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Elder's Meditation:: 

Frank Fools Crow, Lakota


Upcoming Events:  

Announcement: 2009 Cherokee Heritage Calendar


Feature Story 1:

Feature Story 2:

WHO Is Cherokee? Will They Stand Up?

Where are the Children Buried?


Ecological Notes:

Spirit Speaks: Gaia Will Endure
1 Grandfather King Coke Speaks: The Magic of Words
1  Grandfather Seven Hawk Eyes Speaks: What Is Happening To Mother Earth?
1 Mother Earth Watch: Coal Sludge Flood in Tennessee
1 Tribal News: Cherokees, Hawaiians and Geronimo
1 Education: Teaching About American Indians
1 Inspirational Thoughts:: Two people in love
1 Website Updates:  New Articles

2 Legends of Old: Emergence to the Fifth World
2 Feature Story 3: Census 2010


Letters to the Editor:

America; Black Mesa; And Humanity
2 Organic Consumer Watch: How to Avoid Genetically Modified Food
2 Elder's Meditations: Uncle Frank Davis, Pawnee
2 Plant Medicine: Medicine for the People
2 Fluoride: Tennessee Lawmaker against fluoride
2 Animal Rights and Wrongs: A North American Red Wolf
2 Endangered Sacred Sites: Preservation concerns at Valmont Butte

3 Announcement: Open Attendance at Manataka Gatherings


History: Monolith raises questions


Grandmother Waynonaha Two Worlds:

Grangdmother Selma Speaks:

Grandmother Magdala Rameriz:

White Moccasin Flower

The Lodge of the People

Closer To 2012 ...

3 Feature Story 4:: Inner Ecology Healing
3 Natural Medicine: Fasting and Herbals


Elder's Meditations: Cecilia Mitchell, Mohawk


Women's Council: Apache Women


Food & Nutrition: Tsalagi - Cherokee Recipes


Book Reviews: Food Security and Sustainability


Poetry Circle: I Heard The Raven Sing


Healing Prayer Basket: Crossing Over, Sickness, and Memorials


Manataka  Business: Meetings, Protocols, Events





"They also learned, and perhaps this was the most important thing, how to look at things through the eyes of the Higher Powers."  --Frank Fools Crow, Lakota


Our eyes can only see our beliefs. Our beliefs cause us to make assumptions, draw conclusions and cause confusion. Our five senses are very limiting. The Creator has a way of allowing us to see or know in the spiritual world. This is called the Sixth Sense. The Sixth Sense is like a radar system; our personal radar system. It will help us "see" opportunities and help us avoid disaster. This Sixth Sense is controlled by God. We must learn to listen to it. We must learn to trust it. We must learn to act on it even if our head says differently. We must learn to look at things through the eyes of God.


My Creator, guide me today.

If my eyes cause confusion, let me close them and see through Your eyes.

If my ears hear confusion, let me listen to my heart. Let me let You guide me.

By Don Coyhis







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January 10, 2009






Will the REAL Cherokees Please Stand Up?





A political campaign disenfranchise thousands of Cherokee descendents was barely noticed when leaders of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) started the program back in 1998.  But, there are signs the campaign may be picking up some momentum because folks are beginning to react.


But, there are questions about the direction of the momentum and whether it will help or hurt the CNO.


The Cherokee Nation claims that hundreds of nonprofit Cherokee groups, found in many states across the country, are seeking to take away their identity and benefits that have been reserved for the Cherokee Nation.  Two-hundred and four organizations, comprising an estimated 125,000 Cherokee descendent members, are currently listed on the Cherokee Nation website as "Fraudulent Indians".  


The website states: "...Hundreds of false Indian groups are claiming to be sovereign tribes and are teaching their own fabricated culture and history as if it were Indian. They apply for and receive aid from the same sources that fund the historic treaty based obligations intended for Indians. Yet they do not measure up to the credentials required of true tribes..."


A group called the Cherokee Nation (Fraudulent Indian) Task Force supported by the CNO is behind the political campaign.  According to their website the purpose of this task force is " provide information to the general public and local/state/federal government representatives, expose false Native American tribes, also referred to as wannabe's, and defend the Sovereignty, History, and Culture of federally recognized tribes..."


