We know how to avoid and ignore.  People with war-like attitudes have much to learn.  We are patient.  We hope you contact us during your next visit so we can show you the happiness of the real Hot Springs - Manataka.












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Alert of the Month:
Over the past month, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has been alerting our nationwide network about Obama's proposed appointment of Monsanto ally and former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack to the position of Secretary of Agriculture. Far from representing the "Change" which Obama has promised, Vilsack has a disappointing record of promoting controversial genetically engineered foods, biopharm crops, and animal cloning, as well as cheerleading for unsustainable biofuels derived from corn and soybeans. In addition Vilsack has come under fire for aiding and abetting chemical and energy-intensive industrial agriculture, including Iowa's infamous Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs).

Thanks to all of you who have taken part in OCA's "Stop Vilsack" campaign. So far, we have collected over 80,000 online petition signatures, generating coverage from major media outlets and websites including the New York Times, Washington Post, National Public Radio, Pacifica Radio, Air America, Democracy Now, Common Dreams, Counterpunch, The Nation, and Huffington Post, as well as a number of major daily newspapers. Similar petitions circulated on the internet by OCA's allies, including, Pesticide Action Network, and the Center for Food Safety have generated an additional 60,000+ supporters, making Vilsack perhaps the most controversial and unpopular Obama cabinet appointment. OCA's petition is being delivered to Obama's Transition Team, as well as Congress.

Study of the Month:
Although genetically modified (GM) corn is banned in most of the world, it has been approved as "safe" for human consumption in the U.S. for 12 years and is now likely unknowingly consumed, in one form or another, by more than 90% of Americans on a regular basis. But a recent series of peer-reviewed studies were published in 2008 confirming previous studies indicating potentially severe health and environmental problems associated with the biotech crops. Recent alarming scientific research includes:

1) A new long term study by the Austrian government confirms previous findings that consumption of GM corn, for as little as 20 weeks, can damage the reproductive system, lower fertility rates and increase illness and death rates in offspring.
2) Researchers in Mexico reported in December that some popular varieties of GM corn negatively affect the learning response of bees. Scientists say this may be an indicator of the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder, a recent catastrophic and mysterious die-off of as much as 30% of the world's honey bee population in the past couple of years.
3) In Italy, scientists published a study that put the biotech industry in a public relations tailspin. In the study, laboratory tests showed a direct connection between consumption of GM corn and a damaged immune system.
Consumer Tip of the Month:  How to Avoid Genetically Modified Food Ingredients
In the U.S., food products that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) do not have to be labeled as such. This is a big problem, considering more than 90% of surveyed consumers say they would avoid products with these ingredients and since most packaged foods on grocery store shelves already contain hidden GMOs. Although Obama stated publicly in his campaign that he supports mandatory labeling for genetically engineered foods, OCA believes we will have to keep the pressure on if he is to fulfill this promise. In the meantime, here are some quick tips to help you avoid GMO ingredients and "Frankenfoods."
1) Look for products that voluntarily label themselves as GMO or GE-free.
2) Buy Organic:  Products certified as "Organic" are not allowed to contain genetically modified ingredients.
3) Avoid non-organic products that contain the most common genetically engineered ingredients: corn (corn syrup, corn meal, corn oil, etc.), fructose, dextrose, glucose, modified food starch, ingredients including the word "soy" (soy flour, soy lecithin, etc.), vegetable oil, vegetable protein, canola oil (also called rapeseed oil), cottonseed oil, and sugar from sugar beets.

Brought to you by ORGANIC BYTES, from Organic Consumers Assoc.






"Life is like a path...and we all have to walk the path... As we walk...we'll find experiences like little scraps of paper in front of us along the way. We must pick up those pieces of scrap paper and put them in our pocket... Then, one day, we will have enough scraps of papers to put together and see what they say... Read the information and take it to heart."  --Uncle Frank Davis (quoting his mother), Pawnee


The Creator designed us to learn by trial and error. The path of life we walk is very wide. Everything on the path is sacred - what we do right is sacred - but our mistakes are also sacred. This is the Creator's way of teaching spiritual people. To criticize ourselves when we make mistakes is not part of the spiritual path. To criticize mistakes is not the Indian way. To learn from our mistakes is the Indian way. The definition of a spiritual person is someone who makes 30-50 mistakes each day and talks to the Creator after each one to see what to do next time. This is the way of the Warrior.


Today let me see my mistakes as a positive process.

Let me learn the aha's of life...

Awaken my awareness so I can see the great learning that You,

my Creator, have designed for my life.

By Don Coyhis






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Medicine for the People

By Jim McDonald,


Long, long ago, when the two-leggeds first rose up from the Earth, they were stricken with awe by the beauty of the Creation that gave birth to them.  Everywhere they went, they looked at, smelled, touched, and listened to all that surrounded them; the trees, plants, insects, birds and animals with which they shared their home on this Earth.  To travel only a short distance often took much time, for there was so much beauty to be experienced between here and there.  It was in this time that the two-leggeds mapped the travel of the stars in the heavens, listened to the spirits of animals and learned the medicines of the plants that grew upon the Earth.


And for ages, harmony existed betwixt humankind and Nature.


But as time passed, the two-leggeds became ever more involved with their own deeds and thoughts, and less did they delve into field and forest to learn from their Elders, the plants and animals that dwelt there.  Now, when they would walk from this place to that, they would without notice tread upon the delicate flowers and small creatures that once they marvelled at.  They would hunt and kill without offering thanks or expressing their gratitude, and they seemed to see the Earth only as theirs to be used for shortsighted ends.


