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The words you choose are the reason you have success or failure. Especially in your thoughts are put into words.


As a young adult, I knew about the two subjects I am going to talk about. “You are the Co-creator of your reality” and the subject of “Law of Attraction.” Knowing these two subjects and having them work for me was a mystery to me. Some few times, I knew it worked, but most of the time I got no results. My question was WHY did it not work for me each time.


Later I learned it was because I did not understand about word uses. It is most critical to use the correct words in the right place.

Most of us know there is a Creator, God, or whatever name you would like to use. I have read, that over 85% of us that believe in a universal Mind, or a Creator. These people are the ones I am talking to.


As a Co-creator, you really can change your reality. Many of the old Philosophers thought this subject, and today many are still teaching it. Wayne Dyer wrote a book on the subject, “change your thoughts and change your life.”


Now to the subject of words of intent.. How often have you said to your self one or more of these thoughts:


                   -----NEED more money

                   -----TRIED to fix a problem

                   -----WISHED you were healthier

                   -----WANTED to be happier

                  ------HOPE a situation would change


When you use these words, you have created a big problem. You now have commanded to your life the NEED, WISH, WANT, and HOPE. This is just the opposite of what you desire or intended.


An example; If you had a NEED for more money. Your Co-creator would knowledge the word NEED and NEED goes into action. You truly will have more NEED, not your intention for more money.


A friend of mine intended to have more money to catch-up on her bills. She use the word NEED for more money and she got a mail box full of bills. Upon learning the correct command word in asking, she increased the flow of money and the bills decreased.


If someone asks you do a job that you have done successfully many times. You do not HOPE you can do it, or do you just do the job. Because you KNOW you can.


What many people do not realize is that their creative thoughts are being granted every moment. When it is something that makes you happy, you don’t think about it. If it is not something you find good. You wonder, where did that come from?


Those who look for their answers in the Bible, do you recall the scripture saying “Do not pray for your wants, give thanks for you abundance.


Speaking of the word Pray, in modern usage it is use to mean to ‘think.’ I hear it used in this way, I pray that this is so. I see it also used in legal documents this way also.


When you chose to experience something in your life—command it with proper words.

              ------do not “WANT” it.”

              ------Simply “Choose it.”


Two more words we must be careful how there are used. They are Believe and Know. They are not interchangeable with each other. Do not use the word believe when the correct word is “to know.”


I use the Merriam-Webster dictionary for my research.

      "Be Lie:  :  (1a) to give false representation  (2a) to show (something) to be false or wrong.

      "Believe" : (1a) to have a firm religious faith to consider

      "To be true or honest" : (1a3) to hold an opinion

      "Know" : (1a1) to perceive directly: to have direct

      "Cognition" :  (1a2) to have understanding of


If you believe something is true, it is because you do not yet “KNOW” it is to be true.


In closing let me summarize the important pints to remember.


Do not use: "I WANT it" --- Instead, simply say: "I CHOOSE it."


The five words we use, instead of :

                I will  vs  I NEED

                I did   vs  I TRIED

                I am   vs  I WISH

                I shall vs  I WANT

                I know vs I HOPE


I don’t believe, I KNOW


Robert Gray Hawk  1/11/09




Robert Gray Hawk King Coke, 78, Cherokee, is a member of the Manataka Elder Council. Coke graduated from the New Mexico Military Institute in 1952 with a biology degree. He served in the U.S. Army with a tour in Europe.


After returning home, Robert Coke, entered pre-seminary school Austin College with a major in Philosophy.  He continued his education by earning a degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Business Administration at Southern Methodist University where he later served on the faculty as an instructor. In 1996, Elder Coke was elected Chairman, of the American Indian Heritage Association and served as an ambassador for the American Indian Center of Dallas. Gray Hawk is now a semi-retired consultant.





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