It is the plan of the CNO to convince elected officials, federal and state government agencies, and corporate foundations to stop giving grants for education, healthcare, social and administrative to nonprofit Cherokee organizations.  The idea is if all these organizations are prevented from accepting grants, the Cherokee Nation can have more money and the CNO picks up political power.


But, there appears to be kinks in the plan and the plan may backfire on CNO leaders.







Where are the Children Buried?


International tribunal vital for justice for residential school victims


Churches in Canada have not been held responsible for the rape, murder and disappearance of 50,000 to 100,000 Native American children in Canada's residential schools, said Kevin Annett, speaking on RedTown Blog Talk Radio today.

Canada has not made an attempt to provide real healing for Native people, or to prosecute the perpetrators, including those who murdered and buried children.

Annett said many of the Indian survivors of residential school abuse have taken their own lives.
"They are crushed and broken by this."
"Who will speak for the children who never came back?"
"What about all those children who died? Are we going to pretend it never happened?"

During the 90-minute program aired on RedTown, Annett said the churches pushed the Canadian government to keep these schools open, even after Canada wanted to close the schools. Now, the churches place themselves above the law, refusing to even identify where the children's graves are.
One of the survivors said after a young girl was raped by a priest, she gave birth to a child. The priest threw the baby in the furnace. On a video on the Hidden From History website, Irene Favel, survivor of Muscowequan Catholic residential school in Lestock, Saskatchewan, describes seeing a newborn baby thrown alive into a furnace at that school by a priest in 1944.

"They heard the little cry," Annett said on RedTown radio.

On Turtle Island, the genocide of Indian people was the worst genocide in the history of mankind, he said.

In Canada, the churches had a motivation for genocide. The churches stole land from the west coast tribes and sold it off to logging companies. In return, the churches received kickbacks.

Now, Canada's system of compensation payments to survivors of residential school abuse is designed to produce more trauma, as survivors relive the abuse. Using a crude system, Canada gives a number of points for abuse. For example, victims of rape or beatings are given specific numbers of points.
The survivor has to remember the name of the perpetrator. But Annett asked how many five-year-olds remember the name of the person who abused them. The survivors also have to provide proof that they attended residential school, even though many of the documents have been destroyed. Now, of those seeking compensation, 8 out of 10 have been disqualified.

Canada designed a system to victimize the victims.
"They know that when someone relives that, they will go off and kill themselves. That is not an accident, it is deliberate," Annett said.
Canada is not concerned about healing, he said. Canada is concerned about minimizing the liability. There are actions people can take to help, like recording the stories of survivors and writing letters to newspapers. Urging people to people exchanges, rather than relying on the Internet, is how change happens, he said.














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From Lauren Zack

Spirit Speaks: Gaia Will Endure


The earth is plagued with human-caused environmental degradation and destruction. Spirit tells us that times ahead will be difficult, but the Earth, and humans, will endure. The natural cycle of Birth, Death, and Rebirth will continue. Humans, as spiritual beings, have an opportunity to evolve and awaken.


One weekend in 2007 I attended Dare', a spiritual gathering up in Topanga Canyon. We were holding council, discussing environmental degradation and the destruction of the planet. Right up my alley!  I felt angry with the doom-and-gloom mentality of an author we discussed, who's written a soon-to-be-published book stating that the earth has passed the "tipping point" and we and the planet are doomed, so prepare to die.  I am not a stick-my-head-in-the-sand type of person, but even as pessimistic as I get at times, I refuse to believe we are without hope.

The next day, referring to the Dare' council, Spirit gave me the following Message:


The Mother, Gaia, is "all right" as (a man at Dare') spoke, blessed be he. She will endure, no matter what activities the humans wreck upon Her body. She has seen the coming and going of many species and living beings upon Her surfaces/body since first She saw life. For many billions of years Gaia had no other beings upon Her, She was but rock and ice and rivers of molten lava; She was alone. She has endured through the ages, She will continue to endure. What will not endure are all the living species and living beings upon Her flesh. These will come and go, as they have through the ages. Do you think Gaia loved Her dinosaurs less than you, dear humans, are loved? She loved them well, yet after their many eons of time upon the earth they, too, are gone. So it is with rocks and trees and all other forms of life. They spring up, live for a time, then die. From their ashes and decomposed bodies new life springs forth, and not always the same as the old. Birth, Death, Rebirth--the cycle of nature and all life as we have spoken of before.