So it was that the plants that grew upon the Earth called council with the Creator, deep in the Center of the Earth where all roots meet.   And they asked the Creator what should be done about the youngest of the Earth's children, who now walked without respect upon the Earth's belly, who took of them without asking and without listening, and who now seemed to think nothing of their place upon the Earth.  The Creator said to the plants that in the morning they would know of the decision to be made.












Tennessee: Lawmaker campaigns against fluoride bill

By: Pam Sohn, Chattanooga Times Free Press


Tennessee Rep. Joey Hensley, R-Hohenwald, wants all water systems in Tennessee to stop adding fluoride to water.

“It has too many side effects, and the benefits are not there to warrant giving mass drugs to the population whether they need it or not,” said Rep. Hensley, who also is a family practice physician.


A national debate about fluoride in water began spilling into Tennessee when Rep. Hensley sent a letter in 2006 to every water utility in the state, telling them there is no state requirement to add the chemical to water and he didn’t think they should.


“There were a few that used my letter to stop,” he said. “It’s not state law, and it’s not required.”


Since Jan. 1, 2006, 31 state utilities have dropped fluoride, according to the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation. The agency writes fluoride guidelines into water treatment permits for utilities that choose to use fluoridation.


TDEC spokeswoman Tisha Calabrese-Benton said 296 of the state’s 490 community water systems are fluoridated. She said systems must monitor their treated water to measure the amount of fluoride.


Many of the systems that dropped fluoridation did so because of “problems with fluoride chemical availability, quality control issues with imported fluoride powder ... and the escalating cost of liquid fluoride chemical,” she said.


Fluoride — a byproduct of fertilizer manufacture — has been added to water systems all over the nation for about 40 years to prevent tooth decay. It has been hailed by the Centers for Disease Control as one of the greatest breakthroughs in public health.






No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.


Happy 100th Birthday Grandma

The family wheeled their Paiute Grandma out on the lawn, in her wheelchair, where the activities for her 100th birthday were taking place. Grandma couldn't speak very well, but she could write notes when she needed to communicate. After a short time out on the lawn, Grandma started leaning off to the right, so some family members grabbed her, straightened her up, and stuffed pillows on her right.

A short time later, she started leaning off to her left, so again the family grabbed her and stuffed pillows on her left. Soon she started leaning forward, so the family members again grabbed her, then tied a pillowcase around her waist to hold her up.

A nephew who arrived late came running up to Grandma and said, "Hi Grandma, you're looking good! How are they treating you?"

Grandma took out her little notepad and slowly wrote a note to the nephew, "They won't let me fart."





The North American Red Wolf


Although it has been suggested that the red wolf (Canis rufus) originated as a fertile cross between gray wolves and coyotes, the red wolf may have existed in North America before both the gray wolf and the coyote. Fossils up to 750,000 years old indicate that the red wolf may be a close relative to a primitive ancestor of the North American canids.

The red wolf is similar to but smaller than the gray wolf and is intermediate in many characteristics between gray wolves and coyotes. It often interbreeds with the coyote, and because of this, it is believed that the red wolf may eventually become exstinct by hybridization, rather than by man. It ranges in size from 15" to 16" shoulder height, 55-65" in length, and can weigh anywhere from 40 to 90 pounds. Its colors range from cinnamon red to almost black, with tan markings above the eyes. It feeds mainly on birds, rabbits, and other small rodents, but will also hunt deer and other large prey if available.


The red wolf's historic range covered the southeastern portion of the United States, reaching as far west as Texas and north to Illinois. Their preferred habitat was warm, moist, and densely vegetated, although they were also present in pine forests, bottom land hardwood forests, coastal prairies, and marshes.Destruction of forests and coastal marsh habitat, as well as widespread persecution and predator control activities, brought them close to extinction. All of this in addition to hybridization. In 1980, they were declared biologically extinct in the wild. In the wild, red wolves normally establish life-long mates, and their packs usually consist of an adult pair and the young. They reach breeding maturity in their second or third year. Breeding seasons can vary from March to May. Den sites include stream banks, enlarged burrows of other animals, hollow trees, and sandy knolls in coastal areas.


The Native Herb and Wildlife Center of Mena, Arkansas is the only group of wildlife experts known to be pure-breeding the North American Red Wolf.



See an amazing film about Austrailia's Aboriginal peoples.

Traditional Whale Dreamers







Preservation concerns at Colorado sacred site

By Carol Berry, Indian Country Today correspondent, January 13, 2009

BOULDER, Colo. – “What makes a sacred site sacred?” was the question posed to visiting scholars from South America and the U.S. in a workshop at Native American Rights Fund in Boulder.

The answers came from a number of participants in the event, which was part of a study of lands in the post-colonial North American West conducted Dec. 5 by colleges of law at the University of Denver and Georgia State University, and by nonprofit Latina & Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc.

But none of the answers were definitive. The consensus was that sacred sites in North America were defined by the indigenous peoples living where they were located, and were often locations where vision quests or similar rituals were held, traditional healing or ceremonial plants were gathered, or certain other events had occurred.

“Sacred places are hard to generalize,” said Steve Moore, a NARF senior staff attorney who has worked for many years on the protection of sacred places. “It’s the land that speaks to the people and the power of the place speaks to the people.”

He told participants about Valmont Butte, a volcanic formation that juts upward from the plains east of Boulder to face the Rocky Mountains to the west.

Cheyenne and Arapaho people had large encampments there in the 1800s, and the butte was also familiar to Ute, Lakota, and other Native nations. During tribal consultation, the Valmont Butte Heritage Alliance was told the butte “has always been considered a sacred place, a place of prayer, contemplation and reverence for all life that surround it, and all that it provides for the people.” Until recently, sweat lodge ceremonies were held there.

But sacred sites are part of a history of dispossession that may come to increasingly include places in South America, as well as those found today in North America.







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