No offense intended for any individuals or tribes.



Grandfather Grey Hawk Speaks














The words you choose are the reason you have success or failure. Especially in your thoughts are put into words.


As a young adult, I knew about the two subjects I am going to talk about. “You are the Co-creator of your reality” and the subject of “Law of Attraction.” Knowing these two subjects and having them work for me was a mystery to me. Some few times, I knew it worked, but most of the time I got no results. My question was WHY did it not work for me each time.


Later I learned it was because I did not understand about word uses. It is most critical to use the correct words in the right place.

Most of us know there is a Creator, God, or whatever name you would like to use. I have read, that over 85% of us that believe in a universal Mind, or a Creator. These people are the ones I am talking to.


As a Co-creator, you really can change your reality. Many of the old Philosophers thought this subject, and today many are still teaching it. Wayne Dyer wrote a book on the subject, “change your thoughts and change your life.”


Now to the subject of words of intent.. How often have you said to your self one or more of these thoughts:






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What Is Happening To Mother Earth? 

Several hundred years ago a Frenchman named, ‘NOSTRADAMUS’ predicted the ‘End Of The World.’ More then two thousand years ago the ‘MAYAN’ culture also predicted the end of the world would come on a specific date (December 21, 2012) The Bible teaches that at a time when we do not expect the end of this world as we know it will be destroyed. Really, ask yourself, ‘Did the creator form this earth for nothing?’


All the predictions regarding the ‘End of The Earth’ tell of signs that would be present just before the destruction comes. Earth Quakes, Pestilences, Famines, Hurricanes, Tornados, Wars and Reports of Wars worldwide. Do we see these things happening today? Talk of ‘Global Warming’ has been in the news constantly. We see on Television where people in several countries are dying from hunger and pestilences. What are we personally doing to help our mother ‘The Earth’ to recover from these predictions? I for one do not believe that a loving creator would let humans destroy this beautiful place that he gave to us to care for.








Coal Sludge Flood in Tennessee

By Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth


A massive coal sludge spill inundating Eastern Tennessee is the latest proof of coal's toxicity.

In December 2008, a large swath of Tennessee was flooded with toxic coal ash when a containment pond ruptured. The massive spill -- bigger than the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska -- covered hundreds of acres of land, knocking homes off of their foundations and flowing into streams and the Clinch and Tennessee rivers. The spill is killing wildlife and poses long-term threats to human health and the environment. (to view the devastation firsthand, see this video from our ally, Appalachian Voices).

This morning's New York Times expands on the story with a front-page report that reveals the existence of more than a thousand similar dumps in 46 states, many of which are unmonitored and unregulated. Coal ash, a toxic byproduct created when we burn coal to create electricity, contains heavy metals including arsenic, lead, mercury and selenium, which threaten water supplies and human health. And even without disasters like the one in Tennessee, coal ash is causing problems: groundwater at 63 sites around the country has already been contaminated by these dumps, according to the EPA.






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Cherokee Phoenix, TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – Since March 2008, the Cherokee Nation has purchased six real estate properties totaling more than 60 acres for more than $1.6 million.


On March 14, the tribe bought the Tahlonteeskee Courthouse property – a tract of land in Sequoyah County south of Gore. The property houses historical buildings and lies two miles north of I-40 on the northern edge of Highway 64. The tract totaled 3.92 acres and cost $1,000, according to CN Communications. On May 12, the tribe finalized the purchase of a half acre in Park Hill in Cherokee County. The 0.48 acres is located east of the Park Hill Post Office and cost $69,000, according to CN Communications.  A week later in Adair County, the tribe bought 1.33 acres for $274,670 in Stilwell, according to CN Communications. The property is adjacent to a former Wal-Mart store and was formerly the Stilwell ALPS Food Store. It is also located next to the Cherokee Nation Industries aerospace manufacturing facility.  The tribe purchased another Park Hill land tract on June 30. According to CN Communications, CN bought 1.96 acres for $280,000, which was formerly a mobile home park. The property adjoins the Cherokee Heritage Center property on its north and east boundaries.  On Sept. 3, tribal officials finalized a deal for the Armstrong Car Wash property located on Water Street, just north of Downing Street in Tahlequah. Its acreage totals 0.72 and cost $130,000.  But the CN finalized its biggest land purchase – both in acreage and dollars – on Sept. 10 when it took control of 53.07 acres in Vinita, located in Craig County. The tract of land is south of McDonald’s on I-44, east of the airport and west of the Vinita Fairgrounds. It cost the tribe $928,725, according to CN Communications.


~Submitted by Sheri Awi Anida Waya Burnett


Say no to the transfer of lands of the Hawaiian Nation

The Hawaii state government's proposed allocation of lands belonging to the Hawaiian Nation must be rejected.

The state of Hawaii, as part of the U.S. federal system, has no authority to allocate any land of the sovereign Hawaiian Nation to any party other than the rightful owners.  U.S. Public Law 103-150 (Apology Resolution) of 1993 clarified that the kanaka maoli (native Hawaiians) never relinquished their claims over their national lands to the United States.

Even though the Hawaiian Nation was invaded by the United States in 1893 and its government was removed, the Hawaiian Nation, under international law, continues to exist. Only the kanaka maoli and fellow loyal non-kanaka citizens, as continuing members of the Hawaiian Nation, have legal authority to decide on the lands of the Hawaiian Nation.  Until the U.S. government ends its illegal occupation of Hawaii, it is obliged to keep intact all the lands it occupies.

The state Office of Hawaiian Affairs cannot be viewed as a legal representative of the Hawaiian Nation, since it was created in 1980 by the illegal state government and the federal government.  Thus, members of OHA have allegiance to those two governments, not to the Hawaiian Nation.

OHA was created by the U.S. occupier as custodian of certain funds derived from Hawaiian national lands that the occupier allocates, allegedly, for the benefit of the occupied.  But OHA cannot be considered a trustee of the lands of the Hawaiian Nation unless OHA were specified by the U.S. federal system to serve as custodian of all occupied lands until the lands are restored to the Hawaiian Nation.   READ MORE...



Geronimo Memorial Site Vandalized

Jan.13, 2009

Reward offered for lead leading to conviction

Tribal Chairman Wendsler Nosie, Sr., and the Tribal Council are asking the general public for their cooperation to report to the Police Department or Game and Fish of any person(s) destroying and/or damaging equipment, building materials and destruction of the Geronimo memorial property site.

Just recently the construction of the Geronimo memorial begun and just in those first few days there are reports of someone deliberately damaged building materials.

It is very important to understand that the activities surrounding the tribute to Geronimo are conducted in the most respectful and spiritual manner.

From the initial onset of this project, it involved Apache spiritual customs which will be part of the process through the completion of the project and beyond.

Therefore, Chairman Nosie and the Tribal Council are asking for everyone's cooperation to be respectful of the project.
Anyone witnesses a person or persons causing destruction or damaging equipment, building materials and/or to the area of the Geronimo memorial are urged to report the incident to the San Carlos Police Department or Game & Fish.

A reward will be offered for reporting the crime which leads to a conviction.


~Submitted by Helen RedWing Vinson





Attention Educators:





Teaching Resources for Educators

Here are resources if you've ever wanted classroom-teaching activities on American Indians beyond the Thanksgiving holiday or the history of American Indian Education or best teaching practices addressing American Indian learners. Resources include books, magazines, articles, bibliographies, maps, etc. Although often times there is overlap, these resources are organized in four categories:







When two people are in love, one person's heart can change the rhythm of the other's.


But in today's age and time people live with almost no song in their hearts.  Our hearts seldom beat at one anymore. 

We are not willing to take that risk anymore, fear has found a home in our hearts.


~Edna (Lakota medicine woman)

Submitted by Romaine Garcia



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